Information on where to find help for a range of issues. Use the search function (ctlr + f) to access information in this document quickly using key words (e.g. benefits, debt, counselling).


  1. Age UK
  2. Catching Lives
  3. Canterbury Debt Advice Centre
  4. Canterbury Housing Advice Centre 
  5. Carers Support Canterbury/Dover/Thanet 
  6. Christians Against Poverty (CAP) 
  7. Citizens Advice 
  8. Elderly Accommodation Counsel 
  9. Independent Age 
  10. KCC Home Essentials
  11. Kent Savers Credit Union 
  12. Kent Refugee Action Network 
  13. Necessary Furniture 
  14. Porchlight 
  15. Rising Sun Domestic Violence and Abuse Service
  16. Sittingbourne Community Wardrobe 
  17. Still Waters Counselling service 
  18. Time Out

Age UK 

Our Day Centre is open from 9.30am to 3pm, Monday to Friday on Castle Row

Services offered:

Catching Lives 

Our daycentre (Station Road East, Canterbury) is open 9-2pm 7 days a week for homeless clients.

Services offered:

Canterbury Debt Advice Centre 

Our aim is to release people from worry and fear about money, by helping with budgeting and dealing with their creditors for them to make sure repayments are affordable. We see people from all walks of life, and will provide support for as long as they want to get back on top of things again.

Canterbury Debt Advice Centre provides free, face-to-face and confidential help and advice for people who are concerned about money problems. We are run by trained volunteers from The City Church and Barton Evangelical Church, and serve the local community.

Canterbury Housing Advice Centre


Second Floor, 24 Burgate, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2HA    01227 762605

Homeless or threatened with homelessness?

Need advice on finding or keeping accommodation?

We can advise you on accommodation options in the private rented, social and voluntary sectors. We run a deposit bond and rent-in-advance scheme to help single people into private rented accommodation

Legal Housing Advice

Our caseworkers can advise on most matters of housing law including:


Carers Support (Canterbury/Dover/Thanet) 

01304 364637

We are a single point of contact for Carers, providing a range of services to support Carers’ needs:

Information – we can provide information about support and services available and Carers’ entitlements and rights and signpost/refer to other sources of support.

Support we offer a listening ear, drop-ins, support groups, activities and training for Carers.

Carer’s Assessment we carry out Carer’s Assessments on behalf of the local authority.

Kent Carer’s Emergency Card we administer this free service to provide peace of mind when you are away from the person you care for.

Health and Wellbeing we can offer a range of services and information to support Carers’ health and wellbeing.

Assistance with Benefits you may be entitled to Carer’s Allowance if the person you care for is in receipt of certain benefits.

We work to ensure the Carers’ perspective is recognised by Health and Social Care professionals, and also promote opportunities for Carers to directly voice their own concerns. 


Christians Against Poverty

Call: 0800 328 0006 (Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 5pm)

Services offered:

Citizens Advice

0344 848 7978 - Advice line * subject to adviser availability

01227 452762 - general enquiry line - no advice via this line

Telephone advice Mon, Tues, Thurs between 10am-4pm 

Provides free, confidential and impartial advice and campaign on big issues affecting people's lives. Aims to help everyone find a way forward, whatever problem they face.

Services offered:

Allocations for Drop-In Initial Assessments are made at 9.45 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. We allocate for the whole day (10am - 4pm) at this time, and those arriving after 9.45 may find that all the Drop-In slots have been given out earlier.

Elderly Accommodation Counsel 

A charity run site providing free advice on elderly care, including specialist directories & information on

Also providing over 2,000 sales and lettings vacancies every week.

KCC Home Essentials

We offer our help for a short time only if you have no other means of support.

Except in exceptional circumstances, we can only offer help 3 times in a rolling 12 month period, and we will not help for the same reason more than once.

We don't offer money. We can provide essential home items such as:

To make an application, unless in exceptional circumstances, you must:

Providing evidence

We will ask for evidence of your benefits and savings, and we may also ask for things like:

Kent Savers 

0333 321 9050

Kent Savers Credit Union was set up in 2010 to provide affordable financial services to the people of Kent. Kent Savers is a financial co-operative, owned and controlled by our own members and running on a not-for-profit basis.

Our main aims are to promote saving and provide our members with loans at reasonable rates, so that they feel in control of their own money.

We consider ourselves a safer and cheaper alternative to other money lending sources, including payday loans, doorstep lenders and loan sharks, and more accessible than high street banks, who can make it difficult for people with a poor credit history to borrow money.

Necessary Furniture


Call: 01227 712680

“Through the redistribution of household goods Necessary Furniture is making a positive contribution to the welfare of the disadvantaged in our community. We work in partnership with similarly motivated charitable organisations and agencies. We provide not only very affordable homeware to those that need a helping hand but also training, and work experience that leads to worthwhile jobs for the unemployed.”

Services offered:

Large Furniture

Sofas & Armchairs, Dining Tables & Chairs, Desks, Beds, Coffee Tables, Wardrobes, Sideboards, Dressing Tables, Chests of Drawers, Kitchen Furniture, Filing Cabinets, Wall Units, Bookcases


Cookers, Fridges & Freezers, Washing Machines, Dryers

Smaller Items

Rugs, Curtains, Bedding, Crockery & Cookware, Kitchen Utensils, Baby Equipment, Children’s Toys, Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Exercise Equipment, Ornaments, Bric-a-Brac


Garden Furniture, Garden Equipment, Bicycles

Rising Sun Domestic Violence and Abuse 

Services offered:

Sittingbourne Community Wardrobe 


Still Waters Counselling 

Still Waters is a community-run service serving both Christians and Non-Christians. A confidential and professional counselling service. Suchs problems may include:

Full price £30 per hour, cost negotiable (pay what you can).

Time Out

A charity working with communities around the city to encourage friendship, mutual support and hope.

Services offered: