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FAQ for candidates


Exam registration form filling for November 16th and 17th has been closed.

Data changes and cancellations are also closed and cannot be done any further.

For successfully registered candidates, we will give a link to verify your data soon.

  1. How do I cancel a course and get a refund?

Cancellations are no longer possible.

For those who cancelled - refund will be received within 2 weeks time - to the same account where you have paid exam fees from.

  1. Need changes in the form – Photo, Sign, Name, DOB, Gender

Changes to data are no longer possible.

  1. Need changes in the form – Exam city, Session, College name

             Changes to data are no longer possible.

  1. When can I apply for FDP?

We will publish a separate form for FDP Certificate; please wait to hear from us. We will send an email to all faculty who are registered about it once the form is ready. Please watch out for it.

FDP fee will be Rs 100/- per course applied

  1. Why didn’t I receive a confirmation mail?/ How do I know if my payment was successful or not?

We will open a link for successfully registered candidates soon and inform you.

  1. Where can the SPOC see the details?

Login with your registered mail ID to the below link

If it is not opening kindly login in an incognito window.

  1.  What is the pass criteria?

The pass criteria for exams is being changed from July 2019. A learner will pass and be certified only if Average assignment score (out of 100) >= 40 AND Final exam score ( out of 100) >= 40.

For the programming courses, there is an additional component of Online programming exam and the criteria is different for it. The dates for this exam and the certification criteria are posted as announcement in the respective course page. Please check that for more details.

  1. How to  change the option of sharing my scores?

We will give you this option once the scores are published.

  1. Will I get the same exam center for writing both the exams?

Yes, you will be allocated the same center for both the exams.

  1. Can I change my registration from one course to another?

Last date for changes are over.

  1. What is non-proctored examination? Should I register separately for the same?

No. This is for the programming courses where we are conducting programming exams online. This can be taken from wherever you are - college or home. There is no need to come to our centre and write, there is no separate registration for it. The honor code must be followed and ensure you don't copy from anywhere. We will be checking for this after the exam is over.

But the certification criteria is different and this exam also forms a part of it. Please check Q7 for details.

  1.  When will I receive the payment receipt? / How can I download the receipt?

Please find the link where the November registered candidates has to verify their details and also download the payment receipt:

  1. When will I get my hall tickets?

Between Nov 5-Nov 10. We will send emails to all successfully registered candidates.


Please check this document:


  1. I have not received my certificate yet (old sem related)

E-copies are available inside your login at Hard copy dispatch for all earlier semester is closed and won’t be done now.

  1. What is the link for downloading FDP certificate?

E-copies are available inside your login at

Login with your exam registered email id.


  1. Assignment submission queries?

Subject/assignment related queries should be posted in the discussion forum. Please note the time cannot be extended for assignment submission.

  1. How do I know if my assignment is submitted?

Please revisit the assignment page. If your submission is successful, you can see last submitted answers and there will be a message saying the date and time of their submission at the top of the assignment page.

  1. I have attended all assignments but I will not be able to give the exam this semester. Can I give the exam next semester with the same assignment marks?

No. You cannot give the exam with the same assignment marks. Next semester, you should enroll as a fresh candidate and take up the course.

  1. How do I withdraw from a course?

You cannot withdraw a course either you can unsubscribe from the course.

Go to my course, from the swayam page by using your registered mail id.

you will find a page where you can select the progress tab and click on unsubscribe.

  1. When is the next enrollment?

The next set of enrollment will be released on the webpage in the third week of November.

  1. When will I get my old certificates in my new login? (SWAYAM?)

Not yet decided.

  1. What are Domain certificates?

(link will be enabled soon)

  1. What is credit transfer? What is its use?

Read this document

  1. I have forgot my user name and password.

If you forgot the username for login to Swayam-NPTEL courses, please try out any one of the following options:

Try with the email id you used to create the username , for e.g., if you have created your username giving your Gmail ID please login using  Google. similarly you can use Microsoft, Facebook login.

If your email id is not a google authenticated ID, please enable google authentication to your email id.

If you forgot your email id used during creation of username, sorry you cannot recover your login. Create new login credential and re-enrol to course, when enrollment is open.

  1. How do I unsubscribe from a course?

- Under "Course Outline", on the left of the windowTo disable notification through mail follow the below step:

- navigate to

- Click on login at the top right corner in the mail id

- Click on profile

- You will find the courses enrolled mentioned under "My Courses" tab.

- Click on them and you can access your course contents. , you will find the week-wise video lectures and assignments listed.

- At the top, Click on to the "progress" tab, these you will find unsubscribe to not get email, click on that.

You can only unsubscribe from emails, not from a course.

  1. Why am I unable to view my course on mobile?

Please note that if the OS version in your Android phone is 6 or 7, the content may not show up properly. Kindly refer to the web version to ensure you see all the contents of the week and then proceed to use the app.

Please login in the chrome browser and change to desktop site and try to access the assignment.

  1.  How do I change my email id?

Mail id cannot be changed.

  1. I forgot my mail id. I want to transfer all my credentials to my new mail id?

It is not possible yet.

  1. Can exam dates be changed?

No it cannot be changed.


  1. How can i apply for Internship?

You need to take a course from NPTEL and become a topper of the course to avail Internship on the availability and affirmation from the course instructor.


Gate exam:


NPTEL Industry Associate:


Lab workshop :

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