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Final: Viola Gibson Covid Addendum

Viola Gibson Elementary

Student Handbook

Covid Addendum


The welfare and safety of our staff and students is paramount.  The expectations outlined in this addendum are intended to provide the safest environment possible.  Please read this document carefully and be prepared to follow all expectations.

Visitors and Volunteers

Visitors and Volunteers will not be allowed in the building until further notice.  It is our goal to limit the number of people our students and staff have contact with on any given day.  Please plan to stay in your vehicle at all times during arrival and pickup.

Picking up students for appointments

Please call the school at (319) 558-2920 when picking up a student during the school day.  Please stay in your car in the horseshoe out front.  Staff will escort your student to the front door and watch them walk to your vehicle from there.  School offices can be a busy place, if someone doesn’t pick up your call the first time, please be patient and give us a call back.  We have limited staff for supervision therefore, we will not bring a student to the front of the building until you arrive.  Please wait to call until you are out front.


Doors: bus door, main entrance, back playground entrance, side entrance will remain unlocked from 8:30 - 8:50

Students should not be dropped off before 8:30.

PK /AK/K enter through main entrance (PK at 8:45) AK and K at 8:30

Bus students enter through bus doors (west)

1 students enter through the cafeteria door

2/3 students enter through back playground door (south)

4/5 students enter through side door (east)

Staff will be at those entrances beginning at 8:30 each day.  Students will not enter the building until 8:30 so please do not drop your students off prior to 8:30 in order to promote social distancing as well as the fact that there will be NO supervision prior to that time.   Students will enter the building and go to their classroom.  Students must be wearing their masks at all times.

Parents will not be allowed into the building this school year with few exceptions.  This is for the safety of our staff and students.  For the first 2 days, parents may walk their student to the appropriate entrance to show them where to go.  Parents must be wearing a mask at this time as well.  We will have several staff helping students find their way for the first week until the students know the routine.




IMPORTANT that Walkers who are meeting siblings or parents have a meeting point designated with their families.  PLEASE NOTE that different grades using different doors.

Parents will not be allowed into the building this year for picking up students.  If waiting, use the lawn areas outside the gym doors to socially distance or make a plan to meet at one of the other doors if that is where your student is exiting.  Parents must wear masks if out of their cars.


The CRCSD and Viola Gibson Elementary will be requiring face masks to be worn by all students and face masks and shields by all staff members when students return to school in the Fall of 2020. All elementary students will be provided one mask and one face shield at the beginning of the school year.  Shields will be kept at school and sanitized each day.  Students may wear the school provided mask or one of their choice which must follow our dress code of being age appropriate and not a disruption to the learning environment.  

Masks on Transportation

Mask Wearing Exceptions

People who have medical or other health conditions, disabilities, or mental health, developmental, or behavioral needs may make it difficult to tolerate wearing a face covering. We understand that there will be students who are not able to wear a mask and reasonable accommodations will need to be made.

Medical Exemptions

All students who are medically, cognitively and emotionally able must wear a mask to attend school on site. Students are allowed exemptions only when they are medically, cognitively or emotionally unable to wear one or both, as determined by a Licensed Health Care Provider (MD, DO, PA, ARNP, licensed psychologist).

IEP/504 Team Exemption

There will be students who struggle with wearing a mask due to sensory and/or behavioral issues as identified through the student’s Special Education IEP or 504 who will not qualify for a medical exemption. It is our goal for these students to learn to wear the mask, but we understand that a plan will need to be implemented with individual students at times in order to learn to tolerate the wearing of a mask.

Mask Wearing Protocols for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Mask Breaks

Masks will NOT be required at recess or in gym class.  Mask breaks will be provided for students in areas where social distancing is possible.  This could occur in the gym or outside in designated spaces.

Student Symptoms of Illness Guidelines

        (Insert final copy of Sandy’s document here)

Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast and Lunch will be eaten in the classroom with staff delivering meals to the room.  Classrooms will set up procedures for eating the classroom that meet the needs of each grade level and classroom set up.  We are lucky at Viola Gibson that we have sinks in most rooms to help in this process.  Because we are preparing our students to be Future Ready and taking care of yourself and your environment are future ready skills, students will be asked to help in cleaning up their breakfast and lunch area so that after eating it is ready for them to learn.  This may include disposing of their trash, emptying milk containers into buckets or the sink, wiping down their area with child safe wipes, etc.  We are confident our students are up to the challenge and if you are lucky it may carry over to home!!

Water Bottles

At the recommendation of the Linn County Public Health Department and CRCSD guidance, water fountains will be closed.  Students are welcome to bring their own filled water bottle each day to school.  If they do not have one, we will provide them one.  Students will have the opportunity to refill their water bottle at school at certain times of day using sinks in the classroom.  Drinking water is a healthy practice!  We strongly encourage you to make sending a filled water bottle to school part of your getting ready routine.

Specials Classes

Music, Art and Gym will continue to be provided although the schedule has been altered to minimize the number of classrooms the teacher is working with during each trimester.  Students will have the same special’s class daily for 6 weeks each.  The schedule for

Special Education, ELL, PACT

These services will continue.  Every effort will be made to place students qualifying for these services into the same cohort (classroom).  This way the students and teachers are exposed to the least amount of other students and teachers as possible.