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Hexter Dates/Posting/Finalize Grades 2023-24
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SIMS Gradebook

Hexter Report Card Dates

Hex 1: 8/16/2023 -  9/26/2023 (29) Grading window open Sept 25-Sept 29 at 4:00

Hex 2: 9/27/2023 - 11/07/2023 (28) Grading window open Nov 6- Nov 12 at 4:00

Hex 3: 11/08/2023 - 12/21/2023 (29) Grading window open Dec 18-Jan 2 at 4:00

Hex 4: 01/03/2024 - 02/20/2024 (31) Grading window open Feb 18-23th at 4:00

Hex 5: 02/21/2024 - 04/11/2024 (31) Grading window open April 8-14 at 4:00

Hex 6: 04/11/2024 - 05/24/2024 (32) Grading window open May 21-25 at 4:00

Fridays/End of Week - Parent Web Posting of Grades

1.Select DAILY from the menu on the left  and click on Running Grades at the top of the page,.

2.Select the course section from the drop down menu at the top of the page.

3. Click the term (hexter 1,2, etc). Click View Grades.

4. Check the grades! When ready, select Post Running Grade to NebSIS family.

5. If you see a “Y” in the Needs Reposting column that means that students grade needs to be updated and

    posted online.  If you see a “N” it means grades are updated online for parents/students.

6.  Repeat steps 2 – 4 until all classes have been posted.

7.Another option to post individual assignments:  When viewing “students by assignment’, there is a box that

   allows you to post your grades to the parent web by individual assignment if desired.. Select a Term and/or

   date range and then click ‘post’. 

 *Our parents will have the ability to see their student’s grades on the web starting on August 21st.  

Pass/Fail Grading Scale (only used for specific situations-Admin approval needed):

1. Make sure you are select your course 

2. Under Daily, choose 'View Assignments by Student' 

3. Scroll to find students name 

4. Next to 'Student Information' click 'Edit' 

Finalize Grades-End of Hexter

1.In gradebook: Select "Grades" in the left menu and then select "Finalize Grades".

2. In the drop down menu select “Term 1, Final 1” and “View Students”

3. Click on Check All. Make sure check marks appear in the “Save” Column.

4. Select “Copy Percent”

5. Scroll through the grades and make the necessary modifications. (if needed)

6. Type in your comments on the students in their individual box or put one comment in

     the top box and click on Apply Comments. 

7. Click on Save.

8. Repeat steps 2 – 9 until all of the grades have been saved for all classes .