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2024/1/28 Small Group Discussion Questions
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Week of 1/28/2024



Defying the Odds

1 Samuel 14


In 1 Samuel 14 we find a great story about Jonathan’s trust in the Lord. Jonathan knew that God is not limited by the amount of resources we have, nor is God weakened by our weaknesses. Because of Jonathan’s faith and obedience, God defied all earthly odds and defeated the enemy.

It is sometimes tempting to play the victim or play to our insecurities. But Jonathan shows us a different way...

  1. He didn’t let uncertainty stop him.
  2. He refused to live safely.
  3. He defied fear with steps of faith.

These three things can live as a mantra for a Christian life. Let’s discuss how we can follow in Jonathan’s footsteps and surrender ourselves in the same way.

Prayer Focus: Ask the Lord to help you live a life that is completely surrendered to His will. And that you wouldn’t allow uncertainty and fear to hold you back.