Capstone Outline

Inquiry Question: How can those interested in public policy make a difference in their communities and prepare themselves for their goals?

SLA’s mission, “Learn. Create. Lead.” is a huge influence for this capstone project and will help organize it as such:


Understanding political issues that face my community or that I believe are crucial to solve overall is key. Pushing politicians to support initiatives I believe in and learning more about their positions will help me understand who governs me.


The final product overall is where creation comes in. By May, I want to write three letters to different politicians at different levels of government in support of issues I believe in (redistricting reform, dissolution of the Electoral College, and ending corporate tax abatements).


This capstone will hopefully be a way for me to understand what kinds of leadership people respond well to, preparing me for learning and understanding how I may lead if given the opportunity. The perfect example of leadership at this age is just going out and working for change. I’ll be volunteering for Beto for America every week.

Additionally, I want to lead a discussion in for my history class discussing the candidates for president in 2020, why we support candidates, what kinds of policy we feel is most important, and finally who we want to support/why we need to get involved.