Frequently asked questions For Wellahealth’s Malaria care subscription service

  1. How do I request the service after sign up
  1. You get an SMS with contact details on how to access the service whenever you want. You can also reach out to us on any of our channels online and offline. Once your details are verified, we send you to one of our partner locations to get a rapid malaria test and treatment done at no direct cost to you.
  1. Do I get the benefits like mosquito repellants every month?
  1. We have developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that’s able to predict when you are likely to have malaria. Based on this prediction, we send you out mosquito repellents or a long lasting insecticide treated net when you are at highest risk to make sure you don’t get malaria.
  1. Once I subscribe can I get treatment immediately?
  1. There is usually a wait period of 4 months but we currently have an offer where if you subscribe with your card online, you can access care immediately. This will only last for a short time so take advantage of it now.
  1.  Will I be paying the subscription fee monthly or quarterly
  1. You can choose to pay your subscriptions either monthly or annually. Other subscriptions options and plans will be available over time
  1. How many times in a year, am I going to be treated of malaria when I do have it.
  1. Currently you may get access to testing and treatment an unlimited number of times. Note that this only applies to the individual that signs up and not to friends or family members unless they have their own individual subscription. We reserve the right to apply a fair use policy or cap where we deem that the service is being abused.
  1. What happens if I don’t get malaria after paying for months
  1. This is our goal, to help you stay well and not get malaria at all. As further reward, you earn points every month you stay malaria free which you can redeem for gifts such as airtime, gift cards and many more awesome rewards.

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