Dev Log


Big Objectives

Problem Editor

Story Editor

City Editor

Castle Editor

Story system

Problem generator


Castle generator

Room, videos, food, and other systems

Currently (orange=done)

Model first character

Animate character

Import character

Dialogue interface

Dialogue sounds

Fix spell lag bug

Changed player scale

Change old minecraft blocks

Change loading screen


Crickets sound effect

Rain music

Torch brightness cube

First scene Lights

Trap code

Torches blinking

Trees overlap fix

Connect portals

Snappy puzzle interface

First scene

Tower scene


Apple puzzles

Door puzzles

Fire puzzles

Fix lighting between scenes

Spell book interface

Spell book content

Chest 2 states

Book, key items

Script character

Script mention bigger picture


Interaction sound effects

Cards sound effect

Walk sound effect (?)

Hunger bar(?)



Dirt path(?)

Apple spell

Apple model

Guest book

Rain (?)

Clouds (?)

Load cubes optimisation

Loading message

Lore message(?)

Remove/order old code

Remove Three js unused code

Portal optimisation

Fake portal(?)

Speech stuck bug


Adjust rotation/walking speed

Cross browser test

Mobile browser incompatibility message

Improve first screen loading speed

Fix spell symbol frame drop

Change dev log icon

Change subscribe message

Check other browser

Fix audio mute

Change copy buttons

Window resize

Remove shitty posts


Remover arboles

Spell distance

Check track(window height)

Add mage and all to prefetch

Fix drooling dialog

Stop talking(?)

Inventory apple message

Fix shadow start

Mage lines

Limit fps

Activate dragon

Change obj for optimal

Fix cube normal map

Loading icon

“New Game”


Gear (options)

Item tags

Red torches to green

Check music copyright

Fix copy

Future pending (constantly growing)

Cat companion

Beter map array system


Modular town system

Allow garbage collection

Redo blocks system

Redo hit map system

Trailer version 0

Fancy Glifs

Problem system

Fake occlusion portals

Timed jump

Native hit geometry

Fix clip wall

FB link icon

The Archive

Optimization gif instead of obj

Castle music

Town light

Castle generator v2

Add more vegetation

Puzzle system

Img good looking bits


Day night cycle





Ambient sound

Track viewer

- An invert mouse option would be nice
- I had to guess Space was jump, and escape brought you out of first-person context to turn the music off
- Some gamma/ambient light would be good. The utter blackness of the shadows can be confusing
- TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of null /alchemy.js:326 when clicking on your button.picebutton elements rather than dragging to them.

Version 7 - latest update

Crystalberry farming

Version 4

Create basic modules for castle generator

Hit test/walls system for castle

Basic castle

Connect intro to city

Connect city to castle

Typos fix

Town music

Copy music


Modules wall maps

Twitter escape

Fix hit test doors bug

Basic puzzle for castle

Version 3

Castle generator (screenshot

Basic city to connect to castle

Twitter link

Twitter fill

Dev log

Skip tutorial

Optimize texture format

Optimize css order

Messages edge of reality

Fix control tutorial bug on jump

Better mouse symbol


Version 2

Remove editor left click

Glow interactive object

Color coded spells

Move chest closer to start

Add background shape to triangle problem

Stars instead of trig

Brighter light

Bigger card squares

Version 1

Fixed jump, falling, jump tracking

Lower music volume

Added version tracking

Added string tracking

Version 0