Emails, R.J. DeSilva, communications officer, Legislative Budget Board, Feb. 6 and 8, 2018

3:40 p.m.

Feb. 6, 2018

Information for the Foundation School Program (the primary means of distributing state aid to public schools) is attached.

We have data going back to 1985. The last column calculates the state share. (Note that the amounts for 2017-2019 are estimated.)


R.J. DeSilva

Communications Officer

Legislative Budget Board

>>> "Selby, Gardner (CMG-Austin)" 2/7/2018 4:37 PM >>>

It looks like figures suggesting the state’s share of the FSP was around 68 percent trace to the fiscal note for HB 72 from 1984, which I found here. That note includes figures indicating the state’s share of the FSP would hover in the 68 percent range through fiscal 1989.


Can you speak to why there might be this contrast with the provided LBB state-share percentages for 1985 through 1989?


I hope to finish our story by midday Thursday.




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W. Gardner Selby

Reporter / News

Austin American-Statesman

PolitiFact Texas

11:44 p.m.

Feb. 8, 2018

The fiscal note for HB 72 that you point to is an estimate based on provisions in the bill that counted only a portion of local Maintenance and Operations (M&O) tax revenue as"FSP local share." The bill provided for a 30% local share of FSP costs (33.3% in FY86-FY89) with certain exclusions, and the exclusions are noted on the table of the estimates. And if you go to page 2024 of the link you sent to the bill, Sec. 16.253 explains that local funds in excess of the amount assigned may be expended for a lawful school purpose.


What you have in the pdf sheet sent to you is a picture of total local tax revenue [M&O, including what was defined as "FSP local share" and all other M&O collections, as well as Interest and Sinking (I&S) collections for facilities] and state funds that are part of the school finance system. That was the methodology for calculating FSP state and local share for the source of the numbers, which was the 1994-95 LBB Fiscal Size Up, and it remains our methodology.


R.J. DeSilva

Communications Officer

Legislative Budget Board

>>> "Selby, Gardner (CMG-Austin)" 2/8/2018 3:19 PM >>> 

A fresh double-check: Did the percentages on the PDF you provided take into account federal education aid for each year?

4:15 p.m.

Federal education funding is not part of the FSP.

R.J. DeSilva

Communications Officer

Legislative Budget Board