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Odyssey HS Progress Update #2 Due October 29
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CSI High School Progress Updates                        

Progress Update #2 (Progress, Barriers, Next Steps)

Due Thursday, October 29, 2020

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School Performance Plan Implementation: Using data please provide a short narrative (100 words or less) to capture your progress in the implementation of your School Performance Plan thus far.

Professional Development



Next Steps

Virtual one-on-one professional development, including observation and feedback cycles,

 is provided for all teachers. Professional development and course reviews are aligned with the school’s accreditation goals to increase ACT proficiency. A two-hour training was provided, which focused on math vocabulary, question types, and test-taking strategies for the ACT.

Strengthening math instruction is a focus of the school K-12.

Support for teachers working with students who have gaps in their learning and knowledge is a need that is being addressed.

Professional development with the science department will focus on the NGSS standards. One-on-one professional development will continue and be guided by school goals and the needs of individual teachers.

Family Engagement



Next Steps

A virtual family orientation meeting was held and very well-attended. The meeting was recorded and new enrollees are required to watch it as part of their orientation. A Senior Night was held with over 300 people in attendance virtually. School resources have been allocated to continue providing an ELL teacher to work with parents on English language acquisition.

Not being able to meet with parents and families face-to-face is sometimes a barrier.

Because SB178 funds are no longer provided by the State, additional school funds have been needed to provide continued support for the successful intervention of providing EL support to families.

English language acquisition support will continue throughout the semester. Families have been provided with activities that they can do at home.

Red Alerts (students failing multiple classes) are identified every week and communication with parents of students who need additional assistance is ongoing.

Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment



Next Steps

Additional Chromebooks have been issued to students to support online instruction as needed. Virtual labs are offered on Wednesdays, however student participation is not as high as expected. Additional class time with the teacher (2 hours) through Google Meet may be offered as an alternative.

Regular student participation and engagement is sometimes a barrier.

Freshman Studies classes were not scheduled in the fall. Because CERT assessments were previously given during that class, a revised testing schedule will be implemented this year.

Due to a lack of SB178 funds, additional instructional support for EL students must be reevaluated this year.

School staff is considering the purchase of curriculum programs (i-Ready math and Achieve 3000) to supplement instruction.

Ten hours of instruction aligned with the ACT is being developed and will be provided during the Junior Studies course.

CERT formative assessments may be used after the first semester. An ACT boot camp may be scheduled in February.

Progress Update #2  (Assessment Data)

High School Data: Credit Deficiency

Report number/percent of 9th grade students who are credit-deficient


Class of 2024





High School Data: Off-Track

Report number/percent of 10th-12th grade students who are off-track for graduation 


Class of 2023


Class of 2022


Class of 2021












Progress Update #2 (Targets and Winter Benchmarks)

  1. Based on this data, list the adjustments (if any) you will be making to your action plan.

Fewer students than expected are participating in the Wednesday instructional labs. The school will look at changing the way that additional assistance is provided such as giving additional time for students to have contact with teachers through Google Meet. Additional academic supports will be provided for students who are failing/have failed one or more classes.

  1. Targets for Semester 1:

School Improvement Department

Assessment, Accountability, Research, and School Improvement (AARSI) Division                          August 2020