Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Shadow hunter, son of Sen’jin, leader of the Darkspear tribe, and eventual Warchief of the Horde, Vol’jin served his people well before succumbing to a mortal blow received at the battle for the Broken Shore.

After his tribe was nearly wiped out by humans and murlocs, Vol’jin sought the aid of Thrall, forging a bond between the two that would last a lifetime. For the orc’s help, Vol’jin swore the loyalty of himself and his people to the Horde.

During the Third War, he partnered with Rexxar, Rokhan (a fellow Troll shadow hunter), and Chen Stormstout to evacuate the Darkspear from the invading Daelin Proudmoore. After founding Sen’jin Village, he worked in the background, happy to be left out of politics… until the promotion of Garrosh to Warchief.

An outspoken opponent of Hellscream’s spawn, he was more than happy to help stage the coup that would ultimately lead to him taking the throne as Warchief and then passing the torch to Sylvanas after his fall.

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “Loa”

Vul’jin’s past had many challenges before he became warchief of the horde. One of those challenges was taking on the trials of the Loa, a spiritual group of trolls that had transcended death and challenged all who face them. After successfully completing these trials, Vul’jin become one with the Loa and was able to communicate with them. This trait allows all players that are defeated on the battlefield to remain as Loa (shadowy looking ghosts) on the battlefield. These Loa are able to grant sight to the friendly team while they are on their death timers.

Mount- Tyrannosaurus Rex mount

Q- “Serpent Ward”

When activated Vol’jin places a Serpent Ward on the battlefield. All enemies that come into range of the ward will take damage from the snake. This snake deals damage and also damage over time via poison to all targets in range. The ward has 2 specials features- It collects experience for the friendly team even if a hero is not in experience range. It also can be talented into later in the game to allow it to capture mercenary camps. If the ward is located on a mercenary camp when it is defeated it will act as a friendly hero capturing the camp.

W- “Hex”

Shadowhunters are known for their ability to hex enemies turning them into small critters and disabling their special abilities. When activated Vol’jin fires a shadow hunter skill shot that if it lads on an enemy hero will hex them into a random critter. When hexed the enemy will only be able to use basic attacks for a short amount of time. Hex would last longer than a brightwing polymorph due to the fact that they are still able to use basic attacks during this transformation. Hex can also be used on minions and mercenaries.

E- “Healing Wave”

The Vol’jin player draws a line on the battlefield with their mouse and Vol’jin sends a healing wave in the direction of the line. All friendly targets that are hit with this wave will receive healing. This wave heals non-heroic targets for more and can be talented into later in the game to also deal damage to enemies that touch the wave.

Heroic 1- “Big Bad Voodoo

This heroic has 2 parts:

Using voodoo magic Vol’jin is able to empower a mercenary or boss camp. When empowered they will gain attack power and health. This is visualized by the camp having a voodoo glow around them with the addition of troll looking armor.

The second part of this heroic is that the affected camp will also have self regeneration- any time that they go a length of time without taking damage they will begin to regenerate health until its full.

Heroic 2- “Bwonsamdi- Loa of Death” Passive (bowl-some-dee)

When defeated on the battlefield the Loa of death takes the spot that Vol’jin died. This loa is very powerful and will deal pulsing damage to all enemies that are in range of him for a few seconds- forcing a retreat or major damage to the enemy team.

Specialty Skin: David Beckham with mohawk OR Majora’s mask Vul’jin


Kristen’s Choices


        Here come the voodoo!







The lower your health when cast, the better this ability becomes. After activating, Vol’jin’s cooldowns are reduced and his ability damage increases.


        Battle Raptor

Vol’jin’s raptor’s decorations would change based on his outfit.


Ether Shock

This attack expands outward in a cone, striking multiple enemies. Each bit of damage done rewards Vol’jin with mana.



Vol’jin uses the power of the spirits to infest the body of a target enemy, transforming them into a tiny critter with an even smaller health pool.


        Serpent Ward (3 Stacks)

Using this, Vol’jin can place up to three wards on the ground that grants sight. When these deal damage, it is returned to friendly players and units as health in a burst.


Big Bad Voodoo

All friendly units around Vol’jin are invulnerable for the duration of this dance. Vol’jin is not.



Summoning the powers of the Nexus, Vol’jin chains down a target enemy Hero. They cannot move or attack and take damage over time. The chains cannot be targeted by enemy Heroes to reduce the duration.



Lifter of weights and user of “Troll mojo”, Vol’jin carries weights on his tusks and wields two dumbbells that have been joined together with athletic tape to create his double-edged weapon..



        Warcraft Troll Dance - The Capoeira

It’s got some leg kicks, a handstand, and, of course, a few flips. This is based off of an Afro-Brazilian martial art. Cate Blanchett studied this for her role as Hela in Thor: Ragnarok.