Two-Way Newsletter




6th Grade Spanish Language Arts

Sra. Espinoza and

Sra. Barillas

Students are working very hard reading the short story Chanclas, written by Sandra Cisneros. Students have  learned the meaning of new vocabulary and have shown that they can use the vocabulary in multiple ways. For instance, students have played interactive games, students have written short stories and have participated in classroom competitions where they have had show the meaning of the word and use it in context.  Once students have finished reading Chanclas, they will  be grouped and will have to create an original play, based the short story. Students will present the plays to their peers. Stuned tuned for more information on the plays.

7th Grade Spanish Language Arts

Sra. Espinoza and

Sra. Barillas

Students are working in groups and are creating raps/songs where they are correctly identifying and using reflexive verbs. Students wrote original songs with their groups, chose a melody and are presenting the rap. The purpose of this activity is for students to correctly utilize reflexive verbs in written and oral formats. Students are having a lot of fun creating and presenting their original raps/songs.

7th Grade

Social Studies

Sra. Viteri

In Social Studies we are still studying about the civilization of Mesopotamia.  Students are reading different sources and taking notes.  As we learn about  Mesopotamia, students are learning different skills such as: identifying cause and effect in a  text, using cause and effect transition words when summarizing, identifying main idea and supporting details when reading a text.  Also, students are working on their first unit project.  In this project they will describe a city-state within the Mesopotamian civilization, in order to do this they need to apply their knowledge of the geography of Mesopotamia and the elements that make up a civilization.

6th Grade Social Studies.

Sra. Stewart

Students have completed their first geography project of the year! Some chose to create their own country and some chose to study the City of Framingham, both projects through the lense of the five themes of geography: Location, Place, Movement, Region and Human-Environment Interaction. The students needed to apply knowledge of the basic map skills reviewed, to create a political and a physical map of their place. In addition to demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of basic geography skills, the students practiced their writing by completing a five paragraph description, or research, of their place. We have now began to study the geography of Latin America.