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Enrollment Forms for New Student
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Enrollment Forms For New Students SY 2021-2022

Please review the Checklist for required documentation:

  1. Emergency Contact Card
  2. 緊急聯絡卡

  1. Student Registration Form
  1. Formulario de Información/Inscripción del Alumno
  2. 學生資訊/註冊表

  1. Parent-Guardian-Student Ethnic and Race Identification (PSE)
  1. Formulario federal para padres o tutores sobre la identidad racial y étnica del estudiante
  2. 聯邦家長/監護人學生族裔與種族確認表

  1. Multilingual Learners Parent Survey and Program Agreement Form
  1. Encuesta para padres ELL y Acuerdo sobre el programa
  2. ELL 家長調查及課程同意信

  1. Housing Questionnaire
  2. 住房調查問卷

  1. Home Language Identification Survey
  1. Encuesta de identificación de idioma en el hogar para padres y tutores
  2. 家長/監護人家庭語言確認調查表

  1. CHILD & ADOLESCENT HEALTH EXAMINATION FORM (must be completed by the doctor)


  1. Fall 2021 Student Consent Form for Covid-19 Testing in English
  2. Complete the Online Family Income Inquiry Form - Select New York City Schools as your District.
  3. Email Sign-up Form for Ms. Li - Parent Coordinator

If you're not the primary leaseholder or homeowner where you live, fill out the Parent Affidavit of Residency- Parent Affidavit of Residency - DECLARACIÓN JURADA DE DOMICILIO DEL PADRE - 家長住址證明書

Health Services Forms 2021-2022