List of Schools & Category Codes


All entries are due March 5 by 11:59 p.m.

Schools & Publications


Newspaper Categories

Submit a TEXT FILE of your story

N1: Editorial

N2: News Story

N3: Sports Story

N4: Feature Story

N5: Column or Commentary

N6: Critical Review

Submit multiple PDFs of your finished design and stories

N7: Multiple Spread Coverage of a Single Topic

Submit a PDF or URL

N8: Overall Design

Submit a PDF of design

N9: Multiple Page Design

N10: Single Page Design

N11: Infographics Design

N12: Hand-Generated Art

Submit a JPG of your image

N13: Editorial Cartoon

N14: Photo Illustration

N15: Newspaper Sports

   Reaction Photo

N16: Newspaper News/Feature


N17: Newspaper Sports Action


Yearbook Categories

Submit multiple PDFs — Cover, Title Page, Opening, Division

Y1: Four-Part Theme Presentation

Submit a TEXT FILE of your story

Y2: Feature Copy

Y3: Profile Copy

Y4: Sports Copy

Submit a PDF of design

Y5: Best Overall Traditional

   Design in a Single Spread

Y6: Best Overall Chronological

   Design in a Single Spread

Y7: Student Life Design

Y8: Sports Design

Y9: Secondary Coverage

Submit a JPG of your image

Y10: Photo Illustration

Y11: Yearbook Environmental


Y12: Yearbook Feature Photo

Y13: Yearbook Sports Action Photo

Y14: Yearbook Sports Reaction



S1: Dunlap

S2: Garrett

S3: Heatherly

S4: Campbell

S5: Clemons

Web Categories

Submit a URL

W1: Entire Site

W2: Multimedia Package

W3: Blogging

W4: Online Photo Gallery

W5: Breaking News Content

W6: Breaking Sports Content

Broadcast Categories

Submit a URL

B1: Feature Story

B2: News Story

B3: Sports Feature

B4: Live Sports Broadcast

B5: Sports Highlights

B6: Commercial/PSA

B7: Show Opening

B8: Anchoring

Submit a URL for up to 2 of these

B9: Announcements

B10: Announcements/Video

B11: Newsmagazine

Special Category

Submit a URL or PDF

SC1: Diversity Story