Senior Tribute Ad – the La Follette High School Statesman Yearbook 2018-19

This is your opportunity to recognize a graduating senior. You can purchase an ad for your senior for the 2018- 2019 Statesman Yearbook. Send it back to La Follette High School as soon as is limited, there is no deadline, first come first serve until space is sold out.

Gather photos of your senior from the past and/or present, write an appropriate aspiration to the graduating senior to wish them well in their future endeavors and/or celebrate past successes and send it in to the yearbook staff. If you send photos on a CD or USB Flash Drive, be sure that they are high resolution photos, in color if possible, and are either a jpg or tif formatted file. The text only can be a MS Word document. Do not send photos placed in a Word document, we need the jpg or tif file as well. Students in the Yearbook Design and Publishing class will design each of the ads, so please refrain from sending in a pre-designed ad. If you include a quote, please identify the author, otherwise the staff reserves the right to exclude any plagiarized text/content OR any image(s) that may be inappropriate for publication. Do not send images that have been printed from a home printer or from low resolution scan.


If you send originals we cannot guarantee that you will get them back. Be sure that you send photos that are high quality duplicates from original negatives, or digital images on a CD, etc. (If you would like multiple ads, one ad per order form please!)

Name of Student ad is for:________________________________________________________________

Name of person placing ad for senior:___________________________ Phone #:____________________

Check Number: #_______________ Check/cash Amount: $______________ Date:__________________

Ad Size:

(Circle one)

If any part of the ad is missing; photos, payment or text, your ad will not be Full page, 1/2 page, 1⁄4 page Number of photos enclosed:______________

completed! No partial orders

Send this form, all materials needed and a check to: La Follette High School

Yearbook – Senior Ad 2018/19 702 Pflaum Road

are accepted. No Refunds for any reason due to page allocation. All materials will be returned if space is sold Madison, WI 53716

out at time of receipt.

A Full Page ad - $185.00

Size is approximately 8.5 X 11 inches, Try to limit the ad text to about 60-80 words and 8-12 photos.

A 1/2 page ad - $95.00

Size is approximately 8.5 X 5.5 inches, Try to limit the ad text to about 50-70 words and 5-9 photos.

A 1⁄4 page ad - $50.00

Size is approximately 4 X 5.25 inches, Try to limit the ad text to about 40-50 words and 3-5 photos.

Don’t forget to purchase a yearbook at summer registration. Quantities are limited.