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Of the Annual General Meeting (the “Meeting”)

Of the Members of M242 Fleet One Association (the “Association”)

Held at 7:07 p.m. on February 25, 2021



Fabian Hope, Fleet Captain of the Association and acting as Chairperson of the Meeting, welcomed the members to the Meeting and called the Meeting to order.  With the consent of the Meeting, he appointed Judith Roos-McClacherty as Secretary of the Meeting.


The Chairperson confirmed that on February 3, 2021, the Association caused to be emailed to all members of record of the Association as of that date the following:

Notice of Annual General Meeting (the “Notice”).

Official Slate for 2021 M242 Executive

The Chairperson confirmed that the Minutes of the 2020 AGM had been posted on the M242 website.


The Chairperson advised the Meeting that (i) a quorum was present and (ii) as the notice had been given in the proper manner, the Meeting was regularly and duly called and constituted for the transaction of business.


MOVED by Ray Parsons and seconded by Connie Leung that the Minutes from the 2020 AGM be accepted and approved. CARRIED 


There was no business arising from the previous Minutes.


The following reports were provided to the Meeting:

     *   Treasurer’s Report – Judith Roos-McClacherty

     *   Fleet Historian’s Report and Buy and Sell Report – Michael Clements

     *   Fleet Measurer’s and Technical Committee Report – Anthony Collett

     *   Keeper of the Trophies Report – Allan Strain

     *   Communications Report – Clare Strain

     *   Acting Marketing Director’s Report – JoAnn Heinz

     *   Scorekeeper’s Report – Olga Kuznetsova

     *   Web Master’s Report Part One – Reto Corfu

     *   Web Master’s Report Part Two – Craig Strand

     *   Director at Large Kootenay’s Report – Anne Armstrong

     *   Fleet Captain’s Report – Fabian Hope

     *   Fleet Two NAs Liaison Report – Ken Holland

Treasurer’s Report – Judith Roos-McClacherty

Judith presented the December 31, 2020 Balance Sheet and the M242 Statement of Revenues and Expenses for the Year ending December 31, 2020.  The Fleet had 32 members (down 27 from 2019) and 19 registered boats (down 10 from 2019). Both Revenues and Expenses were slightly less than budgeted.  Our total revenue for the year was $2065.  Our total expenses for the year were $1895, thus producing a surplus of $170.  Our cashable GIC remains at $6000.  On the Balance Sheet, as of December 31, 2020, the Fleet has cash and investments totaling $9519, as well as capital assets of three masts (stored at Pro-Tech) and two gin poles (stored at KYC and RVYC).  

Thank you,

Judith Roos-McClacherty

Discussion on the masts stored at Pro-Tech.  The Fleet was reminded that the masts are meant to be used by Fleet Members.

MOVED by Alan Drinkwater and seconded by Allan Strain that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted as presented.

Historian’s Report and Buy/Sell Report – Michael Clements

Michael presented the following report:

“In the past 4 years, 42 boats have changed hands in the Pacific Northwest Region:

    - 4 year-to-date in 2021

    - 11 in 2020

          - the 2nd year in a row of the highest Regional used-boat transaction count in decades

          - +2 reactivations of unused Vancouver boats: one via a charter deal and another via a non-resident owner returning to Vancouver after a number of years

          - +1 transaction in North Carolina, +1 in Ontario

    - 11 in 2019

    - 9 in 2018

          - plus 2 retained ownership and 1 moved to BC from Ontario, so it was also a very active year

    - 7 in 2017

    - Only 1 boat is for sale in the PNW Region, plus a number in California

    - At present there are about 4 -5 buyers in the market located in Bellingham, San Fran, Pender Island, Vancouver Island and Squamish.  The BC buyers are mostly casual sailors and occasional racers.

    -All online Boat Lists are up to date, thanks to the assistance of Matt Collingwood, and we have recently added all the Oregon boats and also created a Martin 241 sub-section

    - Historical Results updates are complete on the website.

    - A Value Proposition document was updated recently by Adrienne Mennell.  It will be utilized by Judith in place of the older version to encourage new boat owners and their crew to join the Fleet, plus we will use the updated text on the website and on FaceBook.

    - The Fleet1/2 Strategy document was created by Michael and edited by Jo-Ann

    - The Marketing document was created by Jo-Ann and edited by Michael.”

Michael welcomed Peter Grimm to the Fleet.  Peter just bought Hull 149 and renamed it M&M.

Fleet Measurer’s Report and Technical Committee Report – Anthony Collett

Anthony presented the following report:

Fleet Measuring:

2020 was a productive year for completing Measurement Certificates, with 5 more completed or partially completed.  The current statistics for measuring are:

    - 17 boats measured (a few with minor details to finalize the form)

    - 3 boats actively in measuring process

    - 3 others tentatively scheduled for this spring

As stated before, we recommend that skippers get a MC if buying or selling a boat with no MC or one that is pre-2016.  Some of the boats with MCs have a one- or two-year timeline provided for skippers to address out of compliance issues and the intent is for these timelines to be held and not to keep giving extensions.

This summer, Tim Murphy, Frank Rogers and Jim Hyslop stepped forward to be Fleet One Assistant Measurers, which will be a great help when measuring picks up.  Thank you, Tim, Frank and Jim, for joining the measuring team!  Jim also has been helping update the rig measurement drawings in AutoCAD.  In November we had a call to get new measurers onboard and made sure we are consistent in how measuring is conducted.

Yury Levkovskiy very kindly made two more keel measuring parallels and provided them to the Fleet.

IMCA Technical Committee:

Several significant tasks were completed as the IMCA Technical Committee worked closely together this spring to update and improve class documents (it helped that we were all mostly working from home!)  The following tasks were completed:

    - Created a fillable measurement certificate form to fix a number of small errors, make it easier to fill out, and create a more legible document for the boat owners and all involved.  Thanks to Ken Machtley for getting the PDF form created.

    - Clarified who from each Fleet is on the IMCA Technical Committee and posted this to the Fleet One website.

    - Updated the Class Rules in conjunction with the IMCA Technical Committee and clarified a number of inconsistencies in the document.

    - Created a M242 Class Rules – Measurer’s Handbook and published it on the website.  This is a useful document for all measurers, especially new measurers, and for boat owners who have questions about how the measuring is completed.  It also creates consistency among measurers within Fleet 1 and between the different fleets.

So overall, it was a very productive year for the tech committee, and special thanks to Michael Clements for driving completion of these tasks.

2021 Plan:

In addition to measuring as many boats as possible using the larger team of measurers, the 2021 focus will be on extending the lifespan of the boats.  There have been three “deck peels” in the Pacific NW Region in the past two years, plus a prior incident in LA.

The plan is to work with fleet measurers and the IMCA Technical Committee to develop ideas to strengthen older boats to extend their life and keep them competitive against newer boats.  Priority will be given to ideas that are not too time consuming or costly.

We’ll seek input from engineers, naval architects, boat builders and other expertise we have within our fleet.  The focus will be on key areas such as shroud bases at the hull/deck joint and reducing deck and hull flexing.  If you have ideas, please share them with any of the measurers.”

Discussion on the G10 rods and how they are installed.  It was suggested that embedding the rods in fiberglass might work.

Keeper of the Trophies – Allan Strain

Allan reported that he has handed out most of the trophies and keepers that were awarded this year.  Reto, Phil and Jo-Ann were award winners this year.  Phil has not yet been given his award.

Allan said he is working on updating the Deeds of Gift for the M242 trophies.

Communications Report – Clare Strain

Clare presented the following report:

“When I took over the communication in the middle of 2020 I initially sorted through the contacts and divided them into easily accessible groups.  I contacted anyone with multiple emails to choose their contact email, reducing the contact list to one list thereby avoiding moving away from the free mail-chimp account.

Since I took over I have sent out an IMCA e-blast about every 2 months and a Fleet One/Two e-blast every month.

We have 354 contact emails covering M242 interested people all over the world.  69 of these are boat owners. 269 receive the Fleet One/Two e-blast.  These are all subscribers.  Those who unsubscribe usually have moved on to other boats in their comment.

The e-blasts are opened by approximately 60% of the contacts.

Links are clicked approximately 15 – 20 % of the time.

Mostly the e-blasts now link to articles posted onto the website.”

Acting Marketing Director – Jo-Ann Heinz

Jo-Ann put together a marketing document with Michael Clements.  However, she noted that that may not have been necessary because there are not many boats for sale so everything seems to be working well.  The goal is to get more people involved in the Fleet.  She is putting together a plan for discussion in the near future.


Scoring Director – Olga Kuznetsova

No report presented because we have had no sanctioned racing this season.

Web Master’s Report – Part One – Reto Corfu

Reto presented the following report:

“Website Report (first half)

I’ve been trying to keep new content coming out on the website every week or so to drive traffic to the site, promote the fleet, and keep members engaged and pumped for the restart of racing!  Some new features we’re experimenting with are:

    - Boat/member profiles – where we try and highlight a bit about the history of a boat and the people that own and race her

    - “Racing Concept of the Month” – where we focus on one idea about how to race sailboats quickly

    - Maintenance articles – where we look at some common boat maintenance issues or recent repairs that have been done on a fleet boat and write up the details

And of course the usual stream of news, announcements and details of recent boat transactions.

We have some ideas about doing a refresh of the design of the website to organize content a bit better and tweak the appearance – so if any members have experience with web design and want to volunteer some hours, we’re always looking for help!

Craig should have the report on the techy back end stuff…



Web Master’s Report – Part Two – Craig Strand

Craig presented the following report:  


The goals of the M242 Fleet One website remain to establish a website that is:

    - a repository for Fleet and Class Association documentation and information:

         - Articles under Class Docs, Fleet One Docs, Members and Boats, etc.

    - a vehicle for timely information about what has happened and what is coming up:

         - Blog section of front page, Calendar, Regatta results

    - a portal for some membership interactions

         - Includes purchasing memberships and boat registrations, tickets for events or merchandise;

         - Transaction information through the Buy & Sell service that Michael Clements has been stewarding.  The Buy & Sell has been the most interactive part of the website as Michael is often conferring with members from all Fleets, otherwise, the website is a format with little or no feedback or dialogue allowed from visitors online.

         - Provide for downloading forms like measurement certificates, sail registry, or dispensation forms, Newsletter sign-up.

It provides the public face to Fleet One with information about new members and reports on Regattas and other events.  This last year, Reto Corfu has taken up the reins to provide even more content.

As a vehicle for timely information, the website complements the “Email Blasts” or newsletter publications by providing an online reference to the topics highlighted in the newsletters.


There were about 39 items published in 2020 including additions or updates to Class Docs or Fleet One Docs.  In 2019, there were 23 items published.  The growth in numbers reflects both the added content provided by Michael regarding new or changing boat owners, and some additional articles by Reto.  Website items normally get 200 – 300 hits with the most popular items getting 1000 – 1500 hits in a season.

Email Blasts go out to at most, 352 contacts out of which, 344 are subscribers.  The average open rate is about 47% or about 160 opens and from them about 5% click through to items on the website or other urls.

So basically, our online audience is about 300 discrete contacts which seems about right given the population of M242 owners and significant crew.

We changed servers in the Fall of 2020 and now have our site hosted on Namecheap servers.  Namecheap also handles domain registration and security certificates for the site.

The website does not generate any income but currently costs about $100 per year for domain registration and security certificates.  It will be about $150 p.a. with the domain hosting costs included now that we’re not using the free services of Peter Wealick’s company.

I appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve the Fleet and am always looking forward to new opportunities and ideas to promote the Fleet.

This ends my report.

Craig Strand”

Director at Large – Anne Armstrong, Kootenay area

Anne presented the following report:


In the summer of 2018, my husband Gary and I, trailered out Martin 242, hull #45, named “Coal Dust”, from Toronto to Nelson, B.C.  This was our first step in a long and continuing process of pulling up our roots in Toronto and transplanting them out west.  After being inspired at the 2019 North Americans held in Orcas Island, and aided by the collective knowledge and racing skills of the West Coast fleet members, we are hoping to create a little Martin242 bubble in the Kootenays.  Last summer, a local sailor was so impressed by our boat, that he purchased Chris Bligh’s “Thunderstruck”, hull #101.  By pure coincidence, one of the Sylvan Lake boats, “Scrimshander”, hull #34, has now migrated to Crawford Bay on Kootenay Lake.  There are 3 competitive Martins in the area, with a 4th one sailing on Arrow Lake out of Castlegar.

The racing scene in Nelson takes place on the Kootenay River, called the West Arm of Kootenay Lake.  Local events are run by the Kootenay Lake Sailing Association (KLSA) with races taking place 2 times a week and various regattas planned throughout the season.  Despite the challenges of no clubhouse, no committee boat, no mechanized launching system and no mast crane, the sailors here enjoy a fiercely fun and competitive racing scene.  Due to the informal nature of the Association, it has been fairly easy to adapt to the constraints of Covid 19 protocols.  It might surprise you that this year, races have continued throughout late fall and winter, with the goal of winning the “Rum Cup Challenge”.  This trophy is awarded to the winner of an “out-of-season” race.  The winning boat may then be challenged for the Cup in the next race.

One day, it would be wonderful to have a Martin 242 regatta in the Kootenays and to lure some of you to sample the sweet waters of this inland lake paradise.

Anne Armstrong”

Anne thanked Michael Clements for his help and for all the excellent information found on the website and the wealth of knowledge and professionalism shown by the Fleet and its members.

Fleet Captain’s Report – Fabian Hope

Fabian presented the following report:

“This was probably the shortest official racing season in the history of the Fleet.  Thanks to Reto and Phil for organizing the “race training programme” this was great.  Unfortunately with the current issues around organized sport and BC Sailing’s stance regarding keel boats, we will not be able to run a similar programme in 2021 until the health guidelines are amended.

As far as we are aware, no yacht clubs are organizing any racing calendar at this time.  Jericho Sailing Club appears to be running their Laser programme (this is for single handed sailing), but nothing for Tasars or Cats.

Michael will report there were a record number of boats changed hands in the last 12 months and there is only 1 still for sale in the Pacific North West, this will result in greater participation once things get to the new normal.

I’d like to thank all the members of the Executive for the hours that they have put in to make the Fleet the most prominent in the region and I welcome Michael as the incoming Fleet Captain.”

MOVED by Michael Clements and seconded by Matt Collingwood that the Directors’ Reports be accepted as presented.  CARRIED 

 Fleet Two NAs Liaison Report – Ken Holland     


Ken Holland from Fleet Two gave an update on the status of the 2021 M242 North Americans slated to be held at the Nanaimo Yacht Club.

Ken said the he is struggling to get a commitment from the NYC, they haven’t said no nor have they said yes for the Labour Day weekend.  The NYC Executive said the decision is on hold until June 15th.  If it is held, there will be no shore activities and there will be no moorage available.   With no moorage available, Ken said he would be looking for places to dock or anchor the boats, possibly Newcastle Island, but mother ships would be unlikely to be accommodated.

Ken asked that the Fleet members keep the Labour Day weekend dates open on the calendar and if it is possible, they will try to make the Regatta happen.

Michael suggested that it could be a 2 to 3 person per boat regatta.  

Alan Drinkwater would like to know asap, perhaps if we knew by July 31st, that would give people a month’s notice.  

ACTION:  Ken will get information out to the Fleets by the last week in July.

Ken said that if anyone has any questions, they can always email him.

If the US border is open, then it would be the NAs, if the border is still closed, we could hold the event as the Canadians. 


In accordance with the Class Rules, Michael Clements comprised the Nominating Committee.  The Chairperson declared that, “there having been no other nominations received in accordance with the constitution, and, with the proposed slate of directors being fully subscribed with no contests, I hereby declare that the incoming executive members are elected by acclamation.”  The following persons were nominated for election as directors of the Association:

     * Fleet Captain – Michael Clements

     * Past Fleet Captain – Fabian Hope

     * Secretary/Treasurer – Judith Roos-McClacherty

     * Historian/Buy and Sell – Michael Clements

     * Tech Chair/Measurer – Anthony Collett  

     * Keeper of Trophies – Allan Strain

     * Communications – Clare Strain

     * Marketing Director – Jo-Ann Heinz

     * Scoring Director – Olga Kuznetsova

     * Web Master – Craig Strand

     * Interport Chair – Ken Machtley

     * Directors at Large – Anne Armstrong, Reto Corfu, Jim Hyslop, Cedric Carter

     * Social Director - TBD


MOVED by Michael Clements and seconded by Anthony Collett that the Slate as proposed be accepted.  CARRIED




Michael presented the 2021 Budget.  

Discussion. Michael said the Budget this year will be a deficit Budget, however, if it was a normal year, we would be projecting a surplus of $790.  

MOVED by Michael Clements and seconded by Craig Strand that we accept the 2021 Budget as presented. CARRIED


Michael said that the 2021 Proposed Schedule and Calendar of Events has been posted on the website.  However, all races and events are on hold because of the BC Public Health Orders.  We can not do anything other than wait for the restrictions to be lifted. No organized racing can be carried out at this time.

MOVED by Michael Clements and seconded by Clare Strain that we accept the M242 Pacific NW Fleets’ Fleet One 2021 Calendar as presented with the proviso that as it is Covid dependent and that if the Public Health Orders are changed, then the Executive can revise the Calendar and post the new amended Calendar on the website and in eBlasts.   CARRIED


ACTION:  Michael will continue to work with Ken Holland on the 2021 NAs, hopefully with NYC, but maybe Cow Bay if NYC is not happening or maybe later in the season.


MOVED by Craig Strand and seconded by Michael Clements that the Meeting be adjourned.  CARRIED

The time was 8:16 p.m.

Michael Clements                                                                      Judith Roos-McClacherty

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