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Payee set-up form instructions
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UCSC Payee Set-up form tips:

We encourage you to enroll in Electronic funds transfer (direct deposit).

  1. Have a copy of a VOIDED check ready to upload (either take a photo of a check, edit the photo with the word VOID on it, and upload it to Docusign. Or write VOID across a paper check, and upload a picture of that).
  2. If you do not have checks, you may need to visit your bank to get a direct deposit authorization form.
  3. If you’d prefer to receive paper checks in the mail, that is fine, just prepare for the delay in receipt.

Fill out the form as follows:

Top Section:

Department contact: Nicole Mattacola

Will this 204 be accompanied by a request for payment: click YES

Section 1:

Mailing Address: be careful to put the correct mailing address if you opt for mailed  checks. We encourage you to enroll in Direct Deposit. In the event of a lost check in the mail, it can take several weeks to generate a new check.

Section 2:

Payee Type: check ‘Other Person’

Section 3:

Payment Terms: check ‘OTHER’ input ‘Stipend’ in field.

Section 4: insert your social security number.

Section 5: citizenship, check the appropriate box.

Section 6:

Resident of CA for tax purposes: check no

Services performed in CA: check no

Section 7: sign electronically

ELECTRONIC FUNDS AUTHORIZATION (we encourage you to set up direct deposit)

Section 1: is this a change to an existing bank account: check no

Section 2: Account Information

Look at a check from your check book. Insert routing number and account number accordingly.

Take a photo of that check, edit the photo with the word VOID on it, and upload it to Docusign (or write VOID across the paper check, and upload a picture of that).

Section 3: Are funds being transferred to a foreign country. Check no

Section 4: Authorization

Sign accordingly.

Section 5:

Upload a copy of the VOIDED check.

If you do not have a check to upload you can upload a bank statement (download from website or screen shot from the website). The bank statement will not have the routing number on it, simply type in the correct account and routing numbers in the online form.

Click FINISH when done.

Payee Setup form Example.