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Your login ID on AIMS will be the same as your CRP/LDAP login ID. However, your existing CRP password will not work on AIMS. You will have to create a new password by clicking the Password Reset link on AIMS home page.

Basic terminology        1

Login related        2

For students        3

For Faculty        6

Floating a new course        6

Checking your pending work items        9

How to change the enrolment records for a student in a course        10

Uploading Grades        11

Verifying the uploaded grades        13

Basic terminology

Term in AIMS


Academic session

The AIMS system uses the YYYY-S format for mentioning an academic session. Following is meaning of its parts:

  1. YYYY is the calendar year at the time of admitting a fresh batch of UG students.
  2. S is one of the following:
  1. M for monsoon semester
  2. W for winter semester
  3. S for summer semester


  1. 2020-M indicates the academic semester that started in July 2020.
  2. 2020-W indicates the academic semester that starts in January 2021.
  3. 2020-S indicates the academic semester that starts in May 2021
  4. 2021-M indicates the academic semester that started in July 2021.

Creating a new course

This means that you are adding a new course that you (possibly with others) have designed, and can be offered by a faculty. This is different from offering or floating.

You can create a new course by clicking Courses ─> Create New Course (see image below)

Offering a course

A faculty member may create an offering of an existing course in an academic session. It can be done by clicking Courses ─> Offer a Course For Enrolment menu item.

Note the following when creating an offering:

  1. In a given academic session, there can be only one offering of a given course per faculty.
  2. A course can be offered by in one of the following ways:
  1. Independent offering having a single instructor who will be the course coordinator.
  2. Independent “section” offerings each having its own coordinator.
  3. Multiple instructors offer a course together as a single offering such that one of the instructors is designated as the coordinator.

Most cases will be of type 2-a.

Enrolment in a course

Students can enrol in a course by searching for Offered Course by clicking on  Courses ─> Courses Offered For Enrolment menu item.

Login related

Q1. Why does my Moodle or CRP login ID (or password) work on AIMS?

Ans. Moodle and CRP authenticate you by requiring your LDAP credentials. AIMS authentication is not done via LDAP, hence your Moodle/CRP credentials will not work on AIMS.

Q2. What is my login ID on AIMS and how to set a password?

Ans. If you are a student then your login ID on AIMS is the same as your entry number. For example, 2019MEB1234 will be your login ID if your entry number is 2019MEB1234. You can reset your AIMS password by visiting: 

Q3. I am trying to log on to AIMS by clicking the Google SignIn button, but I receive the following error message:
Error when authenticating. Please ensure that you are using your IIT Ropar Google ID. {"error":"popup_closed_by_user"}

Ans. This happens when your browser is blocking popups or has disabled javascript. Please make sure that the popups are allowed for, and try after clearing the browser cache. Preferably you should open the in a separate window.

Q4. How to reset my AIMS password by visiting ?

Ans. The way it works is that you will have to enter your AIMS login ID (e.g., 2020EEB1234) and your IIT Ropar email address (e.g., in the password reset form. If your details are found in the AIMS system then you will receive a one time use key on your email. You will have to enter this key in the next shown form to set a new password.

Please wait for a couple of minutes to receive the email.
Your account will be locked after 3 successive attempts to reset your password.

Q5. How to request adding my user to AIMS?
Ans. Please fill the form at: 

For students

NOTE: You must supply the details of the semester’s fees remittance/payment before proceeding with any course enrolments. The system will not allow enrollment in any course unless you furnish the details of your current semester’s fees payment. These details can be submitted by clicking the Fee Payment Record menu.

1. How to enrol in a course?
Ans. After successfully logging into the AIMS system, select Courses->Courses Offered For Enrolment menu item as shown below.

Then you will see the following screen where you can specify the desired criteria to search for the courses on offer. Only the courses which are in status Enrolling will allow you to submit an enrolment request.

Q.2: I have credited a course by mistake but I want to change it to audit. How can I do it?

Ans. Please email the course instructor directly. He/she can edit your enrollment record.

Q.3: I have dropped/withdrawn a course by mistake but I want to add it back. How can I do it?

Ans. You can add the course again by following the same steps that you did before.

Q.4: How can I change a course enrollment from credit to audit (or reverse)?

Ans. In your Student Record, first drop the course you want to change by selecting Drop action (or Withdraw action if you are past the add-drop window) for the course you want to change. Then re-register for the same course again with the correct enrollment type (credit or audit).

Please note that you will be able to make the above changes only during the allowed window of course registration and add/drop/withdraw.

Q.5. The AIMS system does not show all my past accredited courses.

Ans. There is no need to worry about it. We have not yet fully imported all past course enrolments data into this new system. Once that is completed we will notify you to verify your academic records in AIMS.

Q.6. I want to enroll in the course XYZ which is shown in the department handbook/website but is not visible in AIMS under Courses Offered For Enrolment.

Ans. For a course to be visible for enrolment in a given academic session, an instructor has to create an offering for that course in AIMS. Unless the offering is not created the course cannot be enrolled in. Please contact the course instructor for such issues.

Q7. How can I submit enrolment requests in offered courses?


After you click the search icon, the results will be displayed (see example below). You can then request enrollment in a course by checking the box against it and selecting the suitable item under the Action button.

After expanding, the Action button looks as shown below:

Q8. How can I view my existing enrollment records?

Ans. Student’s academic details can be viewed by clicking on the Student Record menu item. It shows the status of all the courses that a student has enrolled in. The screen looks like this:

For Faculty

Floating a new course

1. Open and login with your AIMS credentials.

You will see the following screen (as faculty) after login:

2. Click Courses->Offer a Course For Enrolment menu as shown below

This will take you to the following screen in which you should specify the required details:

Here’s an example of final view of the screen after it is saved and approved by HoD:

Checking your pending work items

It will take you to the following screen:

The Action drop-down button looks like this when clicked:

How to change the enrolment records for a student in a course

1. Go to My Work-> Courses Offered

2. Select the course in which you want to change the enrolment of a student

3. Select the Enrollments tab to show the list of enrolled students

4. Locate the particular student who record you want to edit

5. Make the necessary changes and click Save

Uploading Grades

Go to the following menu item:

Selecting the above menu will bring up the following screen:

Follow the instructions shown in the above screen to upload the grades.

Verifying the uploaded grades

  1. Go to the course offering record for the course you want to check the grades. You can do it by clicking: My Work ─> Courses Offered menu item, and then select the desired course there. Once the course offering details page loads, select the Enrollments tab in it as shown below.
  2. Click the Action─> Download Grades menu on the right (see below) to download the grades as available in the system.