The Associated Student Body here at University City High School is please to see that you are interested in becoming a part of the School’s decision-making body. A.S.B. is a fantastic leadership experience and involves a great deal of responsibility. Many times, A.S.B. is required to participate in activities that place in and outside of school, so you must be ready to accept this commitment. Please read the following information carefully. Be sure to fill out all forms thoroughly and make sure to write legibly. This packet has been provides in order to list the offices that are available to you, along with the duties that coincide with each position. The prerequisites that are necessary for A.S.B. are also stated in this packet. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the A.S.B. Advisor, Ms, Fallon or the ASB Vice President, Kimmi Weiss. BEST OF LUCK!



The University City High School Associated Student Body



January 10th: PACKETS AVAILABLE in 202/the OFFICE or can be downloaded from

January 17/18th: general info meetings

February 8th: Commissioner packets are due in room 202.

February 12th: Candidates will be notified if they are NOT eligible.

February 14th: Officer applications due

February 18th: Officer Speeches are due to 202. Begin campaigning

February 25th- March 15th: Commissioner Interviews

March 1st: meeting 4th period with candidates

March 19th-21st: Election speeches in GYM (depending on number of candidates)

March 22rd: ASB announced

*** dates might be adjusted to fit school calendar

1st official meeting: MANDATORY- period 4/5: April 5.




  1. To further academic studies.
  2. To promote athletics.
  3. To maintain and increase school spirit by providing activities.
  4. To be a liaison between the Student Body and the Administration.
  5. To promoted interaction between the Student Body and the Community.
  6. To pay debts incurred by the Council and the Student Body.



All students must achieve and maintain a 2.83 grade point average weighted in both academics and citizenship to be eligible for the A.S.B. Credit checks will occur every grading period and members who ineligible will be on academic probation from the A.S.B. until instructed otherwise. Must not have been absent a total of 15 days the previous year (unless with a doctor’s note)





PREREQUISITES: Must be a SENIOR for the 2019-2020 school year. To run for A.S.B. President, you must have one year of experience in a high school A.S.B. Several duties for each officer position include BUT ARE NOT limited to:


A.S.B. President: Shall lead all meetings of the A.S.B. Council and oversee all work done by all committees, must attend outside council meetings, pre-registration, ALL EVENT CHAPERONES


A.S.B Vice President: Shall assist in the A.S.B. activities as well as fulfill the duties of the A.S.B. President in his/her absence. *** Staff/student of the week, elections, pledge, half-time, Homecoming HALFTIME SHOW


 A.S.B Secretary: Shall take minutes at all A.S.B. Council meetings and  assume the duties of the A.S.B. president should the President and Vice president is absent, ALL DANCE CONTRACTS


A.S.B. Treasurer: Shall be responsible for all bills passed by the A.S.B Council, present a budget for the approval by the A.S.B. and keep track of the budget throughout the year and notify each of the classes of their financial situation.


Note: All A.S.B. officers are also required to serve on a class committee.


II.          Class Officers

PREREQUISITES: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes will elect three people from their class for the three corresponding offices.
President: Shall lead all class council meetings as well as oversee all projects taken on by their class. Must keep student life commissioner informed of fundraisers.


 Vice President: Shall assist in all class activities as well as fulfill the  president’s duty in his/her absence. Must keep publicity commissioner informed of all signs necessary for class.


Secretary/Treasurer: Shall take minutes at all class council meetings and keep records of all class activities. Shall also be responsible for all  bills passed by their class and are responsible for keeping track of their class’s financial situation.


III.               Offices Summarized

If you are currently a freshman, you can run for:

Classes Offices: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer


If you are a sophomore, you can run for:

ASB Offices: Secretary, Treasurer

Class Offices: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer


If you are currently a junior, you can run for:

ASB Offices: ASB President (Requires UCHS ASB experience), ASB Vice President, ASB Secretary, ASB Treasurer.


 Class Offices: President (Requires UCHS ASB experience), Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer.


Appointed Offices: Any ASB Commissioner position


IV.                Commissioner Positions

Appointed ASB Positions include:


Activities                                             (2)            

Sports                                                       (2-3)               

Publicity                                              (3)                                            

Student Life                                                    (2-3)

Operations                                          (1-2)

Media                                                   (2-4)

Community Involvement                            (1-2)


 Several duties for each commissioner position include BUT ARE NOT limited to:


Activities: Organization and execution of all PEP RALLIES, Freshmen orientation, ASB summer activity and scavenger hunt.


Student Life: Organization of spirit weeks, class spirit points, spirit Fridays, holiday activities, spirits items. Organization of Fall and Spring club rush, ALL MULTI-CULTURAL DAYS and Fair, update club forms to parents and staff, Homecoming HALFTIME SHOW, freshman final survival kits, (quotes, and recognition of imp people)  Organization of ALL lunchtime performances and maintenance of all school fundraisers with necessary paperwork.


Athletics: Organization and execution of powder puff game, senior staff basketball game, battle of the fans, game of the week, and athlete spirit items. Season sport calendar.


Publicity/Records:. Create all signs and classroom posters for ASB/school events (pep rallies, assemblies) and the necessary signs for senior-freshman classes.


ASB Operations: Responsible for all dance elections, will collect and count ballots. Create and maintain current events on an ASB website with media commissioner which is connected to school and PTSA. MUST attend every first Friday of the month, “coffee w/the principal”, must also maintain contact with parents, UCHS scroll etc. Work with ASB Advisor regarding monthly calendar. Maintenance of the ASB year, through journaling, and pictures, monthly calendar. Work with ASB Advisor regarding monthly calendar. ALL ASB RELATED EVENTS (celebrations, staff days…) CADA conference, ASB sweatshirts/shirts with ASB VP, and organization and maintenance of student store weekly workers, and student store upkeep.


Media: Organization and upkeep of music for all school events. (pep rallies, meetings, assemblies, and band booking) Upkeep of ASB website, twitter, instagram, and Facebook page.


Public Relations: Students will create and produce a Bi-weekly video bulletin and work closely with Media


Community Involvement: Organization and execution of school wide blood drives, community outreach, clothing/toy drives, recycling, pasta for pennies, etc…


These positions will be filled before the elected officers. Announcements will be decided by Friday, THERE WILL  BE A MANDATORY FORMAL MEETING 4TH AND 5TH PERIOD: APRIL 5. Please let your teachers know. All Students interested in being appointed to a commissioner position must complete an election packet, but are not required to campaign or give speeches at the general Election. Commissioner positions are chosen by a panel of ASB members, a parent volunteer, and Mrs. Fallon through an interview process.

*** If selected to interview- please bring a copy of your most current grades.


A.          Candidates may post up to 20 posters around campus.

B.          Permission to post campaigning posters inside classrooms must be granted by the teacher of the classroom.

C.          Posters may be no larger than 6’x6’.

D.          Do not place posters on the walls of hallways.

E.           ASB material may be used before school, during lunch, and after school.

All materials must be appropriately used and properly put away.

F.           All campaign materials must be removed from campus within 24 hours after the election.

No commercial produced campaign materials may be used. (I.E. Pens, Posters, etc.)



*All candidates running for officer positions are required to deliver a speech in front of his/her class. If running uncontested, you are allotted one minute. If running opposed, your speech may be longer than two minutes.

*Ballots will be done on scantron. The A.S.B. Advisor will conduct the counting of ballots.

*Recounts are allowed if the losing candidate meets the following requirements:


A. The margin of the election is less than 50 votes.

B. The person requesting the recount submits a written request for a recount within 24 hours or one school day of the announcement of election results.

C. All written requests must be turned into the A.S.B. Student Life or the A.S.B. Advisor.