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The Ultimate BlockChain Patent Teardown – Why Blockchain Applications are Patent-Eligible

By Tony Sabeta, Aird & McBurney LP

Precautionary Measure Locked Access to Websites That Reproduced TV Signals Without Paying

By: Cervieri Monsuarez & Asociados

2018 Annual Meeting

Everything Feels Different: How Should Boutique IP Firms Respond to Disruption?

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By Tony Sabeta, Aird & McBurney LP

As a patent practitioner, one of the questions I often get asked is whether distributed ledger technology (DLT), such as blockchain, is patentable. I naturally respond in the affirmative (with some qualifiers of course), and inevitably there is a deluge of follow-up questions and statements such as: “That can’t be! Blockchain is just software, and isn’t it nearly impossible to get patents for software these days? or “This technology has been around for almost 10 years, there is nothing new to patent here,” and so forth.

Exemplary patents related to blockchain technology

According to a recent analysis by Thomson Reuters, 225 out of the 406 blockchain-related patents (55.4%) filed in 2017 were filed by applicants based China,  91 (22.4%) blockchain-related patents were filed by U.S. applicants, and the North American corporation with the most blockchain-related patents to date (50) is Bank of America Corp.  Other top North American blockchain-related patent holders include International Business Machines Corporation, Mastercard International Incorporated, Accenture Global Solutions Limited, and Toronto Dominion Bank. While there is not a single foundational patent that covers blockchain technology, most of the blockchain-related patents are in the financial services sector, however, other areas in which blockchain technology is being applied include:

1. Payment processing and money transfers (e.g. U.S. Patent No. 10,026,082 (issued to Mastercard International Incorporated on July 17, 2018, title: Method and system for linkage of blockchain-based assets to fiat currency accounts)...

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By Cervieri Monsuarez & Asociados


ROJADIRECTA is the illegal website of “streaming” sports events more known around the world, and which makes available to users the retransmission of matches from all the world leagues.

It achieves this through a “library” of links ordered by sporting events, which redirect the user to sites that retransmit the events, without prior authorization from the holders of the rights themselves.

FOX INTERNATIONAL CHANNELS is the holder of the transmission rights in the exclusive form of the Copa Libertadores de América, Copa Sudamericana and Recopa Sudamericana, events that ROJADIRECTA retransmits illegally and without its prior authorization.

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For many, it seems we are living in an era where everything feels different from what was the norm just a few years ago.  The same is happening in the realm of IP, whether one is seeking to develop and exploit IP or one is providing services in this sector.  The 2018 AIPF Annual Meeting builds on the Association's long-standing practice of providing attendees with information and insights that will help attendees navigate an IP world where "everything feels different."

Join the Association at the Swissotel in Chicago, IL in September! The Annual Meeting will begin with Committee and Board Meetings on Wednesday, September 26, followed by Instructional Sessions on Thursday, September 27, and Friday, September 28. There will be plenty of opportunities to network throughout the program, as well as an additional social activity on Friday afternoon for those who wish to attend.

In addition, this year, the AIPF is partnering with LegalShift LLC to present an innovative and interactive workshop entitled, “Legal Project Management Essentials: Learn How to Align Client Expectations with Practice Efficiencies and Profitability.” This unique session will be a great opportunity to interact with other attendees and is a must-attend event for every attorney facing  the increasing necessity of aligning lawyers’ performances with client expectations, increasing efficiency of service delivery, and increasing financial profitability.

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AIPF Members Firms Recognized in IAM Patent 1000 2018

The Association congratulates the following member firms for recognition in IAM Patent 1000 2018 rankings:

Backström & Co

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Sughrue Mion, PLLC | Intellectual Property Law


IAM Patent 1000 is commonly regarded as the definitive ‘go-to’ resource for those seeking to identify world-class, private practice patent expertise and leading expert witnesses in the US.

For more information on IAM Patent 100, please click here.

For more information on our member firms, please click here.

Appointment of Alexandra Steele as Prothonotary of the Canadian Federal Court

The Association congratulates Alexandra Steele, a lawyer with member firm ROBIC LLP, for her appointment as a prothonotary of the Canadian Federal Court. Alexandra Steele has been an active member of the AIPF, participating heavily with the WebIPHour Committee to produce monthly webinars on hot topics in IP, as well as the newly formed Patent Committee.

For more information on Alexandra Steele, please click here.


Disputes, Web Domain and Globally Renowned Brands

Antequera Parilli & Rodriguez Blog        

June 21 by Elizabeth Cazzadore


Patent- Eligibility of “Methods of Treatment,” and Possible Movement Toward Greater Eligibility

BoMc’s Patent Counseling Blog

June 21 by Aaron Johnson

Bolivia is now part of the Apostille Convention: advance or reverse?

B&R Latin America Blog

June 27 by B&R Latin America Team

Campbell’s “Hot” Soup Sales Throws Cold Water on Its Commercial Success Arguments

Patent Office Trials Blog

June 28 by Sughrue Mion PLLC Team

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