Dear neighbors,

A quick update with crime and and San Jose Water Company.

Good news with break-ins, Saratoga has seen a 60% reduction based on a recent sheriff report. Last year Saratoga experienced 130 break-ins. This year, we are at ~52 so far - a few more weeks to go

Here are the topics covered in this email:

#1 Water: Public hearing on November 6th, mark your calendar

#2 Water: Resolution W-5150 update

#3 Middle of the night Saratoga break-ins update

#4 Saratoga Safety Videos with important info

#5 Major break through by Saratoga's West Valley Patrol Deputies

Scroll down for details

- Rishi


Here is your chance to have you say on San Jose Water Company's request to increase rates for cost of capital.

WHEN: Monday November 6th, 2017, 7:30pm

WHERE: City Hall of San Jose, City Council chambers, 200 East Santa Clara Street, San Jose CA

Watch the rishikumar.com/water (currently being updated) on a concerted plan and messaging for that evening. Please do show up and express your voice.

Hearing details at https://www.slideshare.net/rishi59/cpuc-hearing-sjwc-request-to-increase-rates


W-5150 was withdrawn from the CPUC agenda and no vote occurred.  Another resolution addressing this matter will be forthcoming.  It will have a different number and there will be another 20 day comment period. So get ready to express your voice again supporting the Water Division’s proposal to CPUC affirming
rejection of San Jose Water Company's 3.65% rate increase Letter 501.


On a different note, please continue to exercise caution related to middle of the night break-ins

2017 has seen 13 “middle of the night" residential break-ins (both attempted and successful) as of 10/15/2017  based on the sheriff report.

This 2 minute video summarizes key action items for all of us.


Homes at the following streets were impacted: Ted Avenue, Portos Drive, Miljevich, Reid Lane, 3 Canyon View, Robin Way, Kilbride, 2 Glen Brae, Woodside, Obrad.

At least 2 led to a near confrontation between the home owner and the suspect




Watch the story of the Saratoga Wardell Neighborhood Watch program, the first one we initiated last year. The steadfast and dedicated leadership of neighborhood leader Larry Roben making it happen. We went through 2 rounds of neighborhood meetings - to finally bring this together.


This arrest is huge...good work by Saratoga’s West Valley Patrol Deputies.

If your neighbors had a check stolen or mail box tampered, please have them read this below


West Valley Patrol Deputies Apprehend Suspect in Possession of Over $80K in Stolen Checks & Stolen Mail from At Least 130 Local Residences

Saratoga, CA- On October 22, 2017, West Valley Patrol Deputies arrested Justin Rucker for Vehicular Evasion of a Peace Officer, Identity Theft, Mail Theft, Possession of Stolen Property, Possession of Burglary Tools, and Possession of Altered Checks.

A Sheriff’s Office Patrol Sergeant came into contact with Rucker during a vehicle enforcement stop in the City of Saratoga. At approximately 3:50 AM, the Sergeant attempted to stop the vehicle Rucker was driving on Kirkmont Drive and Saratoga Sunnyvale Road. Rucker originally stopped, but attempted to recklessly evade the Sergeant by driving through a Saratoga resident’s front yard, running several stop signs, and exceeding the speed limit. Rucker eventually lost control of his vehicle, and his vehicle became disabled when it struck a curb during the pursuit. Rucker was placed under arrest and later booked into Main Jail without further incident.

An investigation revealed Rucker was in possession of a crowbar, nylon and Halloween masks, and numerous stolen items. The stolen items included assorted mail, credit cards, and checks, which varied to include altered, blank and uncashed checks. After sorting through the evidence, deputies determined there were over 130 victims and over $80,000 in seized checks. Rucker was in possession of mail from Saratoga, Los Gatos, and San Jose.

All recovered mail was returned to the United States Postal Inspector for distribution. The Postal Inspector will contact all identified victims in this case. We encourage our residents to call 408-299-2311 if they believe they are the victim of mail theft or identity theft.

The West Valley Patrol Division encourages residents to consult with the U.S. Post Office in order to gain approval for a locking mailbox. These mailboxes reduce the chances of becoming a victim of mail theft. With the holiday season quickly approaching we encourage residents to also make arrangements with package carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS) and/or neighbors to avoid packages being left on doorsteps for long periods of time.

In addition to calling the Sheriff’s Office, if you think you may be the victim of Identity Theft follow these suggestions below:

1. Sign up for credit monitoring (there are many companies providing that service including Equifax, but be sure to read the Terms of Agreement carefully and note if there are any set-up or recurring costs associated with the monitoring.)

2. Place a fraud alert with one of the major credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

3. Placing a fraud alert is free and stays on your credit report for 90 days. Check your credit reports for free

at www.annualcreditreport.com

4. Check your bank and credit card statements for any unauthorized activity.

5. If you believe you may have been the victim of identity theft, here are two sites where you can learn more

about how to protect yourself: http://www.idtheftcenter.org and www.ftc.gov/idtheft.

Prepared By: Sgt. R. Glennon Date / Time Prepared: 10/24/17 1540 Approved By: A/S K. Binder Date / Time Approved: 10/24/17 1545