How to Animate Your Character in After Effects

  1. Create a new .aes
  2. Import your layers, one-by-one, from Illustrator into After Effects
  3. Create a New Composition 
  4. Drag layers into new Comp.
  5. Once layers are in your After Effects, drag them into the timeline at the bottom.
  6. Click on the clock on the top of the timeline.
  7. Click the arrow on the left side of each layer you want to edit.

How to make your character appear to be walking

  1. Set Stopwatches in the leg layers to Position, and Rotation. Then move the thing with the yellow triangle to the ending point. Move legs to the position you want them in

How to make your character wink

  1. Create a mask layer on the eye. Set Stopwatch for Position. Move the mask in a way that partially covers the eye.

How to make your character

  1. Draw your character in either Photoshop, or Illustrator, draw each body part in a separate layer, including eyes and mouth.  

Audio Spectrum

        1.)Click “New Composition” on the start-up screen. Click OK.

        2.)In the left corner where it says “Comp 1”, in the blank space right click. Go to new → Solid.        Click OK.

3.)Now go to file on the top bar. Click File. Go click import and import your mp3 file and a picture of your choice.

4.)Now drag the mp3 file down to the comp 1 blank space.

5.)Now click once on the mp3 file on the blank space. Go to the top tab “Effect”. Now go to generate and click “Audio Spectrum.”

6.)Now go to the audio layer and click the triangle choose your mp3 file.

7.)Your done.


Introductory steps to creating After Effects Animation

In Order to create an animation with the program After Affects, you MUST create a drawing of some sort using another program (e.g. Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator) due to the fact that you will import your files.

Step 1 : Create an Illustration

e.g. Person, Face, Hand, Animal, etc.

When creating your piece EVERYTHING MUST be in separate layers eg. Hands layer, body layer, face layer, left hand layer, right hand layer.

Step 2 : When complete -> File SAVE your illustration as “20131010_first_last_per#”

Step 3 : Open After Effects

File > New > new Composition

Step 4 : Open finder and drag your illustration file towards the top left corner of after effects (Project)

Step 5 : A box should POP UP !

Step 6 : Once all your layers are finished…

Step 7 : If you select the arrow  and then select  transform…….You should see the following :

Step 8 : On the right side there is a timeline that indicates how many FRAMES PER SECOND have passed in your animation (Using the slider, you can scrub from right to left).

(reminder you create an animation by messing around with directions of step 7)