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Tell Them - Personal solution to customize your WhatsApp messages
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TellThem is a web based personal app to send customized WhatsApp messages to your personal contacts.

You can create customized messages which may include links to documents, images, memes, videos and files. You can also choose your own salutation (like Hello, Hi, Hey…) and the name of the recipient.

Sample use cases

Nonprofits and activists interested in contacting supporters over WhatsApp.
Users who are regular WhatsApp users who use the app to communicate with friends overseas.
Groups who need to send comments securely to individuals.
Groups who cannot afford traditional texting campaigns. WhatsApp does not charge to send messages.

How to personalize a WhatsApp message

How to use TellThem

1. Sign into your WhatsApp account on your phone and connect it to the WhatsApp app on your desktop computer. Connect WhatsApp on your phone with your Desktop.

2. Launch

3. Download the default template in which you can add your list of contacts and the message you want to send them. You can also include links to files, images, memes and videos in your message.

You can include links to an image. This example uses this image stored in a Google Drive.

Make sure that your Google Drive setting for the file is set to be publicly shared.

You can have multiple records in your spreadsheet with one record per recipient and the message they should be sent.

4. Share your Google Sheet with

5. Copy your Google Sheet URL and paste it in the

5. Hit SEND individually  to send out customized WhatsApp messages to the people in your list

Each message will prompt you to hit send in the WhatsApp.

This is not an automated system - each message requires an individual to make two keystrokes.

This app is only meant to send messages to your contacts. WhatsApp will block your number if you spam people. This demo version of the app is purposely limited to 10 records. Find out about the full version of the app which can handle larger lists of contacts.

6. Messages sent with TellThem appear as personalized WhatsApp messages


More info

WhatsApp is a registered trademark.

TellThem is only meant to be used in compliance with WhatsApp policies.

Learn more about TellThem.