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Parent-Teacher Conference

Student Performance Data & Discussion Guide

Below are some suggested questions for you to use in conversation/reflection with your child’s teachers.

What to Expect at Parent-Teacher Conferences at QHST

Translation and Interpretation Services: We want all families to participate in PTC! Interpreters are available, so please let your teacher or parent coordinator know if you need interpretation services.

Scheduling: Teachers will work with families to schedule conferences during a time that is mutually convenient for both to attend. If a teacher is unable to schedule a phone or virtual PTC meeting on an afternoon or evening during the week of their regularly scheduled PTC, the teacher will work with you to schedule another time to connect. Conferences will be held by phone or through videoconference.

Preparing for the PTC: The PTC is an opportunity for you to speak with your child about their classroom experience, and share their questions and concerns with their teacher. Below are ways to engage your child in preparation for the PTC.

You might want to begin the dialogue with your child’s teachers by asking:


Additional Questions: