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The Associated Students of Whitman College

From the Office of the President

Dear ASWC Members,

Senate is this Sunday.

Please come prepared by looking over the Student Code of Conduct, the Petition Proposal, and the Power & Privilege Symposium Session Application details.

Looking over means you have spent a good 20 - 30 minutes on this material, have written questions or concerns that you have, and are prepared to engage with the intricacies of these documents and the potential impact that they could have on our campus.

The semester will be picking up in terms of ASWC, and I want you to be prepared for that. I hope that you have read my email to campus regarding dialogue and the Town Halls planned to address many concerns that we all have. If you have not, here is a copy for you to read before Senate.

I’m excited to see you all and get started with a productive week before we head into Thanksgiving break.

Please reach out if you have any questions and I’ll see you in Reid G02 at 7pm tomorrow.


Isaiah Banta ‘20

President | The Associated Students of Whitman College  | 619-495-2111


7:00 pm                                                        20 minutes

Call to Order                                                        Isaiah Banta

Attendance                                                        Isaiah Banta

Approval of the Minutes                                        For the Senate’s Consideration

Executive Council Updates                                The Executive Council









Recap                                                                Isaiah Banta

7:20 pm                                                         15 minutes

Agenda Item One                                                Nadia Ganjoloo                        

P&P Presentation

Session Application

7:35pm                                                         15 minutes

Agenda Item Two                                                Llewyn - Student Outreach Comm.

A Whitman Petition System and Proposal        


Voting: Yes - we want to formalize a petition system, No - we don’t see value in the petition system

7:50pm                                                         30 minutes

Agenda Item Three                                        Isaiah and the CSA members

The Student Code of Conduct                        

Introduction / Division of Topics

Close Reading and Discussion

Group 1: Statement of Rights-Scope of College Discipline Process

Group 2:

Group 3:

Group 4: Harassment

Group 5: Theft and Property Damage


A lot of ways that the code is vague, which allows for the administration to apply it in specific cases

We are able to submit these points to the form, but also if we all attend to the Town Hall, can help drive the conversation and the vagueness of the language requires a close reading

There will be individual pages which each of these sections at the Town Hall, to make it more digestible for students

Town Hall information and advertising

8:20                                                                10 minutes

Agenda Item Four                                                Allie McCann

Recent Noms Hires


8:30pm                                                        10 minutes

Agenda Item Five                                                Isaiah Banta

Senate Location Discussion

8:40pm                                                         10 minutes

Agenda Item Six

Open discussion and questions

8:50pm                                                        10 minutes

Adjourn                                                        Isaiah Banta

Announcements / Shoutouts