77.67 Wind

1467. Politics is getting uglier and uglier.  Lies are being thrown around on both sides.  The only answer may be for Trump to declassify mountains of documents and have dozens of people on both sides arrested.  I’m not a conservative, but this is getting ridiculous.

1468. “The tech nerds and corporations who cannot wait for robotics to reduce labor cost in their profits calculation are incapable of understanding that when masses of people are without jobs, there is no consumer income with which to purchase the products of robots.  The robots themselves do not need housing, food, clothing, entertainment, transportation, and medical care. The mega-rich owners of the robots cannot possibly consume the robotic output.  An economy without consumers is a profitless economy.” ~ Paul Craig Roberts

1469. As a write this, I know I am about to abandon the 3,000 words per day.  I have 66 pages in the can.  But it feels like work the laundry of a self-created prison.  Walkabout Solopreneur is meant to be a free range lifestyle low on stress and high on meeting stunning women around the world.  While I will put the new schedule in place soon, I will continue these 3,000 word posts/documents until 77 are completed.

1470. To be free to explore the best affiliate products, I have to free myself from the current base which takes about 6 hours a day.  With that amount of time and more sitting, I can never reach my physical goals.  I need to put the walk back in walkabout.

1471. As much as possible, I need to shift my work to the Chromebook since that will be the device I use for iPT and WS.

1472. Shocking Revelation: "Rich Dad" is Not Real, but a Myth Like Harry Potter. Robert Kiyosaki bluffed! Is There Poor Dad?

“So why would Mr. Kiyosaki... embellish his stories? Well, let's just say that some people are natural-born storytellers. They can take a simple story, and add a lot of dramatic flair to it, so it becomes more than a story, but an inspirational legend. A lot of the folk heroes and anti-heroes are handed down this way from generation to generation, and the story grew in each retelling. The story of Robinhood, Sherwood Forest, Sheriff of Nottingham, and Maid Marion probably did happen, but it was nowhere as glamorous as the story was. In fact, folklorists have found that Maid Marion was inserted later, MUCH later. That is what is going on here, with Robert Kiyosaki's stories and books.”

In this first in a series of money videos pushed by Tom Woods, and presented here for free, Robert Kiyosaki tells his story.  That worries me.  I have known his “rich dad” was fiction since I read John T. Reed’s analysis years ago.

(“Kiyosaki is a salesman and a motivational speaker. He has no financial expertise and won’t disclose his supposed real estate or other investment success.”)

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad contains much wrong advice, much bad advice, some dangerous advice, and virtually no good advice.”

Kiyosaki tells good stories, much like TV preachers who turn out to be frauds (like Jim Bakker, George Alan Rekers, and Mike Warnke).  Some of his advice may be good, but I can’t tell what.  Mostly it’s about taking on real estate debt to avoid taxes.

“Keep one thing in mind: trust, but verify. Don't take all of his assertions for granted. Just because he says so doesn't necessarily mean it's true.”

Not surprisingly after the recession and real estate bust in 2009, “Kiyosaki's company filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

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1475. “For thousands of years, men’s lives were structured by rituals — rituals that helped them mark significant events, make sense of the world, and move from one phase of life to the next”

1476. 9 'Evergreen Niches' for That Next, New Online Business You're Dying to Dive Into

The first thing to recognize here is that online businesses typically fall into one of four categories: ecommerce, software as a service (SaaS), digital service and content.

1477. The 20 Most Lucrative Affiliate Niches That Are Evergreen and Sustainable

“When you’re building an affiliate marketing business, there are many different ways that you can go. Choosing your niche and related affiliate programs can be a difficult decision, given that there’s an incredible amount of options.”

“1. Diabetes

It’s very likely that you know someone with diabetes. The industry that caters to this disease is growing at an enormous rate. Predictions from GlobalData have the global type 2 diabetes market doubling by 2025 with the potential to reach $58 billion.

An unfortunate trend, but you could get a piece of that action while at the same time recommending products, foods and recipes that will actually help people lead better, healthier lives.”

“2. Trending Diets

Everybody loves a good diet, something to keep them healthy and put their eating habits back on track. While some trending diets are just passing fads, others seem like they’re really here to stay.

This lucrative niche has recently changed its direction. Now, instead of dieting to lose weight, more and more people diet to be healthier. The market is focusing on long-term diets that lead to healthier lives overall, not just dropping pounds.

You can optimize this niche by delving into its many subniches, including popular diets like Paleo or Mediterranean. Another viable option would be to focus on food intolerance or allergy-related subniches, such as gluten-free diets, lactose-free diets, celiac diets and so on.”


“3. Alternative Health

Acupuncture, homeopathy, essential oils, supplements—the alternative health industry is full of exciting opportunities for growth.

According to a report by the CDC, more than $30 billion was spent on alternative health in 2012 in the United States alone! This number is only increasing.”

“5. Making Money Online

There are hundreds of viable ways to make money online right now—as an affiliate marketer yourself, you should know this better than anyone.

This niche is continuing to grow with more and more people getting online and seeing the possibilities every day.

Included within the making-money-online niche is blogging, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, freelance writing, virtual assistance and so much more! All of these subniches have hungry markets and plenty of products and services to promote.”

“7. Entrepreneurship

According to Business Insider, more people are becoming entrepreneurs than ever before! Kids in the Millennial generation are touted as being more entrepreneurial than their parents, and thus more startups and small businesses are fighting for success.

For affiliates, this is another increasingly lucrative affiliate niche to get involved in. Available products range from advice to practical products that help startups get started.”

“8. Online Dating

More and more people are embracing the thought of online dating. In fact, over 15% of Americans have used online dating sites.

This industry is growing, expanding annually by 5%. In 2015, it reached an incredible $2 billion in revenue.”

9. Senior Dating***

Online dating isn’t just for young people anymore. Another lucrative affiliate niche for 2017 is online dating for seniors.

In fact, according to this report, the number of 55- to 64-year-olds in the US who use online dating actually doubled between 2013 and 2015.

“12. Travel

According to the World Travel and Tourism Counsel, this industry generated over $7 trillion globally in 2016! It’s known to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.

This passion hobby is something that people will spend money on, and affiliates have innumerable opportunities to promote products and services. There are also many popular subniches, including luxury travel, budget travel, adventure travel and more.”

“13. Survivalist

This might seem a bit unusual, but the survivalist (or “prepper”) industry has become a multibillion dollar business, according to Yahoo! Finance.

While people prepare for disaster, the survivalist industry continues to thrive. Affiliates can promote preparedness products such as prepackaged food, water filtration systems, different kinds of shelter and educational resources. Some high-ticket items for survivalists hit prices into the thousands.”

“20. Hiking and Camping

These two niches mostly go hand-in-hand, as much of what’s sold in the market is used for both.

Camping is known as one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United States. In 2015, US consumers spent more than $2.5 billion on equipment for camping. Most of these sales went towards backpacks and sleeping bags, while $349 million were spent on tents.”


“Everything has its season. And there is a time for everything under the heaven.”

“A time to be born and a time to die.”

“A time to weep and time to laugh.”

“A time to wail and time to dance.”

“A time to rend and time to mend.”

“A time to be silent and a time to speak.”

“A time to love and a time to hate.”

“A time for war and a time for peace.”

 What time is it for you?

1479. 8 Steps to Creating a Profitable Digital Course

1480. 12 Low-Cost Business Ideas for Introverts NEXT ARTICLE

1481. https://buchanan.org/blog/

1482. https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/

1483. America Needs A Debt Jubilee

“In America today the population is drowning in unpayable debts—student loan debt, credit card debt, home mortgage debt, state and local government debt, and business debt—but policymakers have reserved forgiveness only for the debt associated with the bad and irresponsible investments of the big banks and financial institutions.  The Federal Reserve printed $4 trillion to buy up the banks’ bad debt while permitting ten million homeowners to be foreclosed. Student loan debt prevents university graduates from forming independent households. Mortgage and credit card debt prevents households from having discretionary income with which to drive retail sales.  But modern day economics has no prescription for preventing our society from failing from debt overload.”

“The problems of monopoly, monopsony, oligopoly are real.  Especially so when indebted Americans have their high productivity, high value-added jobs offshored and then face robotics displacing the lower paid domestic service jobs that are their current employment. The profit maximizing activities of corporations reduce Americans’ incomes but not their debts.  Thus, debt service becomes more difficult.”

1484. I need to turn CharlesLamm.com into a opinion powerhouse like the sites of Pat Buchanan or Paul Craig Roberts.  Nice sites.  I need to write at least one weekly article about how IBMs* can navigate the current system and prepare for the future down turns.

1485. It’s going to be important to keep IBM* and WS and iPT free to build lists of users.  I am going to need a hernia operation soon, so I will need to return to 3,000 words.  I will have all day every day to make this happen.  At this time, I will control diabetes with meds and food alone.

1486. The 10 Daily Habits of Frugal People

1487. “You’re not tied to a vertical, linear depiction of information. It’s a bit more enjoyable. It’s like a roam. It’s like a walk through the woods. See what you can find.”

Same is true with Walkabout Solopreneur.  Don’t box yourself in but enjoy the roam.

1488. As I look to new skills in my old age, I want to learn more about edible wild plants and medicinal herbs.

1489. I believe that I have to make IBM* and WS totally free.  Lists can make money by promoting shiny objects that are actually useful.  I don’t trust gurus who sell you shit to make money because if they were using a secret method to earn they would keep it to themselves.

1490. My God Awful Painful System

My new system to reboot my life is fit for a masochist.  


I’m getting too old to keep pissing around with my business and life.  I will never be ready for perpetual travel unless I spend the next 9 months developing a real online business.

If I suffer a monk like existence for that time, work 8 to 14 hours a day, eat real food and control my diabetes, and finalize my divorce, I will be ahead of 99% of the population of the Earth.  

More importantly, I will have the life I want.  For the rest of my life.

My AAI system begins with creating content - text, audio, video.

For me, I need written content first.  It makes me more comfortable.  I need a script.

Millions of bloggers make it necessary to create a huge online presence to even be noticed.

So here’s the first step in my pain and agony - write 3,000 words a day.

I have wanted to be a writer since high school.  While in Peace Corps, I actually wrote a bad novel longhand and typed it up when I returned to the U.S.  I’m just not a great storyteller.

To write 3,000 words a day, I must take control of my time.  Every individual in your life has an agenda that does not include your happiness.  It includes theirs.

1491. My Top MOB* Countries

Dozens of lists of the top countries to find your MOB (mail order bride) online.  For most people, the list will vary as wars come and go, and as the country puts up roadblocks to foreign men “stealing” their womenfolk.

For example, the Ukraine has the best looking Caucasian women on Earth, especially in Kharkov and Sumy.  They are close to the Russian border but safe for the time being.  

One way to tell if a city is safe is check the tour schedule at A Foreign Affair.  These guys are the kings of romance tours.  There is no way they will let a group of Western men travel to an unsettled destination.

If the Russians and Ukrainians start shooting at each other again over Crimea, that could change.

Like anyone preparing a Top Ten list, we all have different experiences and different tastes in women.  And looks are not the only reason for a country being high on the list.

I place the Philippines number 1 for many reasons I will go into detail about in their individual country review.  

In short, Americans have been there for over 100 years, we fought and died together, and unlike many people around the world, we like each other.  The Philippines is an overwhelmingly Catholic country, English speaking, and full of women willing to marry older white men.  

On the other hand, India and Bollywood are loaded with beautiful women, but unless you are Indian with their culture of arranged marriages with more rules and traditions than you could ever know, pick some other country.

All of the factors I use to rate my top 10 are subjective.  I have lived many years in some of the countries and not so long in others.

The mail order bride/international marriage movement is a constantly changing. The hottest countries change regularly over time due to war and economics, as it  has across the history of mail order brides.

During the nineteenth century, Swedish mail order brides were all the rage among lonely ranchers and farmers in the United States and Canada, but today Swedish men look for brides from Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Forces like economics, politics, and religion play a role in the cultural acceptance of looking abroad for a romantic partner.  

Movies and televisions shows sometimes inspire large numbers of men or women to finally start looking for a partner overseas. If you want to see the dumbest American men and women looking for partners abroad, try 90 Day Fiance.  These people are too stupid to live.

Even military campaigns and natural disasters play a role in whether or not men and women decide to seek a relationship with a person from another country.

The primary issues I consider are the number of women who sign up with international dating agencies, ease of travel, and any news that makes a country more or less appealing as dating destination.

All of these are countries consider Western men a very desirable catches.

Here is my quick list of my top 10 countries for MOBs:

  1. Philippines
  2. Ukraine
  3. China
  4. Vietnam
  5. Thailand
  6. Colombia
  7. Dominican Republic
  8. Russia
  9. Czech Republic
  10. Costa Rica

1. Philippines

Nothing like a bonka boat.


Green Card Whores and Gold Diggers

Do they exist?  Of course.  But why do you care?

The only way you’re going to meet green card whores or gold diggers is if you try to win over a foreign woman by flashing your money in her face, or showing off pictures of your house and car and boat in the U.S.

Women signing up for international dating agencies know that they will have a better quality of life in the United States, Australia, or Canada than they would if they remained in Eastern Europe, Asia, or Latin America.

These women actually want to be treated with respect and they want to be loved.  Opportunities for divorced women or single moms to find a loving husband in their native countries is close to nil.

Plenty of men will offer them sex.  There are few countries where women cannot get sex - if they are willing to risk vilification.

Most of the countries that girls seeking to marry foreign men are heavily patriarchal societies.  Women are not afforded the same level of respect they are in the West.

I guess countries like Russia and the Ukraine are lucky the #MeToo movement has not hit Eastern Europe.

In many of the countries where large numbers of women sign up with international dating agencies, sexual harassment is an accepted way of life.

Professional women and university students are constantly hit on by co-workers, supervisors, and professors.   Trading sex for grades is considered part of the educational process.

We have all known these situations exist everywhere in the world where men have power.  However, I don’t know of any women in the U.S. who have to state on their resumes “no intimate relations”, as can happen in Russia.

100% of businesswomen in Russia claim to have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. 32% said they had to have sex with the boss to keep their jobs.

In that last couple of years, a movement formed in Russia to pass some sort of sexual harassment law, but nothing has come of it.

All of this is just to give you an idea of the situation that women face in many countries.  If you go there and show off your wealth, is there any reason why you won’t be hounded by gold diggers?

The green card has lost its luster to a large degree.  For IBMs, I’m not certain that we shouldn’t be mail order husbands.  

If she wants to live with you in her country, she’s not a green card whore.  If you make some decent money but are not rich, you can live well above your means in most mail order bride countries.

You will also find that a good relationship with a good woman cannot be bought - it must be earned.

When you look at what women want, it’s love and respect and support.  You can read her profile and see exactly what she wants.

Does she want to avoid heavy drinkers?  Gamblers?  If you see lines like this, you can guess what her ex used to do.  Physical abuse is often implied.  If her ex played around with dozens of women, that is often stated plainly.  She wants a one-woman man.

This is where older men - IBMs - have an advantage.  For most of us, our days of juggling several women are over.

Given these cultural issues and problems, it is easy to understand why Western men would be attractive to the most beautiful and intelligent single women from Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

The real attraction for these stunning, intelligent women are Western men who will treat them with kindness and respect.  Your sorry ass is a catch.

Whenever I think of superficial looks as the main factor, I think of Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett.  Being a singer must be even better than having a house in Buttphuck, Iowa.

I don’t believe in giving extravagant gifts to potential brides.  I believe most women, no matter where they live in the world, love the attention of flowers and small gifts to let them know you are thinking of them.

But you have to be smart.  Expensive gifts and trips can be in order when you are committed to each other, but remember Rule #1:

Follow this rule, especially in the early days of a relationship, and you will not get scammed.


In the foreign service, we had a saying about Thailand:

They Don’t Call It Bangkok For Nothing

Bank on it.  What this means is the sex trade, of course, and not international matchmaking.  The bars and bathhouses are an incredible way to relax.

I think Thai women are the most beautiful in Asia.  You get the right combo of face and figure, not too thin and not too fat.

What troubles me is that Thai women profiled on the international dating sites don’t look nearly as good as the women you see on the streets of Bangkok.  Hell, they don’t look as good as the ladyboys.

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  There are incredible attractions across the length and breath of the country.  Bangkok is one of the world’s great cities, and maybe the top party city for single men.

And the food is phenomenal.

I will warn you about one thing - heat.

I live in South Florida.  The coldest day in Bangkok is way hotter than Miami in August.  It’s hot.  Luckily, so are the women.

Thailand is trapped between Burma, Malaysia, and Cambodia, and has been heavily influenced by China.  Even though Thai society has been influenced by all of these cultures, Thai girls do not look like other women in the region.  Thai girls are unique and incredibly sexy, with looks that cameras love.

Thailand was one of the few countries in the world that was never colonized by a Western power.  Thai culture remains uniquely its own.  Because Thailand was never a part of any of the European or American colonial empires, there was never a reason to hate foreigners.

If you search for a Thai girlfriend or wife online, you should be aware that it may be more complicated than in some other parts of Asia.

Thailand is a well-known sexual playground. Foreign men can go and meet a much younger and more attractive woman than they have been able to meet at home.  

I am convinced that when men die and go to heaven, they pass through Bangkok, because that is as close to heaven on Earth as a man can get.

This can be both a real positive and incredible problem if you are pursuing a Thai woman for marriage.  There’s always a danger that any woman seen in public with a Western man will be branded a prostitute.

Due to movies and the Internet, Western men are considered desirable by the local women.  A foreigner is seen as more prestigious and wealthier, but there is more to it than that.  

Thai girls have been influenced by years of Western movies and television, and they know that Western men have a reputation for kindness.

Thailand has many ancient and colorful cultural traditions and its own set of spoken and unspoken rules about acceptable and unacceptable behavior while dating.

Learning a little something about Thai dating rituals is the best way to avoid these cultural mistakes while courting a Thai woman.

Thai women, like women in virtually all MOB* countries, tend to put a large emphasis on appearance.  Many men have the misconception that it doesn't matter how you dress because they have seen sixty year olds walking down the street with a hot twenty year old their arm, and he is dressed in sandals, a t-shirt, and cargo shorts.

From what I can tell in my travels, shorts are never acceptable on a date, no matter how hot the country.  In fact, shorts are usually reserved for children and poor people.

But if you are looking to meet a top girl for dating or marriage, then you need to work on attracting her.

Dressing well is a major factor in how well Thai women will treat you. If you are well dressed, even if you are not a young guy anymore, you can still be regarded as desirable solely on the basis of your clothes.

Caveat:  dress age appropriate.  If you are 65, don’t try to dress 35.  It will make you look the fool.

Forget the jeans and t-shirt.  You will do far better with the local women if you look and act the part of a sophisticated Western man.

Here’s a big advantage for IBMs:  avoid public displays of affection.

As an introvert, I have never been comfortable with all the huggy-kissy stuff in public.  Asia is made for me.  Kissing, hugging, holding hands, or touching a Thai woman's hair in public is frowned upon.

And I know it’s weird, but watch where you point your feet.

Play it safe and limit yourself to only the most simple and acceptable forms of social touching such as handshakes. Try not to sit too close in public.  Too much contact is reserved for the working girls.

Girls from Thailand don't believe in sex before marriage.

Don't ask for premarital sex, and definitely don't demand it. Always remember, the bars and bathhouses can take the edge off any situation.  And if your woman does not give it up early, you have a real Thai woman.

This can be frustrating, especially since Thai dating traditionally involves a nine month courtship before marriage and sex.

Ironically, it is this prohibition against physical contact before marriage that has earned Thai ladies the well-deserved reputation for being exotic, sensual, and erotic.

If you are overly physical with a Thai girl, touch her inappropriately, or push for sex after a date, she will think you are a sex tourist who has mistaken her for a prostitute.

This is both insulting and disrespectful, and guarantees to make a Thai woman lose all interest in you.