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Feedback from participants of BBFC 2019
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David Mycock (pioneer of blind football in the CZ): You're brilliant at this, Jitka. Absolutely amazing effort over the last few years and I am in awe and indebted to you and all your colleagues kindness in looking after me and others. I am so glad I can come and share this with you all, but feel like I only drink pivo and watch now.

I am happy to do this but please let me know how I can better help you out at this event if possible next year such as coming over a couple of days earlier to build the spot and the arena or doing the match commentating etc

I hope you are all recovering well again now though as it is a massive effort to do this event each year. Best wishes and warm hugs. Stay in touch. Dave

Paul Glover (coach, West Bromwich Albion): Hi Jitka. I hope this email finds you well , and that you are not too exhausted from your weekend exertions. I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to you and all of your team for all that you did for us this weekend. Many of the players have told me previously how good your tournament is, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. In fact it is fair to say that all expectations where well exceeded. Your attention to detail and your hospitality was truly amazing, I know that all staff and players are very appreciative. Please pass on our gratitude to all involved.

I hope to see you again next year! Many many Thanks.

Ondřej Gottlieb (Avoy MU Brno player): This year I participated in my sixth Bučovice blind football tournament, I missed only its first edition and I can say that the quality and level of the tournament exceeds all other tournaments I have ever had the opportunity to play. It's amazing that the organizers can attract teams from all over Europe whose blind fans can also watch the competition thanks to the professional English commentary. But it is friendly and even a so called party atmosphere that makes Bučovice Blind Football Cup an absolutely specific and exceptional event many teams are interested in and is one of the highlights of the season for most players. In Brno, both the physical (on the pitch) and the psychic (off the pitch) are under preparation, which this year brought its fruit in the third place. I am proud to be part of the Avoy MU Brno team and to participate in this grand tournament every year, I am proud of all who organize the tournament and would like to say one big THANK YOU.

Dylan Malpas (West Bromwich Albion goalie, also awarded as the best goalie in the world): Fantastic trip away with WBA Blind Football team for the 7th addition of the BBFC 2019. Fantastic to be voted the best goalkeeper of the tournament for the second year running, conceding 0 goals in 5 matches against very strong opposition. A massive thankyou to Jitka Graclíková and everyone at Avoy for allowing us to compete in this fantastic tournament.

Couldn't be any prouder of everyone at WBA Blind and especially our youngest player Eesa who played fantastic in his first matches at 13 years old.  Thank you to everyone for the kind words and messages really means so much.

Darren Harris (West Bromwich Albion forward): Hi, have you recovered? Just wanted to join the rest of the troops in saying thanks once again for putting a great event. I'm sure we will be back next year. Now Paul has seen it for himself, he realizes how brilliant it is.

Miriam Steen (guide from FC St. Pauli): Thank you sooooo much for this Weekend so special! I hope to see you as soon as possible.

Sven Gronau (goalkeeper of the winning team of FC St. Pauli): What a perfect weekend. Thanks a lot. Tired but very happy. 🎼best tournament in Europe - The Bucovice Blind football Cup. Now we have it black on white. Received an official letter of the sports senator: Congratulations for winning the European Cup :)

Brussels 5-a-side Anderlecht: Thanks a lot to Avoy MU Brno for the invitation and the fantastic organization (and especially to Jitka Graclíková and Tomáš Bukovský). Thanks to all the volunteers, photographers, catering, the other teams and the referees for the very good and lovely atmosphere during the all weekend!

Stuart Winton (IBSA referee): Fantastic BBFC weekend again - thanks very much for everything you do to make it enjoyable.

Jana Baštová (economist from the local primary school): My dearests, congratulations on your bronze medals once more again. Thank you so much for the beautiful sport and personal experience. You are a nice group that I always love to see again. Say hello to everyone and send a big kiss. Thank you for having YOU.

FC St. Pauli: Many thanks Avoy MU Brno, Jitka Graclíková & Tomáš Bukovský and your helpers for your dedication and love for this sport. Definitely the best blindfootball tournament in the world!