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Extension Calendar Template for MG Program
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Name, Email, Phone of staff submitting information

Event type: (choose one or more) Camp, Conference, Fairs, Field Days, Free Events, Talks & Lectures, Tours, Workshops & Classes

Contact Name, Email, Phone: this does NOT need to be staff; can list MGV or other party.

Event Title: BE DESCRIPTIVE. Remember, this is a statewide event calendar. “MG Lecture” will not suffice; use “Garden Lecture in Door County” or “Big Plant Workshop in Madison”...  ONLY include Level 1 training orientation dates and deadlines; do not include repeating events (such as Level 1) that are not open to the public.

Time: When does it start? How long does it last?

Images: Please consider adding an image; original images only! Do not use copyrighted images.

Location: Provide complete address for mapping purposes

Named Program: Select AG- Master Gardener

Provide weblink

Be descriptive! Remember, this is a statewide calendar. Provide who, what, where, why, when, how so it is easy to understand what the event is about, where it is at, and how to register.