Worst Possible Outcome of The Transition Committee Work

(There is an) Unbalanced representation of the community of students. Decisions that do not reflect students’ best interests. Students feeling disconnect from school community. Unhappy kids about having to move. Forcing vs. not forcing moves for upperclassmen. Students at both schools are hurt due to decisions that we make, receiving a lower quality education than what is available now. Either school having more resources, extracurriculars, AP classes, electives, understanding everything can’t be offered at both. Significant imbalance. Lack of programming options for students. Kids not able to get certain classes they want. Resentment of students for moving or not. Increased dropout rates. Students unhappy. Unhappy kids.

(There is a) Socio-economic imbalance between schools. Economic diversity not represented in each school so we have rich and poor schools. Lack of diversity in students by income. Socio-economic inequity. Students feel schools are not equitable. Academic disparity between schools. Unbalanced academics/activities and student population , i.e. socio-economic, labeling schools with haves, have-nots. (Boundary) Divide(s) Bozeman into have and have-nots between the schools. Parity/equity not considered, creating have/have-nots, old/new. Perceived inequity between two schools. One hated school and one loved school. Feelings of inequity between students. Two schools with great disparity. School inequity. Stigma of old vs. new. One “better” school. Bluebirds vs. buzzards scenario. Forcing a culture instead of allowing it to develop organically

(There is a) Growth projection inaccuracy,  having to switch boundary. Missing the mark on growth. Locked in disagreement - I feel like boundaries will be a big issue. Lack of forward thinking (boundaries) shifting students to one school and then back. Public does not accept boundaries. Incomplete transition leaving district in a state of flux. Families with kids in different schools (not their neighborhood schools) time shuttling, road wear… Traffic and transportation issues. Environmental stressors on ecosystems, excess waste, CO2. Overcrowding at old high school during construction based off of our decision on grade split. Population imbalance. Focus too much on the small things rather than looking at big picture. Overemphasis on fairness and equity and losing sight of the of the big picture.

Confusion amongst community/students/parents.  No decisions being made. No decisions made. Not reaching consensus. Too many conflicts of personal interest. Personal vs. community agendas. Any decision that is made based solely on athletics. Nobody agrees in the committee - unable to reach consensus. Spending all this time to not have ideas used. Committee never gets to consensus. The plan doesn’t work. School board rejects our proposal. High school 2 is not ready to open in 2020.

Community at large hates decisions that came out of committee. Community distrust. Division within community. Anger from colleagues and community. Community, student, teacher input is not factored in, forcing stakeholders into result without a voice.  Parents unhappy. Teacher brain drain. District employees not happy.  Wasting taxpayer dollars. Divided and frustrated community members. Public rejection. Community loses trust in district and stops supporting schools.