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JK Covid- 19 Policy
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Covid -19 Policy  

For Parents/Guardians

We are doing everything within our power to ensure the health and safety of your child at JK Theatre Arts.  This is so that they can attend JK under the safest possible circumstances. Below, we have set out how we  can resume the physical aspect of theatre training in our hired spaces.  

Your child’s safety is of paramount importance to us and we will not consider any options that may place any  member of our teaching team or students at risk. Please remember that it is everyone’s responsibility to  comply with these new procedures and keep our JK family safe.  

Our venues for JK sessions for the Summer Term 2021 are;

Fairfield Youth Centre, Western Road, Burgess Hill RH15 8QN

Woodside. Middle Village, Bolnore, RH16 4GJ

St Andrews Church Centre, Cants Lane, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 0LG

What is COVID-19?  

COVID-19 is a disease believed to spread largely through respiratory droplets from coughing and sneezing,  and it appears to spread easily. It may also be possible to become infected by touching a contaminated area and then touching one’s nose or mouth. It is recommended that your child should;

STAY HOME if they have one of the following symptoms:  

a new continuous cough  

a high temperature

a loss of or change in their normal sense of taste or smell

Let the JK Director know IMMEDIATELY if your child develops these symptoms whilst at JK – they will need to  go home at the earliest opportunity that is NOT via public transport.

Shield coughs and sneezes with a tissue, elbow, or shoulder (not bare hands).  

Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and use a 70% alcohol based hand sanitiser.  

What should I do if a student/JK teacher tests positive for COVID-19?  

Should a JK student test positive for COVID-19 everyone in that student’s ‘bubble’ and any staff members in  close contact with that student on the day symptoms developed, must self-isolate for 10 days as per  government guidance.

Definition of ‘bubble’ for sessions;

JK Drama Clubs - One bubble per session

JK Main Company - Three bubbles. Each group; Pre Juniors, Juniors and Seniors are in their own bubbles

JK Mini Movers - One bubble

JK Acting Platform - One bubble

Should a staff member test positive for COVID-19, any students taught must self-isolate for 10 days as per  government guidance. Staff members should always be socially distant from each other at this time to avoid  the possibility of contamination between staff members.  

What provisions are available at JK to reduce the risk of infection? ● Handwashing on arrival and before departure along with break times involving food items ● Alcohol-based hand sanitisers will be provided inside each teaching space and in the reception area.   Sanitising wipes are also available to wipe down equipment at the end of each class  ● All frequently touched surfaces, such as doors and tables are to be routinely cleaned. ● Maximising ventilation in the venues with doors and windows open ● Bins will be provided in each classroom  

Arrangements for social distancing are: Classes are now in ‘bubbles’ in guidance with government  recommendations. The class ‘bubbles’ will help prevent the spread of the virus should any of our students  become symptomatic with all classes practising social distancing. Class arrival times are longer to allow a staggered entrance however there are no waiting areas available in the venues. All access to the teaching spaces are direct from outside so please  ensure you arrive ready to drop off your child. Classes have been organised so that no students are moving  internally around the venue throughout the sessions. Teachers must not under any circumstances come into  physical contact with any students and where possible maintain a distance of 2 metres.  All secondary aged students aged 11yrs + will wear masks in sessions aside from dance.

Provisions for cleaning are: Our venues have premises teams who will be cleaning prior to our arrival and  once we have departed. The JK team will also be cleaning on arrival and throughout sessions to ensure  cleaning standards are kept high. Hand sanitiser will be provided at the main entrance and also in each  teaching space. Adequate supplies of hand soap will be provided by each hand washing facility. Sanitiser  wipes will be provided in each teaching space and its equipment used are to be wiped down after every  class.

The rules regarding break times are:  

Main Company: All students are free to have their break in the largest hall but must remain within their  bubbles (in coned areas) and be compliant with social distancing.

Mini Movers: Children are free to have their break in the Youth Centre hall but must remain socially  distanced. Outside play time will be accommodated for.

Acting Platform: Students are welcome to have their short break in the drama studio with easily accessible  outside space available.

First Aid provisions: Should a student/staff member start displaying symptoms they must be sent home  immediately if it is safe to do so. The symptomatic person must NOT use public transport under any  circumstances for their journey so if travel arrangements need to be made they must go to the isolation  point (locations below.)

Should the symptomatic person require immediate medical help:

• Isolate them (if possible)  

• Call 999 – under no circumstances should the symptomatic person visit or be taken to a GP, pharmacy or  hospital  

• Wear PPE if it is not possible to maintain a 2 metre distance from the symptomatic person. PPE will be  provided in the form of disposable gloves, mask and apron.

The symptomatic person must ask for a test within 3 days either via home testing, satellite sites or at a drive  through testing facility. The students in the symptomatic persons bubble and the staff member can carry on  as normal unless they start to display any COVID-19 symptoms.  

However, should the symptomatic individual produce a positive test result, the symptomatic students  “bubble” and the teacher of that class are required to self-isolate for 10 days as per current government  guidance.  

Isolation Area Point:  

The unused cloakroom space at the back of St Andrews Youth Centre directly behind the toilets

Fire Safety

The following amendments have been made to fire safety provisions with the following fire assembly points  for each group

Fairfield Youth Centre - Green Space- This is located directly opposite the centre and car park.

Woodside Centre- Playing Field - This is located next to the sliding doors of the main hall or accessed via the side door of the main space.

St Andrews Church Centre - Green Space – This is located directly opposite the Church entrance with a

Fire Assembly point sign

It will be the responsibility of the teacher of the class to ensure that all students are present at the meeting  point and to report anyone missing to the JK Director. The Director will inform each bubble when it is safe to  return to the campus. This will be staggered to ensure that each bubble remains isolated from each other  and does not come into contact with one another.  

The rules regarding transport and vehicle use are: JK Theatre Arts actively encourage all staff and students  not to travel via public transport where possible.

Thank you for your co-operation

JK Team