MGA Local Rules

All MGA events will adhere to the USGA rules of golf except where modified by

HSV and MGA local rules. 

  1. Sand Bunkers: Players are allowed to remove loose impediments in bunkers. Otherwise we will be playing the bunkers as we find them. If, however, a trap is in disrepair following a weather event, refer to the score sheet for that day's tournament for special rules. Should it be decided that the condition is such, we may allow a rake and place within 1 club length of your original position (if water is present take relief away from water but remain in the trap). You are not to rake in such a manner as to create a 'tee' for the placing of your ball. There are continuing efforts to renovate the bunkers at many of the courses. Any of these bunkers under renovation are to be treated as ground under repair.

  1. Alternative to Stroke and Distance: Players are allowed to proceed under the new USGA Local rule regarding a ball lost or hit Out of Bounds. Follow this link for a detailed explanation:

  1. Preferred Lies: When the MGA local rules for that day's tournament allows playing the ball 'up', the ball may be lifted, cleaned, and ‘placed’ on a spot within 1 club length of the original spot, no closer to the hole.

  1. Maximum Score on a Hole: The maximum score a player can receive on a hole will be 9 (except in match play). A player who does not complete a hole (often referred to informally as “picking up”) is not disqualified, but simply gets the maximum score of 9 for the hole.

  1. Distance Measuring Devices (DMD): The use of DMD with elevation information is allowed. This information is considered to be public knowledge that can be shared with fellow competitors.

  1. Rock Rule: The 14 club rule is waived and you will be allowed to carry one additional club, a rock club if you will. This club can be used at any time during the round. If you choose to take relief from the rocks, you must proceed using USGA Rule 19, ball unplayable, and incur a 1 stroke penalty.