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Woodland Joint Unified School District

         COVID-19 Student Health & Safety Protocols      


COVID-19 Site Specific Plan:

Health and Safety Protocols for In-Person Learning

Beamer Park Elementary

525 Beamer Street

Woodland California 95695

Principal:  Hortencia Hernandez

The health and safety of our students, staff, and families is the top priority when making the decision to physically reopen our schools. Woodland Joint Unified School District will be following the guidelines of the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) COVID-19 and Reopening In-Person Instruction Framework & Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools in California, 2020-2021 School Year.  The CDPH document is found here for your review. The following are health and safety student protocols that will be followed in WJUSD that adhere to CDPH guidance to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Please note that the protocols may be subject to change based on modifications to the guidance from the public health agencies and other officials. Please check the district and school website for the latest updates.


Passive (Self) Screening Staff and students must self-screen for symptoms at home daily. This is called passive screening. The COVID-19 Daily Symptom Screening for Students and Staff and Return to Work Requirements (Appendix A and B) are included in this guide. The following are considerations for self-screening.

Staff and students who are ill, and who have had no known exposure to a person with COVID-19, must stay home until they have met the CDPH criteria to discontinue home isolation:

 By ALL families working together we will ensure that everyone is safe.





Screening for staff and students must be conducted daily.  Staff is required to take their temperature each morning as well as conduct screening to ensure that all staff can come to work.  The COVID-19 Daily Symptom Screening for Students and Staff are included in this guide. The following are considerations for self-screening.


Staff and students who are ill, and who have had no known exposure to a person with COVID-19, must stay home until they have met the CDPH criteria to discontinue home isolation:

Please note that Individuals with close contact (More than 15 minutes within 6 feet within a 24 hour period.) to persons who test positive for COVID-19 must stay home and self-quarantine.

Individuals with Close Contact to Persons with COVID-19

Staff and students who have had close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19 must stay home and self-quarantine.


Entrances Morning  Drop-Off 

If the child meets all of the screening criteria then they are permitted to come to school. Families may drop off their child by their assigned entry gate.  Most families will drop off students in front of campus on Beamer Street in front of Beamer Park Elementary and walk to the assigned GATE.  Students must stay away at least 6 feet of physical distance from other families. Also speak to your child regarding the importance of keeping physical distancing and mask wearing while on school grounds.  Families should practice mask wearing prior to coming to Beamer Park Elementary as students are required to wear a mask during school hours.  Parents are not permitted on our school grounds during morning drop off.  You may walk your child to the entrance gates and staff will be easily visible to help guide them to the appropriate gate.    

Your child’s class will be assigned a gate to enter the school premises.  Each gate is labeled with a number.  Families should know which gate to enter through the school. Please do not enter through the front office area at this time.  

Assigned Gates for Morning Entrance


Teacher/ Grade Level

Gate 1

Kinder, First (Lorda, Pantoja, Resendiz, Castorena, GomezGarcia, & Tafolla)

Gate 2

2nd, 3rd (Campos, Herrera, Salazar, Anaya, Duarte & Saunders)

Gate 3

4th-6th (Fernandez, Morales, Esquivel, Lopez, Perez, Loza, Martinez, Ruiz)

Gate 4

TK and Preschool (Ramos & Guzman)


Students will be dismissed from assigned gates.  These new procedures are designed to help with student safety and traffic. As we will need your help to adhere to guidelines.  

Assigned Gates for Morning Entrance


Teacher/ Grade Level

Gate 1

Kinder, First (Lorda, Pantoja, Resendiz, Castorena, GomezGarcia, & Tafolla)

Gate 2

2nd, 3rd (Campos, Herrera, Salazar, Anaya, Duarte & Saunders)

Gate 3

4th-6th (Fernandez, Morales, Esquivel, Lopez, Perez, Loza, Martinez, Ruiz)

Gate 4

TK and Preschool (Ramos & Guzman)

Entrances & Exits (Pick-Up & Drop-Off) 

Active Screening - Temperature Checks and Identifying Ill Persons on Site

Active screening requires all students and staff entering a site to be screened for illness. The Daily Student Health Check at School Entry (Appendix C)

At this time, students will be screened daily at school entrances for symptoms of illness. Screening will include:

Staff will be screened daily by completing a health-screening questionnaire and taking their temperature using a no-touch thermal scan thermometer.

Parents/guardians must wait in their vehicle or wait outside the school until their student passes the health screening and enters campus. If a student or staff member has any sign of illness or has been exposed to COVID-19, they may not enter the school site or District building and will be sent home. Students whose parent/guardian is not present will be escorted to an isolation room until their parent or guardian can pick them up.

Students and staff must enter through required controlled entry and exit locations at each site. Sites shall set up controlled entry and exit screening locations and ensure staff and students understand and follow health and safety precautions.


Wearing a Face Mask

Wearing a face mask protects others and ourselves and they work best when everyone wears one.  All staff, students, parents/guardians and visitors are required to wear a face mask at all times.

Face masks could be medical procedure masks (sometimes referred to as surgical masks or disposable face masks) or cloth masks made with breathable, tightly woven fabrics.  The CDC recommends that face masks be made of two or three layers of materials and fit properly on the face (completely covering nose and mouth and fit snugly against the side of the face with no large gaps on the sides).  

Face masks with exhalation valves or vents are not allowed and scarfs or ski masks worn on the face do not substitute for a face mask.  

Students and parents/guardians will be informed on the types of face masks, proper use, removal and washing of reusable cloth masks. See Appendix D for the CDC’s poster, “How to Safely Wear and Take off A Mask”.  Face masks should follow WJUSD dress code standards.

California state guidance allows for times when a face mask can be temporarily

removed in the following situations:

When people are eating or drinking (6 feet of distance must still be maintained from other persons who are not members of the same household).

When a person is not sharing a room or enclosed space with others.

When persons are engaged in outdoor work or recreation when alone or when they can maintain a distance of 6 feet from one another.

Guidance for Daily Use of Face Mask

How to Remove a Face Mask

Exceptions to the Use of a Face Mask

A cloth face mask should not be worn in the following situations:

Face Shields with Drapes

Face shields with a cloth drape may be used by teachers to enable students to see their faces and to avoid potential barriers to phonological instruction. Face shields with a cloth drape can be used for those who are hearing impaired and for those who are unable to wear face masks for medical reasons.

Refusal to Wear Face Mask

Continual efforts will be made using positive reinforcement teaching strategies to ensure face masks are worn properly. If a concern about wearing masks arises, the administrator, assigned School Nurse, Health Technician or assigned supervisor should be notified immediately for additional support. Each unique situation will be assessed and support strategies will be employed for the well-being and safety of all. In the event that a student who is not exempt from wearing a face mask continually refuses to wear one, the YCDPH requires schools to provide distance learning for this student.


Hand Washing and Respiratory Hygiene 

All students and staff must wash hands frequently. If soap and water are not available, use district approved hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Access to hand washing or hand sanitizer and face coverings will be available at or near entrances of campus. Staff will schedule time for handwashing or the use of hand sanitizer by students throughout the day.

Training on effective hand washing and use of sanitizer must be provided to all students and staff. See Appendix E for the CDC’s poster, “Did You Wash Your Hands? Children under age 9 should only use hand sanitizer under adult supervision.

At minimum, students and staff must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon their arrival to school. Other times when hand washing should occur include:

Respiratory hygiene or cough/sneeze etiquette, including use of tissues and elbows will be reinforced by using signage, training, and lessons. See Appendix F for the CDC’s poster, “Cover Your Cough”.




ALL Students are asked to bring a Backpack with the following items:



Students are encouraged to bring refillable water bottles to school to use at our watering stations on campus. There are disposable cups provided since water fountains will not be in use.




Essential visitors will be required to self-screen prior to an essential meeting and will be screened when arriving on campus or to a department building.


Currently, only virtual or drive-thru options will be pursued.


Each classroom will review our new safety guidelines designed to promote safety.  Teachers will practice all of our safety practices with students including but not limited to walking in a line 6 feet apart, sitting in a classroom 6 feet apart, and remaining within the class’ boundaries during recess.  


WJUSD has procured items that are considered essential equipment to ensure safeguards. This includes

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which is defined as equipment needed by staff to perform their job

safely such as face covering, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, gloves, etc. This also includes adjustments to

facilities that respond to the unique needs of the moment.

Our PPE include:

✓ Face Coverings & Face Shields for students and staff

✓ Soap/ Hand Sanitizers

✓ Cleaning/ Disinfecting Supplies

✓ No-Touch Thermometers

✓ Plexiglass for Office space

✓ Gloves as needed

✓ A.C. MERV upgraded filters


Students who are sick during the school day will be separated from others in a designated Isolation Room, and parents will be contacted to pick them up. Students with a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will receive an additional temperature check using an alternative thermometer. If the temperature is confirmed, parents will be contacted for immediate pick-up.


Staff Training

Student Training

Parent/Guardian Training


All K-12 schools will be opening to In-Person Instruction on April 12, in a hybrid model.  Within the Hybrid model students will  have the opportunity to attend school two days a week in person. Families were encouraged to consider all options and make the best possible decision for their children.  However, families will be able to request a change of program model within the first week of Phase 3 implementation, April 12 - 16.  It is important to understand that requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be granted only as space allows.  Program change requests should be submitted to school site principals and must be received by Friday, April 16.

COVID-19 Symptoms of Illness

If a person is sick or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, they may not come to school or work and will follow Return to School or Work Requirements (Appendix A and B). Per CDC guidelines, signs of illness include:


Look for emergency warning signs* for COVID-19. If someone is showing any of these signs, CDC advises you to seek emergency medical care immediately:

*This list is not all possible symptoms. CDC advises that you call your medical provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning to you. Call 911 or call ahead to your local emergency facility: Notify the operator that you are seeking care for someone who has or may have COVID-19.


Appendix A

Woodland Joint Unified School District’s




Appendix B

Woodland Joint Unified School District’s





Appendix C

Daily Student Health Check

Appendix D  

CDC’s How To Safely Wear And Take Off A Mask

Appendix E

CDC’s Did You Wash Your Hands?

Appendix F

CDC’s Cover Your Cough

Appendix G

Flowchart for Student Illness or Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis