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77.28 4kscore

697. Store:  toe separators

698. Need to build up the IBM* site and FB Group.

699. Why have I not been posting all of my created images to Pinterest?  Moron.

700. A racist is no longer defined as someone who treats those of one race differently from those of another race. A racist is defined as someone who is Caucasian.

A sexist is no longer defined as someone who regards one gender as being superior to another. A sexist defined as someone who is a male.

A warmonger leader is no longer defined by aggressive behaviour. A warmonger may be defined as a man who attempts to maintain peaceful negotiations with other leaders.

701. I'm a decent guy who is looking to return to the life of a traveler.  My daughter is grown and on her own.  I want to make the best use of my time and see parts of the world unknown to me.  I work online, so I can earn anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.  Two strange habits:  I don't drink, and I eat a plant-based vegan diet.  I don't push my habits on others, but it makes restaurant choices tough sometime.

702. I’m tired of touchy feely webinars and ebooks and training.  Go stoic.

703. VideoBuilder.io notes:

  1. everything is hosted in the cloud
  2. new project tab
  3. add tracks
  4. media library
  1. filters
  1. import media
  1. choose avatar
  2. lower third animation
  3. intro animations
  4. outro animations
  5. text animations
  6. transitions
  7. create movie

704. Identity politics is dividing the nation like never before.  Hate upon hate.  IBM* has to be concerned with fixing the individual.  AOC is the new voice for those under 30, our demarcation line in the late 60s.  Some of her ideas, like changing laws about drugs and removing non-violent drug offenders from prison are spot on.  AOC advocates for free college tuition at public universities.  She is a Bernie Sanders socialist who actually walks the walk.  With student loan debt now exceeding credit card debt, young men and women are caught up in an economy where they are tens of thousands of dollars in debt before beginning their careers, with the prospect of never getting ahead or being in position to buy houses and support families.  She and Trump are left and right bookends.  The right wing ignores her at their peril.  As baby boomers, we are beginning to die off, and millenials are now a larger social group, though not as politically active yet.  That may change as early as 2020, as conflict seems to be accelerating.  I hope she remains a Ron Paul like independent voice in the House of Representatives to keep the rest of us honest.

705. A pile of homeless people were waiting as the doors to the main library opened.  Cops kept watch on another 50 or so in the park.  

706. About Us

Under the banner of ChazLamm.com, we maintain a number of related websites:









and a growing number of specialty, online stores:

Chromebook Accessories

Vegan Protein Powders

707. Tests that combine different types of PSA: Some newer tests, such as the prostate health index (phi) and the 4Kscore test, combine the results of different types of PSA to get an overall score that reflects the chance a man has prostate cancer. These tests might be useful in men with a slightly elevated PSA, to help determine if they should have a prostate biopsy. Some tests might be used to help determine if a man who has already had a prostate biopsy that didn’t find cancer should have another biopsy.

~ https://www.cancer.org/cancer/prostate-cancer/early-detection/tests.html

708. I may have to switch back to herbal teas instead of coffee.  Caffeine may be a factor for both diabetes and bph.

709. Giselle came in giving me hell for “not taking care of my mother”.  Is it true?  Maybe.  But everyone has stuck me with a job they won’t do.  I need to get my teeth fixed and find a woman to live with locally until the end of my 77 day gong.  They don't get it.  I am a prisoner here.  Giselle can eat shit and die.

710. For the 77 project, I want to create 77 spun articles to flood the Internet.  I don’t know if this will have the effect it used to, but I must find out.  I believe it’s like agriculture.  Just because there is an industrial revolution does not mean that people do not need to eat.

711.  One thing I can say is that I could be out of here tomorrow.  I am willing to walk away from this whole situation.  It is a good chance to go into a serious money making mode now.  I need to be there.  Her outburst is a good incentive for me to pick up the pace.  I have to work like Robert Campbell with intermittent sleep.

712.  The loan bubble is 250 trillion dollars.  A crash is coming, but no one knows when.

713. One thing I need to do health wise is go to a starch based whole plant diet no matter what.  It’s okay if I walk about 5 to 6 miles a day and limit sugar.  Beans and rice.  Soup.  Bananas.  Protein shakes.

714. We all have secrets to take to the grave.  I’ll take mine to Colorado.  I want to live what time I have left doing what I want.  I just hope prostate cancer is not in my future, but things don’t look good.

 715. http://www.thepassiveincomemachine.com/

716. http://www.thepassiveincomemachine.com/blog/

717. Sqribble Notes:

  1. select a template

  1. give ebook a name

  1. create your ebook

  1. click on finish
  2. yygygyg
  3. 51515151
  4. 84848484

My Personal 77 Manifesto


That’s a good time of year to consider traveling to much of the world.  Not too expensive.  Not too cold.

In 77 days, I need a full sales funnel of IBM* books in the can and posted on ClickBank.  At this time, I will outline by hand and get ready for January 7th.

Passive Income

Passive income, or recurring income, is the dream of most Walkabout Solopreneurs.  But as a reality, only achieved by the 1%.  Most affiliate and internet marketing income is not distributed 80-20 like Pareto, but 90-9-1.  90 percent make nothing.  9 percent make an okay income.  1 percent make fuck you money.

The simplest definition of passive income is doing something once and then making income over and over.  Recurring members of your paid list.  Writing a book in an evergreen niche and selling it for years.

Writing and publishing and selling that book can take months, even years.

Passive income is freedom - FU money.

There are not that many WS sources of passive income.  It’s all about the lifestyle.  WS is all about working and living anywhere in the world and having the income come in.  What I’m finding out is that it’s about more than money.  It’s about health, wealth, and relationship.

People do trade time for money.  It’s a Prussian model designed to reward soldiers and factory workers, same as Victorian England and the Industrial Revolution.  Our schools ring bells and have us do useless tasks.

Here in Florida, it’s a right to work state.  If your employer has no need for your services - no matter what the reason - he will let you go.  Companies complain that there is no employee loyalty.  Yet there is no company loyalty as created by law.

You work 30 days.  You get paid.  You spend the money.  You work another 30 days.  And another 30 years.    Or 40.  And then you die.

If you want to escape from prison, you first have to see the prison.

No corporation gives a crap about you.  Understand it.

I am personally receiving Social Security.  I get cheap health care via Medicare and Medicaid.  Do I really believe that these government programs are stable?  No.  But what can I do except create an online side hustle that funds my lifestyle through a corporation.

If you are still in the workforce, expect the use of robots and automation to explode.  In Japan, instead of home health care workers, many elderly Japanese have companion robots.

I love Japan.

Now is the time to develop recurring income before the shtf.  You need to spend less than you make, and be able to access your funds from any ATM in the world.

Imagine being able to live wherever you want.  Islands come to mind.  Think about being a perpetual traveler who earns money in a low tax or no tax jurisdiction.  Complicated but possible.

The only way to create passive income for people is by solving problems for people.  It’s even easier if you solved the problem for yourself first.  And then teach others.

Everyone in the world has a problem.  Probably many of them.  I know I do.  Diabetes.  BPH.  Dental issues.  An unacceptable family situation.  If you can create value, people will pay you for your help.

As humans, we want to make an impact in this world, not just make money.

Money is a media of value.  It’s easier to use than barter where you have to find someone who has what you want and wants something you have to give.  The more value you give, the more money you make.

My mission is to create unbelievable value for Introvert Boomer Males, and to have part of that value come in the form of books and membership sites that earn passive income.

For my series of IBM* ebooks, I have to consider whether or not I want to create a series of Kindle ebooks or a funnel for Clickbank.  

The good thing about Kindle ebooks is that they tend to be short - 10,000 to 15,000 words.  I may do that and have them sold for a cheap price like $2.99 each or free on Kindle Unlimited.

I am not going into all the details about Kindle publishing here.  For those who don’t want the hassle of writing, they can consider hiring a ghostwriter.

If you can sell the ebooks yourself without Amazon, ebooks can be evergreen and sell for years to come.  For my first ebooks, I’m going to sell some on Kindle and some separately.

Find your niche, or niches.  What problems do you have?  What are you interested in?  What common problems have you solved for yourself?  What is your area of expertise?

What you want to do is make sure there is a market for your ebook or product or service.  I avoid services because they are not always able to be performed anywhere at any time.

If your product has a market, you want to find the hungry crowd.  

Halbert was famous for saying that if he owned a hamburger stand, and could have only one advantage over his competitors, it would not be the best price or tastiest burger or fastest delivery.  

All he needs is a hungry crowd.

Easier said than done, but if you can solve a problem, and other ebooks or products were less than satisfactory, you may be able to capture your hungry crowd.

A good way is via email lists, newsletters, membership sites, and Facebook Groups.

Once you have your ebook written, or other platforms like you FB group for people to join, sales pages go mostly like this:

1. Present the problem.  What problem is your target marketing having?  What is their pain?

2. What if you could offer a solution to their problem?

3. Show your ebook that solves the reader’s problem.

4. List the many benefits for individuals who purchase you ebook.  Make money.  Reverse diseases with a vegan diet.

5. Include testimonials from satisfied customers.

6. State your offer.  Include a discount.  (50% off if you order today.)

7. Always include bonuses.  There are tons of PLR products you can use or alter.  You can also create your own pdf files if you wish, or offer a free membership.  (Free and paid membership sites make about $1.50 per subscriber per month on average.  These are captive buyers.)

8. Include a guarantee.  If you sell via Clickbank, every purchaser receives a 60 day money back guarantee.

9. Add scarcity.  Digital scarcity is bullshit, but it helps people take action.

10. Make a firm call to action.  Tell the prospect exactly what to do.  “Buy Now”

The biggest problem with developing your own ebooks or products is pricing.  It’s hard to make real income on a price under $30.  A WS is not Walmart.

One way to get people over the hump is to put together such a list of bonuses that people will buy just for the freebies.  It doesn’t matter that they can find all of the items free online, it makes tons of information available for free.

At this point, you need to get your ebook listed.  I believe Kindle likes to be exclusive, but others like Clickbank and eBay could care less.  You have to decide if you want to make one or all of your books a part of KDP which would make it available on Kindle but then available in Kindle Unlimited.

If you have the voice for it, you can record your ebook and create an audio file to sell or include as a bonus.  (On YouTube, you can now find recordings of mainstream books for free.)

If you sell your ebooks through Clickbank, you can have tens of thousands of affiliates selling your works.  Be generous.  Let them make 75% on the FE offer, and 50-75% on any upsells.  After all, anything your affiliates can market is free money to you.  Some will want to buy your stuff at a discount by using their own affiliate links, but so what?  Some people are not interested in your book at the full price.

Clickbank is just the start, but an important one.

There are over 100 places to sell your ebooks, physical versions, and audio versions including Amazon, Nook, Audible, and iTunes.

To generate an annual 6 figure income with ebooks, you will need a number of books to sell.  Most should be evergreen - health, wealth, and relationships.  You want books that can sell for years.

Some “authors” make their fortunes outsourcing ebooks.  By using pseudonyms, no one knows who the author truly is.  If you choose this route, expect to pay $500 to $1,000 per ebook.

Also, many ebook authors make their real money on upsells like coaching.  I personally stay away from coaching, but it may be right for you.  That’s trading time for money again.  An online course would be a better option.

Membership sites are often overlooked by solopreneurs  They take work.  You have to present new material each month.  But if you want to build a loyal following you can sell to in the future, a membership site is a good way to go.

You can make money from membership sites - free or paid.  You have a steady stream of subscribers who will buy good stuff from you if you don’t pound them with useless spam mail.  

For paid sites, I recommend a free one-month trial which can be set up in PayPal.  Some will stay.  Some will opt out.  But more are likely to join with a free trial.

Most Walkabout Solopreneurs are bloggers.  It makes sense.  You want to create an old fashioned journal as well as articles in your niche to establish you creds as an expert and authority.

The only way to be a financially successful blogger is to provide mad value to visitors.  The competition is staggering, but it’s possible to succeed in tight niches.  You can’t be everything to everybody.

One you get visitors to your blog, you can offer free ebooks to get them on your list or a free trial subscription for your membership site.

Visit forums or other sites in your niche to find out what your visitors want to know.  Ease their pain.  You can also post in forums and try to get forum visitors over to your blog.  Don’t sell on forums.  Most prohibit affiliate ads.

When you are creating content for your WS blog, make sure it is the best information available.  Build your trust and reputation.  After than, you can monetize.

One good way to help build a reputation is by creating a logo and developing a brand.

Once your blog is established, you can offer digital or physical products to help monetize your blog. If you sell physical products, you can set up eStores or link directly to products on Amazon.

Commissions on physical products on Amazon are low.  You won’t make squat unless you have many thousands of visitors.  Another growing way to monetize is Fulfillment by Amazon.

You sell it, we ship it. Amazon has one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world. With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you store your products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. FBA can help you scale your business and reach more customers.

What could be better?  This way, you get to select the products and the price.  It’s a bit of work, but some are getting mad rich off this by finding cheap products in China and reselling.

Of course, you can also sell other people’s digital products as an affiliate.

Your blog is your entry into building a list and launching new products.  The best bloggers make over $1mm a year.

An authority site gains the trust of readers by delivering high-quality content.  The user experience is key.  Content must be added regularly.  Solve a problem.  Give visitors a reason to come back.

How to build an authority site:

1. Focus on one distinct niche.

2. Make sure your content really helps people.

3. Don’t slam readers with ads just to make a quick buck.

4. Your site builds trust and user interaction.

5. The owner engages the users, on the site or social media.

There are many other ways to generate passive income, from real estate to flipping websites (digital real estate).  

The rest is up to you.

~ Chaz