Buckingham SHIELD Board Meeting Minutes

April 3, 2019


Present: Teresa Pisani, Tim Kruse, Sandy Hess, Lorraine Nitto, Jen Henson and YunAe Mello

Location: Room 2 at BCMHS

Meeting type: Normal

Notice of meeting: email

Meeting Called to Order: 7:01


Special Presentation:  Annaly Sandoval presented a slide show on Adolescents: How to Address Anxiety, Depression and Suicide to parents.  There were about 7 parents and 3 kids in attendance.  Parent safety plan template was shared.

·         May speaker- SAT or ACT information was suggested; also AP information and junior college information would helpful.

·         Ali mentioned September topic would/could be Internet Safety

·         Parent offered to do manage conflict with brain “listening”


Review/Approval of Minutes:  

·         March 5, 2019 motion to approve by Jen Henson and 2nd by Tim Kruse, all in favor, motion carried.



Treasurer’s Report: Jen went over budget and audit was done (all is good).  Taxes will be filed on time.

·         9= $16,786

·         A= $1,793

·         SG= $7,364


Old Business:

Fundraising Update/Knights Auction and Dinner Event:  Sandy went over ideas on desserts and auction items. We are on track with our event in May.


Speakers at Meetings- Teresa is hoping for a monthly topic (see ideas in special presentation)


New Business:   We still need two (2) new members at large for next school year.

Facility Update and other News- Ali stated that we are still looking good for the new campus at Country High for the 2020-2021 school year.  Proposal hopefully will come in May and be approved then.


Comments from the Floor:  parent asked about Robotics in the summer

Meeting Adjourned: Adjourned at 7:47 pm