Fruitvale Economic Development Corp

Special Meeting 2019-8-13  6:00pm  

Notice hereby given of possible Quorum of Fruitvale City council members who may present at FEDC board. No action will be taken regarding city business. FEDC Board special meeting will have action items.

Board: Tanis Williams; Jackie King; Bill Hunt; Jean Hogue;  Rod Hoffpauir; Robbie Lambert; Carl Waddell

Council to be present: Mayor - Jennifer Johnston 5/20; City Secretary/Treasurer  - Susan Murre 5/19; Brandon Russell, City Council 5/20

FEDC Agenda

Discussion/Action Items

If the City Council, during the course of the meeting covered by this notice, should determine that an Executive Session is required then such Executive Session, as authorized by the Texas Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code, may be held by the Council at the date, hour and place given in this notice, concerning but not limited to the following sections and purposes of the Act: Private consultations with the City Attorney – Article 551.071; Deliberations about Real Property - 551.072. Personnel Matters – 551.074; Conference with Employee – 551.075; Deliberation Regarding Security Devices – 551.076. Any final action; final decision or final vote shall be in the open meeting covered by the Notice upon the reconvening of the public meeting. A meeting that is “open to the public” pursuant to the Open Meetings Act, is one that the public is permitted to attend. The act does not entitle the public to choose the items to be discussed.


Jennifer Johnston, Mayor

This is to certify that on this the  10th day of August 2019 this notice was posted and accessible to the general public at all times and remained posted for at least 72 continuous hours preceding the scheduled time of the said meeting.


Susan Murre, City Secretary