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Terms and Conditions Sarvanga Flow
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Terms and conditions


1.1 General Terms are of effect from the date of signing until the last date of the applicable Tula Training course.

1.2 Sarvanga Flow:Sarvanga Flow is situated in (1017 XA) Amsterdam, at Lijbaansgracht 344K, and has been registered with the trade register (handelsregister) under number 69326207.


2.1 Students may only participate in the Sarvanga Flow Training after they have filled out and signed the Registration Form, and subsequently have received a written invitation from Sarvanga Flow to participate in the Training.

2.2 By participating, the Student declares that he/she is healthy on a medical and mentalhealth level and is ready to fully participate in the demands of the program of the Training.

3.2 By participating, the Student declares that he/she is aware that it is his/ her own responsibility to take care of his/her own health and well being during such training at all times.

Code of Conduct

4.1 Students shall adhere to Sarvanga Flow’s code of conduct at all times:

o Make sure you are clean and fresh when you attend the yoga class. The use of unscented deodorant is highly appreciated. In view of potential allergies of other Participants, everyone is asked not to wear any perfume, aromatherapy oils or other scented products.

 o Wear clean yoga clothes in yoga classes, in which you can move easily.

o Sarvanga Flow advises not to eat later than two hours before the start of the yoga class and, in any case, not to do yoga on a full stomach.

o Please do not wear shoes in the classroom. Bring socks in Nidra and Restorative classes to keep your feet warm during lectures.

o Sarvanga Flow makes yoga mats available for use during yoga classes. After classes, a yoga mat must always be cleaned and put away by the Participant who has used it.

o Sarvanga Flow recommends that during Yoga Nidra and restorative training you bring an extra mat, pillow and blanket to provide a better comfort.

o The physical and mental integrity of Participants must always be respected. Sexual behaviour or sexually suggestive behaviour is not tolerated by Sarvanga Flow.

o The Student may be requested to leave the Training when a Teacher has determined that his/her participation would in any way compromise a safe and cohesive learning environment or are in conflict with the Yoga Alliance Ethical guidelines.



5.1 Sarvanga Flow shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damages in connection with, or resulting from, participation in the Sarvanga Flow Teacher Training.

5.2 The Participant will never engage Sarvanga Flow, the Teachers, or any of the supporting staff, in legal proceedings relating to possible damages in whatever form, that may be the result of participation in the Sarvanga Flow Teacher Training.

5.3 Sarvanga Flow only works with qualified yoga teachers and will always offer the highest quality. Nonetheless, there is always a risk of injury involved when taking a Teacher Training. By participating in the Tula Teacher Training, the Participant accepts such risk of injury.

5.4 Sarvanga Flow offers the following guidelines to diminish the risk of injury: o Consult with a physician when you are not sure you are completely healthy, or if you are pregnant, before starting to take yoga classes.

o If you have an injury, or other physical issue, inform the yoga teacher before you start your yoga practice.

o Listen to and follow the instructions of the yoga teacher.

o Be conservative when exercising yoga and listen to your physical limitations.

o Don’t do any exercises that are painful.

o Ask questions when you do not understand an exercise.


6.1 The Student shall make the Deposit, or pay the whole fee, for the Sarvanga Flow Training as mentioned on the Registration Form. After receiving the confirmation of acceptance to the training, the student has fourteen (14) days to change his/her mind and withdraw their registration, with refund of the amount that is already paid.

6.2 Students may only participate in the Sarvanga Flow Training after they have made the Deposit payment, or total fee, and have received a confirmation of participation from Sarvanga Flow by email.

6.3 Any participation in a scheduled Sarvanga Flow Training may be cancelled only in writing. This can be done by sending an email to:

6.4 The Participant may cancel his/her registration for the Sarvanga Flow Training with full refund of the amount paid (minus the deposit), until one (1) month prior to the start date of the training. This can be done by sending an email to:

 6.5 In the case the Participant cancels their registration for the Sarvanga Flow Teacher Training within one (1) month prior to its commencement, the Price will not be refunded, or the Price will be charged to the Participant, as the case may be.

6.6 Tula reserves the right to cancel the Sarvanga Flow Training if there are insufficient participants (less than 10), or when one of the lead-teachers is omitted. In this case, the full Price already paid by the Participants is refunded immediately.

Course material

7.1 The manual that is used in the training has the copy write of Sarvanga Flow. Nothing in the manual may be copied, replicated or used in other trainings.


8.1 In case any complaints arise about the Training, the Teachers of the Location you can read and use the complaint process as found on our website.

Applicable law, dispute resolution

9.1 Dutch law applies exclusively to the General Terms and Conditions