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1:1 Device Program - Overview 2023
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San Diego Unified School District 1:1 Device Program


San Diego Unified’s 1:1 device program creates equitable learning opportunities by providing students with a device for use inside and outside the classroom. Full time access to digital tools is a game changer, especially when it allows teachers, students, and families to collaborate and leverage new opportunities for personalized learning. With access to technology at their fingertips, students engage in learning through relevant activities to become creative problem solvers and global communicators in an ever-changing world.

1:1 Device Rollout Plan

Device Model

Grade Level Band

Recommended Access

Cart Model

Early Elementary:

UTK through 1st grade

Each student is assigned a device for in-class use. They will return their device to the classroom  cart after use. The Take Home model is available for these students by school request.

Take Home


2nd through 5th grade

All 2nd-grade students will receive new devices for educational use, which they use at both home and school throughout the year, including summer. They will continue using these devices until they exchange them in 6th grade.

Take Home

Middle School:

6th through 8th grade

In 6th grade, students will return their current device  and receive a new one. They will use it at home and at school for educational purposes all year including summer until they exchange them in 9th grade.

Take Home

High School:

9th through 12th grade

Students in 9th grade will exchange their current devices for new ones. These devices will be used at home and at school for educational purposes until they complete 12th grade. Before students leave the district they will return their device to their respective high schools.

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