Ida Mayer

I’m looking for a new challenge, a role that involves making HCI and product design decisions while using my rapid prototyping and engineering skills.

(650) 701-7095


Google Travel Senior Software Engineer

2015 - 2018

  • Frontend developer on Google travel guide
  • Implemented itineraries and suggested itineraries UIs
  • Frontend (JS, CSS, HTML) and web server (Java) development

Google Actions Senior Software Engineer

2013 - 2015

  • Tech lead for Web Actions: set project milestones, assigned tasks, updated launch cals, responsible for a 3 person team
  • Full stack development: HTML/JS/CSS and across 3 different backend systems
  • Release engineer

Google Search Software Engineer

2011 - 2013

  • Frontend developer on Mobile Web Search, Search Features, and Image Search
  • Rapid prototyping for multiple speculative design projects
  • Built the current navigation bar on Search as part of an only 2 engineer team
  • Launched Doodles on mobile
  • Converted to full time after Google Books internships (2009, 2010)



Languages: Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C++

Tools & Libraries: Google Closure, Jekyll


Design and implementation for:,

Print design work portfolio


Carnegie Mellon University

BS Computer Science

BA Creative Writing

BA Multilingual Studies

Graduated Summa cum Laude and with Honors. ΦBK. Andrew Carnegie Scholars.

Favorite coursework in communication design, Mandarin, algorithms, HCI, and neuroscience.


Partner Acrobatics semi-professional performing artist.

Psychology / Neuroscience especially topics of brain anatomy and human performance.

AFAA Certified fitness instructor.

Swing Dancing especially east coast swing / lindy hop.

Cooking especially unusual flavors or cooking methods.

German Language besonders mag ich Redewendungen übungen.