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Tigran Azatyan
The right choice for your {dream idea}.


IT Delight, International — Senior Symfony Developer

APRIL 26, 2021 - - NOW()
Company, specialized in web and mobile development

CREATEIT SOFTWARE, Armenia — Web Developer

DECEMBER 7, 2020 - APRIL 25, 2021
Company, specialized in web and mobile development

Cocolabs SAS, Paris — eCommerce Development

OCTOBER  2019 - JUNE 2020

Company, specialized in eCommerce development.

CyberHub-AM, Yerevan — Web Development

SEPTEMBER 2019 -  MAY 2019

We provide IT support to armenian civil society

Zero One GmbH, Germany - Mobile Development


Fitnesspoint App Cross-platform app backend, New York — Consultant


Company, specialized in web and mobile development.


OCTOBER  2016  - JUNE 2020

Company, specialized in web and mobile development.

Media Initiatives Center, Armenia — Developer

2017 - 2019

Software development, server administration

Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Armenia Developer

JANUARY  2017  - MAY 2020

Software development, server administration

FoodieTrip, New York — Developer

JANUARY  2017  - 2018

FoodieTrip provides you an authentic, local culinary experience

UpWork, Armenia Developer


Software development, server administration

I.P., Armenia Developer

 2015  - 2016

 Have developed Angular/SPA apps, CRM,ERP,

Backends for mobile applications, Symfony Applications

Technology Management Center of Yerevan City Developer

2013  - 2014

Software development, server administration

KDM LLC, Armenia Developer

2013  - 2013

Software development, server administration

Imagine Games Network (Ziff Davis), USA Developer

2012  - 2013

Software development

NeoMedia, Armenia Developer

2010  - 2012

Software development, server administration

PROJECTS — Open source wealth management

Wealth management, set free. (as a CoFounder)

 Hi, I am Tigran Azatyan: PHP/Symfony && Information Systems Architect. I love technology, history, geography. I love more backend symfony development than front-end  In the future I see myself as a co-Founder of a future startup.  I'm involved in open source projects like symfony.


  1. Armenian
  2. English
  3. Russian
  4. Other lang_s.

Devops skills:  docker, docker compose

Operating Systems / Software Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, CentOS, Nginx, Apache, Bash, Git, Cron, Advanced usage and configuration.

DATABASES: Postgres, MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Doctrine ORM, SQL, DQL, DB Servers Administration

PHP/OOP OOP, PHP (5, 7, 8)
Dependency Injection,
PHP Administration,

FRAMEWORKS  & TOOLS  Symfony, Doctrine, Twig, API-Platform, ApiGen, PHPdoc, BlackFire, Restful API, Amazon S3, EC2, Redis, Composer

TESTING: SymfonyInsight, PHPUnit, Selenium

JavaScript/HTML/CSS JavaScript, Node.js, Express, BEM, SPA, jQuery, AngularJS, AngularJS+Canvas, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, JSON

Amazon Web Services

S3, EC2, CloudFront.


1. Innovative PHP Development

2. Symfony Best Practices

3. Wealthbot platform to provide free financial advice

4. Mobile-first strategy will work after July 2018