Tigran Azatyan
Lead Symfony Architect (PHP/JS)
API Platform Developer
Former CEO

Email: tigran.azatyan@gmail.com
Phone: +374-99-99-26-02


Cocolabs SAS, Paris — eCommerce Development

OCTOBER  2019 - JUNE 2020

Company, specialized on eCommerce development.

CyberHub-AM, Yerevan — Web Development

SEPTEMBER 2019 -  MAY 2019

We provide IT support to armenian civil society

Zero One GmbH, Germany - Mobile Development


Fitnesspoint App Cross-platform app backend

Wealthbot.io, New York — Consultant


Company, specialized in web and mobile development.


OCTOBER  2016  - JUNE 2020

Company, specialized in web and mobile development.

Media Initiatives Center, Armenia — Developer

2017 - 2019

Software development, server administration

Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Armenia Developer

JANUARY  2017  - MAY 2020

Software development, server administration

FoodieTrip, New York — Developer

JANUARY  2017  - 2018

FoodieTrip provides you an authentic, local culinary experience

UpWork, Armenia Developer


Software development, server administration

P.Entrepreneur, Armenia Developer

 2015  - 2016

 Have developed Angular/SPA apps, CRM,ERP,

Backends for mobile applications, Symfony Applications

Technology Management Center of Yerevan City Developer

2013  - 2014

Software development, server administration

KDM LLC, Armenia Developer

2013  - 2013

Software development, server administration

Big gaming and tech portal (under NDA), US Developer

2012  - 2013

Software development

NeoMedia, Armenia Developer

2010  - 2012

Software development, server administration


Wealthbot.io — Open source wealth management

Wealth management, set free.

Hi, I am Tigran: PHP/Symfony && Information Systems Architect, ex-Blogger and Armenian. I love technology, history,

geography. In the future I see myself in the role of a Software Company CTO. I'm more likely to write Restful API's, also client-side programming with AngularJS(1)  and

other frameworks.

I'm involved in open source projects like symfony. I'm a member of Google Developer Group in Armenia (gdg.am). I love open source software ideology, but also accept commercial software concepts as part of the IT world.


  1. Armenian
  2. English
  3. Russian


Operating Systems / Software Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, CentOS, Nginx, Apache, Bash, Git, Cron, Advanced usage and configuration.

DATABASES MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Doctrine ORM, SQL, DQL, DB Servers Administration

PHP/OOP OOP, PHP (5, 7), Composer,
Dependency Injection,
PHP Administration,

FRAMEWORKS  & TOOLS  Symfony, Doctrine, Twig, API-Platform, ApiGen, PHPdoc, BlackFire, PHPUnit, Restful API

JavaScript/HTML/CSS JavaScript, Node.js, Express, BEM, SPA, jQuery, AngularJS, AngularJS+Canvas, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, JSON

Amazon Web Services

S3, EC2, API Gateway, Store API, CloudFront.


1. Innovative PHP Development

2. Symfony Best Practices

3. Wealthbot platform to provide free financial advice

4. Mobile-first strategy will work after July 2018