A student can earn GRAND MASTER status by creating an advanced project that synthesizes most of the skills in this chart. A GRAND MASTER must be a MASTER in all six skills before they can petition for GRAND MASTER status.





  • Set document properties
  • Extrude
  • Use dimensions
  • Navigate interface proficiently

  • Complete the Onshape Fundamentals: CAD course and receive certification
  • Sketching
  • Assemblies
  • Drawing
  • Export a variety of file types for specific uses (.stl and .dwg)
  • Create multi-part drawings with movable assemblies
  • Accurately dimension objects for real-world use (laser / 3D print)
  • Teach other students CAD skills and workflow by publishing a project from start to finish

3D Printing

  • Pass safety test
  • Import an .stl into Cura from Onshape
  • Print with help from others
  • Remove object safely

  • Independently print a design from Onshape / Fusion 360
  • Scale objects appropriately for use case
  • Adjust settings for filament plastic type and diameter in expert settings
  • Create multi-part objects that fit / click / slide / move together
  • Adjust expert settings to fit the scenario
  • Repair / service the 3D printers
  • Teach others 3D printing techniques and safety publishing a project from start to finish

Laser Cutting

  • Pass safety test
  • Explain the Epilog Laser workflow
  • Know the difference between raster and vector
  • Engrave text and / or an image on a pre-cut stock with help

  • Raster engrave multiple types of materials
  • Vector cut multiple types of materials and thicknesses
  • Create a self-generated drawing in Inkscape, Corel, or Illustrator
  • Export the drawing and accurately adjust the Laser properties to fit the job
  • Focus the laser

  • Master the entire Zing workflow with no mistakes
  • Cut and engrave during the same job
  • Use the “Color Map” feature to vector cut using different power / speed levels
  • Create interlocking 3D objects
  • Teach others about the Zing by publishing a project from start to finish


  • Pass safety test
  • Setup a basic DC circuit with an LED
  • Be able to explain what is happening at each stage of of your simple circuit

  • Create a program and run it on a Circuit Playground Express or Arduino
  • Solder two wires together and test for continuity
  • Use a multimeter to measure voltage of a power source

  • Be able to calculate resistance in a simple circuit
  • Create an advanced electronic project integrating motors, LEDs, sensors, etc. with a program (code)
  • Solder components onto circuit boards
  • Teach other students about electronic circuits by publishing a project from start to finish


  • Pass safety test
  • Explain relationship between bit size and carved image
  • Use Easel and / or Carbide Create to simulate a basic 2D carve
  • Generate a simple toolpath using a custom design

  • Independently set up a carve using Easel and Carbide Create
  • Create a finished carving from start to finish safely without intervention
  • Mill a text sign for the school / DTech Lab

  • Create a 3D carve using advanced CAD-CAM techniques and programs like Fusion 360 and Meshcam
  • Innovates by using multiple tools and toolpaths on one carve
  • Create roughing and finishing passes
  • Teach other students about CNC by publishing a project from start to finish


Vinyl Cutter

Large Printer

Screen Printer

  • Pass safety test
  • Make a basic vinyl cut from a pre-created design with help
  • Can make a color print using the paper roll on the Canon printer
  • Can do basic manipulation in photoshop / illustrator / inkscape

  • Create custom (self-designed) sticker on the vinyl cutter from start to finish
  • Adjust origin, pressure, and speed on the vinyl cutter to match the job
  • Can load new paper and print using several different settings on the Canon
  • Can explain the silk screening process
  • Make a series of T-shirts using custom created artwork with the photo emulsion method of screen printing
  • Contour cut custom stickers
  • Create professional published posters / photos using the Canon printer
  • Teach other students about propaganda by publishing a project from start to finish