COFFEE by Sample Coffee

Espresso                                                         $4.2

Long Black                                                         $4.2/4.9

Filter                                                                 $4.2/4.9

Milk Coffee                                                         $4.2/4.9

Add +$0.50 for Soy / Oat milk alternatives.

Add +$0.50 if Extra Shot / Decaf / Mocha.

All black coffees made using rotating single origins - ask our baristas for today’s offering. Our milk coffees are made using our ‘Sweet Tooth’ blend. All coffees are freshly roasted each week in our roastery in St Peters.

TEA by Tea Craft

Assam Breakfast (Black) / Yunnan (Red)                         $4.2

Cloud & Mist (Green)                                                $4.7

Peppermint / Chamomile / Heal (Herbals)                        $4.2


Venezuelan by Black Gold                                          $4.2/4.9

Brewed Chai Latte by Sticky Chai                                 $4.2/4.9


Soda: Pineapple, mango, & kaffir lime / Lemon /                 $5                     Sour cherry & dark berries                                          

Sparkling Water                                                $3

Sure you’ve heard of Old Gold chocolate.

What you probably don’t know is that it was created by MacRobertson’s Confectionery, a popular Melbourne-based company that originally built this space in 1916 as a distribution centre for their sweets.

This cafe is named Old Gold in celebration of the spirit of this place.

All Day Menu

Salami and Cheese Croissant                                              $8.5

White Sourdough Toast                                                $7

With house made-butter and your choice of spreads.

      Nonie’s gluten-free bread alternative +$1

Poached Eggs                                                        $10

With white sourdough & house-made butter.

House-Made Granola                                                $12

With yoghurt & seasonal fruit

Baked Bean Bruschetta                                                $12

     Smoked maple borlotti & cannellini beans, grated pecorino

     Add a poached egg +$2

     Nonie’s gluten-free bread alternative +$1


Cheese Toastie                                                        $10

With Red Leicester , bocconcini, pecorino.

Add pickles +$1

Add mortadella +$2

Breakfast Roll                                                        $12

With a poached egg, fresh slaw, cheese, house-made pickles, & Big Heart’s hot sauce.

Croque Madame                                                        $14

With mortadella, bechamel, dijon mustard, red leicester, egg yolk

Broccoli Sandwich                                                $14

With Red Leicester & fermented chilli aioli.

Salami, Mortadella & Bocconcini Sandwich                                $14

With aioli, fennel seeds & house-made pickles.

Pastrami Sandwich                                                $14

With dijon mustard, slaw & house-made pickles.


Grilled Broccoli                                                                           $15

With cannellini beans, fermented chilli, fresh mint, lemon dressing.

Substitutions & alterations unavailable                                                                                   Substitutions & alterations unavailable

Please order and pay at the counter. Thank you!                                                                Please order and pay at the counter. Thank you!