District Committee Meeting Agenda – October 23, 2018

Open with Serenity Prayer

Read “Why Do We Need a Conference?” p. S20 The A.A. Service Manual

Introductions: Name, homegroup, why you’re here (GSR, Alternate, Committee Chair, AA Member)

Welcome New GSRs/Alt GSRs: Please see DCM, Alt DCM, or LCM after the meeting so we can get you registered and signed up for emails & text notifications.

Volunteer for Stack Keeper* / Time Keeper

Approval of Minutes (available on nc23.org)

Treasurer's Report (presented quarterly)

Committee Report Highlights, Service Needs, or Budget Needs (approximately 2 minutes)

(Standard committee reports are in this document.)

CPC/PI, CFC, GV, Special Events, Accessibilities, TFC, Website

Intergroup Report

GSRs:  Celebrations, concerns, ideas for District, comments on committee reports or questions.

Alt DCM Report:

LCM Report:

DCM Report:

  1. November Election Assembly
  1. Attendance
  2. Review agenda items
  3. Service Nerds Election Review
  1. October Buzz Session - Service Rally
  1. Committee Chairs to determine needs and representation at rally
  1. November Buzz Session - Home Group Chili Cook-off & Oldtimers Roundtable
  1. Format change - 1980s & earlier in Greensboro to roundtable first part of session and second part is open to anyone with 35 years or more, but will be more like open-mic (5-10 minutes each, depending on numbers)


  1. GSRs acquire names and contact information of oldtimers for November Buzz Session


  1. Should we add text-notification sign-up info to website?
  1. Potential minor cost to district if numbers exceed 100 incoming/outgoing texts per month.


Responsibility Statement: “I am Responsible.  When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.  And for that:  I am responsible.”

Committee Reports


The team has started meeting with members of the clergy and will have all Greensboro libraries restocked beginning October 8th. A contact has been made at Cone Community Health and Wellness Center. Their clients are primarily people with no insurance & the homeless.



Special Events:  



Website & Tech:

September 2018:

How the District 23 Committee Meeting Operates


Generally speaking, we loosely follow Robert’s Rules of Order and, with any luck, the whole meeting proceeds on as informal a basis as possible.

General Rules of Debate:

Examples of the Process:

Substantial Unanimity:

Minority Opinion:

Request to Reconsider:

*Stack Keeper: One group participant needs to fill the role of the Stack Keeper. The Stack Keeper needs a pen and paper. “The Stack” is the order of participants who are speaking. If a participant raises their hand to say something, the Stack Keeper puts their name at the bottom of stack list. When the person at the top of Stack has finished speaking, the Stack Keeper crosses their name off and announces the next speaker. Thus, the Stack Keeper is the person responsible for identifying who speaks and when. The Stack Keeper must constantly be paying attention and looking around the room to see who wants to speak. In addition to these duties, the Stack Keeper may also contribute normally to the discussion.