Minneapolis Telecommunications Network

Board Meeting Agenda

Monday, July 8, 2019

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Board Minutes from 6.10.2019
  3. Public Commentary (3 minutes per person signed up)
  4. Executive Director Update - Valerie Lockhart  (990 signing for filing with Attorney General)
  5. Closed private session - Update on ongoing legal proceedings
  6. Board meeting adjourned

MINUTES - JULY 8, 2019


Attendance:  David Allison (Board Chair), Destaye Crawford (Secretary), Ilse Rolf (Board Member), Valerie Lockhart (Executive Director)

Public in Attendance: Ken Kirchner, Andrew Schumacher

Absent: Jon Samuelson (Vice-Chair), Mike Wade (Treasurer)

Meeting called to order: 6:05pm

Minutes from 6/10/2019 meeting: Approved with one line item moved to July meeting minutes - (“The recordings made by Vanessa and Alex were both later edited together, uploaded, and shared on social media by Hamil Griffin-Cassidy.”)

Executive Director Update:  The 2018 990 is complete (already voted to accept) and ready for signature. This document needs to be submitted to the Attorneys General office by 7/15/2019. We are consulting with a lawyer who has agreed to assist us with the strategic planning process. Board will start collecting ideas and work on timing of the process and how it relates to 2020 budgeting. Will discuss more at each upcoming meeting. Continuing our coverage of Open Streets, and the studio will be reducing public hours until the 20th of July to reorganize and reset the studios. We are also having a lawyer take a look at the Supreme Court ruling in the Manhattan Neighborhood Network case, which relates to nonprofits providing the public access to PEG channels and how they are now considered “publishers” versus a 1st-amendment protected “platform.” The lawyer will help us draft language and processes to protect our desire to not take any editorial control of our member’s content. The language and written processes will be able to be referred to if anyone has questions about our standards for programming.

Public commentary: Ken Kirchner addressed the board regarding his concerns and confusion about the Ambassador program. Andrew Schumacher and Valerie Lockhart responded to his concerns and also discussed how the appropriate thing to do would be for him to bring these issues to an Ambassador meeting. He will schedule a time to do that.  

Board Meeting Adjourned: 6:45pm