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6th Street Gate Closure
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Dear Residents,

We write to you in response to concerns about closing the 6th Street gate overnight and on weekends.

This decision was made after sending out surveys to all residents requesting input. In our 2019 University Village Theft Survey, closing the gate at night received the strongest support.

Forms response chart. Question title: 9. Close the 6th Street pedestrian and car gates. Number of responses: . 

In November 2020, we resurveyed Village residents, and 57.6% of respondents supported closing the gate over the weekend, with only 35.7% supporting keeping it open over the weekend.

Forms response chart. Question title: Do you want the gate open or closed over the weekend?. Number of responses: 238 responses.

These surveys were sent to our mailing list, posted on Facebook, and announced in the Village announcements in order to solicit the greatest number of responses. In addition, we held multiple Town Hall meetings to discuss security, and the overwhelming number of attendees supported taking additional measure such as closing this gate.

We understand that this will not eliminate theft in the Village. Other entrances remain open as there is no infrastructure for gating those entrances at this time. We also know that many residents do not support this decision. However, due to the majority support in every forum where this option was presented, we asked the University to go ahead with the gate closure. We value your feedback and look forward to continuing the conversation.


The Village Residents Association Board