January 2019



Head Start/EHS Mid-Year In-Service

Thurs., Jan. 3rd @ 8:00 am

R9 Training Room


R9 Leadership Meeting

Friday, January 47th, 8:00 am

R9 Training Room


R9 District All-Staff PD Training

Monday, Jan. 7th @ 7:45 am

Inn of the Mountain Gods


Creative Aging Tech Class

Mon. Jan. 14th @ 3:30 pm

R9 Training Room


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
Tues. Jan. 15-16 @ 8:00 am

R9 Training Room


Region 9 Coordinating

Council Meeting

Wed., Jan. 16th, 9:00 am

R9 Training Room


Crisis Prevention

 Institute Training

Wed., Dec. 17-18 @ 8:30 am

R9 Training Room


Creative Aging Tech Class

Mon. Jan. 21th @ 3:30 pm

R9 Training Room


Lunch & Learn (breakfast)

Wed. Jan. 23rd @ 7:30 am

R9 Training Room


Crisis Prevention Institute Refresher

Fri. Jan. 25th @ 8:30 am

R9 Training Room


Creative Aging

Technology Class

Mon. Jan. 28th @ 3:30 pm

R9 Media Room


Save the Date 

Spring Registrations for Kindergarten and Child Find Development Screenings


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Happy New Year - This is always an exciting time of year because of the impact we have in our member districts.  It’s literally mid-year and the best time for “energetic” “positive minded” Region 9 staff to provide that boost and provide the motivation to keep staff in our R9 schools moving forward and providing excellent services to our children, families, and communities.  

January 2019 brings a new Governor and new Cabinet Secretaries to NM.  We have an interim Secretary of Education, Howie Morales, that is an educator and who will have education foremost in mind and hopefully provide a positive transition to new governance.  

I want to remind the entire Region 9 staff that no matter your department or job or responsibility that we are all leaders - ambassadors to children, families, and communities across NM. I was recently reminded of this when I was “re-introduced” to an adult couple receiving services.  Both husband and wife said, “we remember you” from when we were in our 1st-grade classroom fixing computers. You ALL make a difference - our children watch you, watch your interactions with other children, with other adults, they see what you wear, they listen to what you say and most of all, “THEY REMEMBER”.

So my message to you this New Year is to recognize the impact you have.  Make it positive and make it count.


We had a 90-day goal of developing a Region 9 vision statement. A vision statement explains the desired future position of a company. With the help of Dr. Jim Miller, Region 9’s leadership team and the Fall Leadership Academy we have met that goal! Here is it:

Region 9 - Your innovative Regional Education Cooperative

providing exceptional services to children, families,

and communities across New Mexico.

This vision statement will be on our website, letterhead, and posters around your office sites. It’s short enough to memorize and be able to share with someone else at the drop of a hat. Challenge one another to memorize it.

We had two other 90-day goals. We accomplished Reflective Supervision Training for the Leadership Team. We are hard at work accomplishing the third: Develop the Region 9 Crisis Response Plan. We have added two new goals:

  1. Making a new Region 9 video that can be used by the Human Resources office with new employees, and with anyone else as a marketing and awareness resource
  2. Create brochures:
  1. Region 9 overview brochure
  2. Individual program brochures
  3. Booklet with all of the brochures


Hello and Happy New Calendar year to all (Calendar is specified because this department, for the most part, works on Fiscal year).  The Business/Fiscal department staff are the primary overseers of Region 9’s budgetary and financial transactions.  Region 9 has many different financial sources that come with their own processing and reporting requirements.  We ensure that Region 9’s assets are safeguarded, that funds are budgeted appropriately and spent in alignment with the funding source purpose.  We also ensure transactions are recorded and reported properly and accounts are reconciled monthly in accordance with fiscal accountability.  This is a very brief summary of what all takes place in our offices, there are a lot of moving parts that we support to assist all of Region 9’s operations.  We occupy the top floor of the main office so come on by and say “howdy”!


Job Title

w/R9 since

Diane Bowers

Accounts Payable Specialist

November 2013

Zulema Estrada

Payroll Coordinator/Office Support

November 2015

Jeanette Lindsey

Assistant Business Manager

March 2015

Kim King

Procurement/Contracts Coordinator

September 2012

Carmen Spann

Business/Fiscal Manager

March 2014


JANUARY BIRTHDAYS - May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live. Happy birthday!

Cecilia Romero, Educational Services

Carma Patterson, Educational Services

Dahn Freed, Educational Services

Hannah Pritchett, Early Head Start

Sherrie Padilla, Head Start

Juanita Tuttle, Head Start

Sylvia Wilson, Head Start

Evelyn Sanchez, Educational Services

Jeanette, Lindsey



Welcome to the R9 huddle, Ashlee McEwen! Our School-Based Health Services is the premiere school-based health center in New Mexico and we are Region 9 Proud of the care they give to the students and staff of the 7 districts we serve.

         Ashlee McEwen,

         Assistant Coordinator

Welcome to the R9 huddle, Shilaquay Carbajal! Early Head Start provides all of its children with a nurturing, engaging, enjoyable, and secure learning environment. Each child is treated as an individual in an inclusive community that values and respects diversity. They make serving kids priority one!

       Shilaquay Carbajal,

       Early Head Start Teacher

Welcome to the R9 huddle, Amanda Martinez! Early

Head Start's commitment to wellness embraces a comprehensive vision of health for children, families,

and staff. Children and families are linked to an ongoing source of continuous, accessible care to meet their basic health needs. EHS educates, supports and serves!

        Amanda Martinez,

        Early Head Start Floater

Welcome to the R9 huddle, Yvette Herrera! Head Start Creative Curriculum individualized instruction, helping teachers meet the needs of every learner. It addresses the important areas of learning, from social-emotional and math to technology and the arts and incorporates them throughout every part of every day.


        Yvette Herrera,

        Head Start Teacher Assistant


Have you seen a Region 9 staff member going above and beyond in the way they interact in with Region 9 communities? This is the place to brag on them! Take 5 minutes right now and let us know in detail how they have positively impacted you and those around them. Here is a link to the Kudos Jar google form, or you can write one out and put it in the Kudos Jar nearest you.

Serving Kids ● Priority One!

“What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it.

Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.”
– J. Sidlow Baxter

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