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St Michael's Bookings
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Updated Mass Time

Please note Saturday evening mass time from 2 April to 30 Sep starts at 5pm.

Please click on the mass that you would like to book for from the selection below. Note that bookings will close once the capacity has been reached. In the event of your submitted booking being unsuccessful, you will be advised thereof at least 24hrs prior to the mass. Bookings for weekday masses are no longer required. Names and contact details will however be taken at the door.

If you are not seated 5 minutes prior to commencement of mass your booking may be forfeited and utilised by another person.

For any queries or changes to your bookings, please contact the parish office:

021 686 8708


All Covid protocols will be followed including social distancing, mask wearing and sanitising.


Please arrive early to allow us to conduct screening protocols prior to entry. After you have sanitised and completed the screening process, an usher will show you to your seat. Please sit directly behind the coloured dot as indicated by the usher. Please observe the social distance between your group and the next.


Please remain seated in your pew until an usher indicates that is your turn to approach the altar. Please adhere to the required social distance when approaching the altar. Please return to your pew via the alternate aisle as indicated.


Please remain seated in your pew until an usher indicates that is your turn to exit the church. Please do not congregate in the foyer or at the doors to enable a safe and free flow. Please sanitise on the way out.

Your safety is important to us.