Curtis Corner Middle School

Student Handbook

2017 – 2018

“Every Student, Every Class, Every Day”

Mrs. Patricia R. Aull – Principal

Mrs. Tammy McNeiece - Assistant Principal

Mr. Jonathan Devolve – Dean of Students

Curtis Corner Middle School

301 Curtis Corner Road

Wakefield, Rhode Island 02879

Phone: (401) 360-1333

Fax: (401) 360-1334

CCMS Contact Information

CCMS Main Office – (401) 360- 1333

CCMS School Nurse – (401) 360-1227

CCMS Guidance Counselor - (401) 360-1349

CCMS School Psychologist – (401) 360-1339

CCMS School Social Worker – (401) 360-1383

CCMS Student Assistance Counselor – (401) 360- 1374

Other Contact Information

Central Administration Office (401) 360- 1300

Superintendent of School – (401) 360-1307

Director of Pupil Personnel – (401) 360-1200

Athletic Director – (401) 360-1011

Ocean State Transit Bus Company – (401) 284-3920

Chartwells Food Services – (401) 360-1055

Program Organization

Curtis Corner Middle School is organized in the middle school concept of interdisciplinary teams. An interdisciplinary team consists of four teachers inclusive of the academic subject areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. These teachers commonly instruct one group of students. All students participate in Physical Education and Health classes. Unified Arts classes that students may also have in their schedule during the year are: Art, Digital Art, Computer Literacy, Media Literacy, Applied Literacy (Writing), Coding, Band/Orchestra/Chorus, Fitness, Music Appreciation, and World Language (French or Spanish). Students may also participate in support classes, such as Direct Reading and Skill Mathematics. An Open House to explain our school programs and to meet the teachers will be held shortly after school opens. Parents will be notified via e-mail of the date.

Arrival at School & Attendance (SC Policy 8415)


Our school day starts at 7:35 AM and ends at 1:47 PM.  Students should not arrive at school before 7:15 AM. Doors will be open at 7:15 and supervision will be provided for students at that time.  Students are expected in class by the 7:35 bell. Every student is required by law to attend each day that school is in session.


8415:  Rhode Island state law 16-19-1 requires all students between the ages of six and eighteen years to be registered in and attend school regularly.

Studies show a positive correlation between good school attendance and academic success. Absenteeism, tardiness and early dismissals disrupt the continuity of learning. Attendance at school is part of a student’s permanent records and parents/guardians are urged to assist the school by supporting the attendance policy. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to encourage and monitor school attendance, report absences according to the attendance policy, and work cooperatively with the school to solve any attendance issues.

Encouraging regular school attendance is a multi-pronged effort, including:

This school district policy attempts to establish a set of standards that will ensure a consistency across the district, while also allowing a school’s administrative personnel the flexibility of individual response.

Excused Absences:  

Excused absences include a student’s participation in an approved school-sponsored activity, suspension days, religious holidays, family emergencies (to be approved by an administrator), doctor or medical professional excused illness or injury (a note from a doctor or medical professional must be submitted within 3 days of the absence) or funerals, and acute or chronic illness.

Acute Illness:  When a student has a medical need that does not require ongoing/long term care, (i.e.: knee surgery, etc.).  A note from a doctor or medical professional must be given to the school.  Subsequent absences due to the nature of the care will be considered excused.  Families must give the reason for absence(s) due to the nature of the illness or follow-up care.

Chronic Illness:  A student that requires continued medical care with a doctor or medical professional, (i.e.: type II diabetes), must provide documentation at the onset of treatment.  Subsequent absence(s) due to the nature of the illness or follow-up care will be considered excused.  Families must give the reason for the absence(s) due to the nature of the illness or follow-up care.

All students are expected to attend school. Appointments with doctors, dentists, etc. should be made at times other than during school hours. Students absent due to illness or suspension on the day of a school-related activity (e.g., athletic event, drama, dances, etc.) may not attend that activity.  Extenuating circumstances may be presented to an administrator for consideration.

Unexcused Absences:  

Every absence is considered “unexcused” even when a phone call by the parent/guardian has been received stating the specific reason for the absence by the attendance office.  For an absence that is 1 or more days in length to be considered excused, a note from a doctor or medical professional must be received within 3 days of the absence.  Student absence from class for purposes of family travel or vacation is a loss of valuable class time and is strongly discouraged.  The number of days missed will be counted as unexcused absences.  Teachers are not responsible for preparing school work that a student will miss during a vacation that is not scheduled during school vacation periods.

Please note: Parental/guardian permission in and of itself is not recognized as legitimate reason for absence.


Any tardies (both excused and unexcused) in excess of five (5) in a quarter will result in a student being assigned detention. Any tardies in excess of ten (10) in a semester will result in a student being assigned one detention per tardy.  Continued violations may result in a referral to the Truancy Officer and/or Truancy Court.  Parent/guardian will be notified of all subsequent tardies per semester.  Students tardy to school must report to school according to school handbook procedure with a valid excuse to be eligible to participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.  Students arriving after the time noted in the school handbook must have a doctor’s note or other documentation specifying why the student arrived after this time.


A student is considered truant when he/she purposely stays away from school without parent/guardian permission. Students who do miss school with parent/guardian permission, however, can be considered truant at the discretion of the administration.

Intervention Process:  

The administration will notify parents/guardians of excused absences, unexcused absences, tardies and/or early dismissals.   Parent/guardian is required to call the school to report their child’s absence prior to the start of school. The school attendance office will attempt to contact the parent/guardian regarding absences if the school has not been notified.


Early Dismissals:  

By Rhode Island State law, dismissals from school for any reason are considered part of a student’s attendance record.  In keeping with our efforts to maximize instructional time, early dismissal from school is discouraged, and will be granted only for business that cannot be conducted after the close of school.  Reasons for early dismissal shall be limited to: illness, doctor’s appointment, court appearance, family emergency verified by the parent/guardian, educational reasons given prior approval by the school administration.

The nurse is responsible for early dismissals due to illness, and parent/guardian verification prior to dismissal is required.

Missed Assignments for Excused Absences: 

The teacher and/or guidance department can work with the student and family to coordinate a mutually agreeable timeline for work to be completed. 

Appeal Process for Attendance:  

Students and/or parents/guardians who feel aggrieved because of action taken as a result of any section in these regulations may appeal said action to the school administration level at which the action was taken.  Further appeals may be taken to the Superintendent of Schools and finally to the School Committee.  Further appeals after the School Committee decision may be taken through the process as defined in Title 16 of the General Laws of Rhode Island.

Academic Dishonesty/Plagiarism/Forgery

Academic dishonesty is any type of dishonest act on an academic exercise submitted for evaluation..

Plagiarism is the stealing of another’s ideas, words, writing, or academic work, and implying that it is original. Both quoting and paraphrasing from an outside source, including any technology without crediting that source is a form of plagiarism.  Therefore, it is important to document all sources

Plagiarism is categorized as a major infraction and will be addressed by disciplinary action, which may include but not limited to

Signing of another person’s name on a document is considered forgery and subject to disciplinary action.

Cheating is considered a serious matter and will result in the following disciplinary actions:

After School Activities

Curtis Corner Middle School offers many extra-curricular activities including clubs, dances, interscholastic athletics, and intramural athletics. Activities are conducted after school on announced days. Examples of intramural sports are: basketball, bowling, floor hockey, golf, and tennis. Examples of clubs are: art, SMART, walking club and yearbook. Although each activity may have its own requirements, some general rules do apply to all activities.


Our School Today

All athletes interested in participating in interscholastic athletics during any season, must have paperwork, Registration Form, Physical, Assumption of Risk Form, School Insurance, completed before the first day of practice.  Paperwork can be found on

Interscholastic Athletics

Students trying out for Interscholastic Athletics must complete the Interscholastic Sports Packet which includes a current physical exam, waiver, insurance, health questionnaire and demographic information. Packets are available on the CCMS website. Academic requirements for Interscholastic Athletics follow the RI Interscholastic League rules: if a student fails more than one subject during a quarter, they may not participate in athletics the following quarter. Please contact the SK Athletic Director at 360-1011 for more information.

A2E Policy:  Middle School Access to Excellence (SC Policy 8335)

Code of Conduct for Student Athletes

Expectations for all student athletes: Student athletes compromise their participation in athletics when they use substances. Student athletes who experiment with or possess, consume or distribute alcoholic beverages and/or illicit substances jeopardize program morale, reputation, and success. They do physical harm to themselves and risk personal injury and harm to others. Student athletes must make the commitment not to possess, consume or distribute alcoholic beverages and illicit drugs and to refrain from being in the presence of such substances. In order to ensure the highest possible standards of learning, as well as assuring the maintenance of the highest possible level of safety, health, and well-being for all student athletes, the South Kingstown School Committee endorses a chemical health policy which: Provides student athletes with information and activities focused on preventing them from possessing, consuming and distributing alcoholic beverages and illicit drugs. Prevention activities will be centered on instructional programs, guidance and counseling, school climate, and family and community involvement. Contains restorative measures. Takes active disciplinary action when necessary.



It is impossible to anticipate all of the situations that may occur in a middle school, but this handbook attempts to outline the most important disciplinary guidelines for our students. The school rules that follow and the district-wide policies outlined in Policy 8315 and 8305, are based on the premise that each student has a right to learn in a safe and orderly environment. Each student has a responsibility to ensure this right to all members of our learning community. Infringing on others’ rights will not be tolerated.

As a result, the following rules, expectations, and Code of Behavior are in effect:

Curtis Corner Middle School adopted PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) in the fall of 2009.

PBIS is characterized as: School-wide, explicitly taught expectations that use consistent language. PBIS uses data driven research-based behavioral interventions to maximize the learning environment. Minor Infractions will be teacher handled. Minor Infraction forms will be processed through the Dean’s Office.  Major infraction forms are handled by the Dean of Students or an administrator. Forms will be processed or a phone call will be placed to the parent by the Dean of Students or a building administrator.

Enforcement of Behavior Expectations

The following are possible consequences, which may be accompanied by a discipline referral form, and may be assigned to the violator of our Behavior Expectations.

  1. A verbal warning
  2. Parent called
  3. Parent conference
  4. Teacher-Assigned Detention:  Students will receive advance 24 hours notice unless previous arrangements have been made with a parent. Cutting detention the first time will result in parent notification by the teacher and rescheduling. If the rescheduled teacher detention is cut a referral will be made to the administration and two detentions will then be assigned: one for the teacher and the second for the office.
  5. Office-Assigned Detention:  Students may be placed in detention for violation of school rules. Cutting office detention on the first offense will result in parent notification and rescheduling. Subsequent cuts will result in the doubling of detention time or suspension.
  1. Office-Lunch Detention:  Office lunch detention may be assigned at the discretion of the administration.
  2. Office-After School Detention:  1:50- 2:45 PM (Monday to Thursday)   A written detention notice will be issued. In some cases verbal contact with a parent replaces this requirement.   .
  1. In-School Suspension:  This procedure removes the student from the mainstream of school activity, but allows the student to remain in school to complete assigned work. Any student who is assigned to in-school suspension is prohibited from participating in any after school activity for the day.
  2. Restitution:  Student may have the opportunity to engage in an activity that actually or symbolically restores the environment, setting, or social situation that his or her misbehavior had damaged.
  3. Suspension:  It is the practice of this school to use this in only the most serious circumstances (including but not limited to: Fighting, Weapons, Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco, Threats, Habitual disregard of school rules). When it is deemed necessary, the following procedure is followed in accordance with South Kingstown School Committee Policy 8305.
  1. Expulsion: The principal may request of the Superintendent and School Committee the expulsion of a student when the principal believes the student’s conduct endangers persons or property, is seriously disruptive of the educational process or is in violation of a publicized School Committee Policy. This is in accordance with South Kingstown School Committee Policy 8305.

Notification of Policy: In some cases, due to the severity of the violation of school rules,

 regulations or policies, the notification of the police is mandatory.


Bicycles must be parked in the bike racks and locked during the school day. Helmets must be worn. Skateboarding is not allowed on school property. If you do bring a skateboard to school it must be put in your locker. The school is not responsible for the loss or damage of bicycles or skateboards.

Bullying and Harassment (SK Policy 1231, 1230)

Bullying, cyber-bullying, and retaliation against any person associated with a report of bullying or the investigation thereof is prohibited in all schools.  CCMS is committed to take immediate and appropriate action to investigate or otherwise determine what occurred.

AT SCHOOL means:

a. on school premises,

b. at any school-sponsored activity or event whether or not it is held on school premises,

c. on a school-transportation vehicle,

d. at an official school bus stop,

e. using property or equipment provided by the school, or

f. acts which create a material and substantial disruption of the education process or the orderly operation of the school. 


The victim of bullying, anyone who witnesses an incidence of bullying, and anyone who has credible information that an act of bullying has taken place may file a report of bullying.


Any student who believes he/she is being bullied should immediately report such circumstances to an appropriate staff member, teacher or administrator.

Serious Offenses:

Any behavior that creates a hostile environment for a student in school will not be tolerated. Immediate action will be taken. If the harassment is of a violent nature, immediately report the incident to an administrator, or teacher who will immediately notify an administrator. Please refer to School Committee Policy 1230 and 1231 for further details regarding Harassment, Bullying, Hazing and Dating Violence.


Bullying through the use of technology or any electronic communication, which shall include, but not be limited to, any transfer of signs, signals, writing, images, sounds, data, texting or intelligence of any nature transmitted in whole or in part by a wire, radio, electromagnetic, photo electronic or photo optical system, including, but not limited to, electronic mail, Internet communications, instant messages or facsimile communications.

Social Networking  

Students shall be prohibited from accessing social networking sites in school, except for educational or instructional purposes and with the prior approval from school administration.

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program: 

A person is bullied when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more persons, and he or she has difficulty defending him or herself. We follow four anti-bullying rules:

  1. We will not bully others.
  2. We will try to help students who are bullied.
  3. We will try to include students who are left out.
  4. If we know that someone is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.


Bus Regulations

  1. The bus driver is in full charge of the bus and all passengers must promptly obey the bus driver's directions and instructions.
  2. Pupils shall ride their regularly assigned bus at all times, unless permission has been granted by the school authorities.
  3. Except by written permission of school authorities and parents, no pupil shall be permitted to leave the bus except at his/her regular stop.
  4. As a passenger management tool, each pupil may be assigned a seat in which he/she will be seated at all times while on the bus, unless permission to change the assigned seat is given by the school principal or bus driver.
  5. Pupils should view the bus as an extension of the classroom, outside of ordinary conversation, classroom conduct must be observed on the school bus.
  6. Pupils should assist in keeping the bus clean and by keeping their waste off the floor. Pupils should also refrain from throwing refuse out of the windows. To keep the bus clean, EATING AND DRINKING ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  7. No person will smoke, light matches on a school bus or consume or possess any alcohol or controlled substance.
  8. No person shall extend his/her head, hands, arms, or legs out of the windows, at any time regardless of whether the school bus is in motion or standing still.
  9. No person shall open a window on the school bus without first getting the permission of the school bus driver.
  10. Any student found to be in possession of a weapon, or involved in an aggravated assault on a school bus, as defined by policy 8320, Policy for Assault and Illegal Weapons Possession, will immediately be suspended in accordance with applicable due process provisions. During this suspension, the school district will take the necessary steps in determining any additional action, reflecting the due process rights, which may include a range of options up to expulsion.

Aggravated assaults are assaults with a weapon, or causing serious bodily injury. Pupils must not have in their possession anything that may cause injury to another passenger, such as sticks, breakable containers, any type of firearm, straps, or pins extending from their clothing. No animal is permitted on a school bus, except dogs trained to aid the handicapped.

  1. Passengers must see that books and personal belongings are kept out of the aisle. Special permission must be granted by school authorities and the bus driver to transport large items.
  2. No passenger shall talk to the bus driver more than necessary while the bus is in operation.
  3. No passenger shall sit in the driver's seat, nor shall any pupil be transported while located left or right of the driver.
  4. Pupils are to remain seated while the bus is in motion, and they are not to get off or on the bus until it has come to a full stop.
  5. Pupils shall exit the bus in an orderly manner, and must obey all orders of the school bus driver. They must not cross the highway in front of the bus until given direction to do so by the school bus driver. When boarding or exiting the bus, passengers should remain in full view of the driver at all times.
  6. Pupils must remain outside the danger zone and must cross the highway at least ten (10) feet in front of the school bus and never behind it.
  7. Passengers must not stand or play in the roadway while waiting for the bus, and should arrive at the bus stop before the bus is due to arrive.
  8. Self-discipline should be exercised by pupils at the bus loading area, both at school and the bus stop. Pupils should refrain from pushing and shoving other pupils while boarding or exiting the bus.
  9. Pupils, who walk some distance along a street or highway to and from bus stops, where practicable, must walk on the left hand side facing oncoming traffic.
  10. Student misconduct on a bus, after a written warning to the student and parent, by the school principal, will be sufficient reason to discontinue providing bus transportation to the student involved.
  11. In the event of an actual emergency, emergency exit procedures, as established by the emergency exit drills, will be followed.
  12. Parents of students damaging school buses will be responsible for proper reimbursement to the school bus contractor.
  13. Passengers shall not throw any object in, at, or out of the school bus.

In accordance with the South Kingstown School Committee Policy 8325 and the Motor Vehicle Code Act of Rhode Island, the following procedure shall be followed for matters pertaining to bus discipline:

Late Bus

Late Busses run Monday thru Thursday. They are intended for students participating in after-school programs. Students may only board the late bus with a Late Bus Pass that they obtain when they participate in an authorized after-school activity. Students leaving school grounds may not ride the late bus. Inappropriate behavior on the late bus may result in suspension of late bus privileges


Since lunchtime involves a large number of students in an informal atmosphere, it is imperative that each student takes responsibility for his/her own actions.

A peanut, egg, & seafood free table will be available for students with allergies. Any student bringing restricted food to the designated table will be subject to disciplinary action. 

Food Service Information

Free and reduced lunch applications for hot lunch are available in the main office and through the Food Service Link found above. Students may prepay in advance for lunches by cash (at the lunch register), online at My School Bucks ( or by check (payable to South Kingstown Schools).

Students are not allowed to charge a la carte items, with the exception of milk, at any time.

Food Service Vendor will mail and/or email letters to the parent/guardian of students who have a negative balance of $10.00 or more.

Cancellations/Emergencies/School Messenger

The South Kingstown School Department utilizes an automated telephone system, School Messenger. This phone system will also be used to notify you of early dismissal, school cancellations, and other events. Radio and television stations, and their corresponding websites, will also be used to notify parents and students of cancellations: Emergency closings after students have arrived at school will also be communicated through media and School Messenger. Parents should discuss with their child, in advance, any alternate destinations that they have arranged in the event that a parent/guardian would not be home for an early dismissal.  It is important for families to keep their contact information, email and phone numbers, current to ensure you receive all school information.

Curtis Corner PTO and Twitter Page 

Facebook:  Curtis Corner Middle School PTO


The Curtis Corner Middle School PTO Facebook Page and the CCMS Twitter page contains announcements, photographs of student activities, acknowledgements, and information about special events. Follow CCMS on Facebook and Twitter.

Dress Code

Dress is largely a matter of personal judgment and taste. The tone and atmosphere of a school are affected by the overall appearance and general conduct of the school community. Therefore, appropriateness in the selection of clothing is a key component in maintaining a positive learning environment. Clothing and personal grooming should conform to reasonable standards of modesty, cleanliness. The Administration reserves the right to make final judgment on the appropriateness of attire. As such, the following are our guidelines for appropriate attire:


The use, sale, possession, or transfer of drugs, alcohol, and paraphernalia associated with substance abuse or the intent to do so is strictly forbidden. If a student is in possession or under the influence of drugs or alcohol his/her parents and the police department will be notified. The student will be subject to suspension in accordance with South Kingstown School Committee Policy 8305 & 8310.The use and possession of all forms of tobacco products, electronic nicotine delivery system products, vaporizer devices (all) and related paraphernalia are strictly forbidden. There is no smoking inside or outside the building, before, during, or after school. Cigarettes observed in a student’s possession will be confiscated. Violations of the above will result in parental contact and disciplinary action.

Electronic Devices

Rhode Island General Law 16-21.2-11 Devices prohibited. – Any student enrolled in any secondary or elementary school shall be prohibited from carrying, possessing or using a paging device of any kind or a laser pointer of any kind on school property, except with the written consent of the principal of the school in which the student is enrolled.

The use of cameras, video cameras and recording devices must have approval of classroom teachers. Inappropriate use of cameras, including cell phone cameras, and recording devices will result in disciplinary action. The use of cell phones, including texting, during the school day is strictly prohibited. If a student needs to contact a parent/guardian during the school day, the student may use the office phone, at allowed times, or may request permission from administration to use their personal cell phone.

Inappropriate use of such devices will result in:

Confiscated devices will be held in the Main Office or in the Dean’s Office until the conclusion of the school day.

Field Trips

Field trips are considered part of the curriculum and students are expected to participate. Under no circumstances should parents allow students to remain at home. If a student, with parent permission, elects not to participate, he/she must attend school. Administration may determine eligibility criteria for participation on field trips. Students not allowed to participate must also report to school that day. Students remaining at the school will receive appropriate assignments and arrangements will be made for their supervision. Any student who cannot afford to attend should inform a team teacher. Funds are available to cover these costs. Use of electronic devices including IPods and cell phones on a field trip will be at the discretion of the field trip leaders.

Grading Policy (SC Policy 8400)

 Purpose of SC Policy 8400

The School Committee is committed to maintaining rigorous performance and achievement standards for all students and to providing a fair process for evaluating and report student progress that is understandable to students and their parents/guardians and relevant for instructional purposes.

The primary audiences for a grade are students and parents/guardians.

There are two aims for issuing a grade:

Essence of the Policy



Cross Reference to Other Policies & Documents

·         Student Success and Achievement policy                ·         Homework policy

Reviews and Reporting

District staff will monitor fidelity to this policy annually and will provide updates to the school committee if changes are needed prior to a formal review.

This policy will be formally reviewed every two years.  

Hall Pass

Students must sign out and have a staff, signed hall pass, with the date and time, when out of a classroom during class time.

Information Technology Acceptable Use (SC Policy 7205)

7205:  Definitions

Network - all voice, video and data communication facilities, end-equipment and content.

Users - all students, all employees of the South Kingstown School Department, and all volunteers/guests.

Use of the Network

  1. The use of the network must be in support of education, research, public service, and be consistent with the technology plan of the South Kingstown School department.
  2. Any use of the Network to facilitate illegal activity is prohibited.
  3. Any use of the Network for commercial or for-profit purposes is prohibited.
  4. Any use of the Network for product advertisement or political lobbying is prohibited.
  5. The use of the Network without permission of an authorized user is prohibited.
  6. Any use of the Network to obtain copies of, or modify files, other data, or passwords belonging to other users, to misrepresent other users on the network is not allowed.
  7. No use of the Network shall serve to disrupt intentionally the use of the network or others; hardware or software shall not be destroyed, modified, or abused in any way.
  8. Malicious use of the Network to develop programs that harass others or infiltrate systems is prohibited.
  9. Hate mail, harassment, discriminatory remarks, and other antisocial behavior are prohibited.
  10. The illegal installation of copyrighted software for use on district computers is prohibited.
  11. Use of the Network to access obscene or pornographic materials is prohibited.
  12. Use of the Network to transmit materials that are known to be offensive or objectionable to recipients is prohibited.

Responsibility of Users

  1. Users are responsible for using Network resources efficiently.
  2. Users are responsible for the confidentiality of all assigned access codes.
  3. Users are responsible for reporting all violations of privacy and security.
  4. Users are responsible for all correspondence sent from their personal accounts.
  5. Users are responsible for making only those contacts leading to some justifiable personal growth.
  6. Users are responsible for verifying that transmitted material does not contain pornographic materials, inappropriate information, or text-encoded files that are potentially dangerous to the integrity of the hardware on school premises.

Failure by any user to follow the rules outlined in this policy may result in the loss of use of information technology resources and discipline as appropriate under the circumstances. Continued violations of this policy will subject the user to progressive discipline.

Students are expected to bring their school issued, fully charged laptops to school everyday.


Late to Class

Infrequent Offenders are to be handled by classroom teachers. Chronic Cases, student names will be submitted to the Dean’s office for further action.  


Each student will be assigned a locker near the homeroom teacher. Lockers should be kept locked at all times; it is the responsibility of the student to protect books, clothing and personal belongings. Items of significant value should not be brought to school. Curtis Corner Middle School is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Students should not tell other students their lock combination. Broken/inoperable lockers should be reported for repair to the administration immediately. Student lockers remain the property of the school department and are thus subject to inspection if circumstances warrant. For safety reasons, only school locks are allowed on a student’s locker unless permission of the administration is granted for extenuating circumstances.

Lost & Found

Lost books, materials, clothing and personal articles are to be brought to the main office. Articles of clothing will be placed in bins outside the Cafeteria. Please mark all your articles for identification. Articles unclaimed after a reasonable amount of time will be donated to charitable organizations.


Students are allowed to borrow up to two books or e-books at a time for two weeks.  If, at the end of the loan

period the student still needs the items, they may be renewed unless there are pending holds on it. Students with any overdue items will not be allowed to either borrow additional books or renew items until the overdue materials have been returned. During the time the book  is out, the student is responsible for it. Should the student let the book  out of his/her possession or allow these library materials to incur damage, the student is financially liable.


After School Library Use

National Junior Honor Society

Curtis Corner Middle School obtained its first charter to establish a chapter of the National Junior Honors Society in October of 2003. Exceptional students who demonstrate the special qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship may be eligible for nomination. Nomination information will be sent home with students in the fall of 2016. Community service hours are one requirement and students are encouraged to begin their volunteer activities as soon as possible. Nominees who satisfy all requirements on time are eligible to participate in a traditional and formal induction ceremony in June of each year. Students inducted into the Honor Society are expected to maintain their academic standing to retain their membership status.  For more information, please see the NJHS on the CCMS web page.

Nurse/Health Office

When ill during school hours, students will be issued a pass to the health office. No student is to go to the health office between classes without first reporting to the teacher of the next class period. The nurse will provide a pass to any student whom she has seen for good reason. No student is to leave school for reasons of illness without first seeing the nurse, AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD A STUDENT ARRANGE THEIR OWN DISMISSAL FOR REASONS OF ILLNESS. If the nurse is not in, the ill student should report to the main office. According to Section 8.1 of the Rhode Island Rules and Regulations for School Health Programs, all grade 7 students are required to have a physical exam at the time of entry to 7th grade. This physical exam may be done 12 months prior to or 6 months after the start of school.

Beginning August 1, 2015 all students entering seventh (7th) grade shall be required to have at least 1 dose of the HPV series. In addition to all other elementary vaccination requirements: a single dose of Tdap vaccine shall be required, if it has been 5 years or more since the last dose of DTap, DT, or Td; 2 doses of measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, 3 doses of Hepatitis B Vaccine, 2 doses of Varicella Vaccine and 1 dose of Meningococcal Vaccine are required for 7th grade entry.

Beginning August 1, 2016 all students entering eighth (8th) grade shall be required to have at least two (2) doses of the HPV vaccine series.

Screenings performed at the middle school level include vision screening for all 7th graders and scoliosis screening for all 8th graders. Please be advised there is no medical supervision or services provided by the School Department for any routine bus services or after school activities.  The only services available are the local Emergency Medical Services through the town.

Policy Regarding Medications


Please be advised that there is no medical supervision or services provided by the

School Department for routine bus services or any after school activities.  

The only services available are the local Emergency Medical Services.

Publication of Student Images (SC Policy 8225)

8225: The school district, through various media, publishes information to the community. This may include programs broadcast over local access cable television, internet web sites, and print. Material communicated to the public through these and other media may contain student images. This policy describes the manner in which student images may be published.

  1. With the exception of the specific instances included in this policy, identified or featured images (identified or unidentified) of students shall not be published without the written consent of the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s). An identified image publishes both the image and name of the student. Featured images are those that are in the forefront and remain visible for more than a moment.
  2. Exception: Where the school district publishes images of students at public events, such as School Committee meetings, concerts, athletic contests, graduation, etc., no consent is required.
  3. Exception: Where a publication is created by students as part of a school program of study and publication is limited to the school community (students, staff and families), no consent is required.
  4. Exception: Images may be published if they are incidental and unidentified. Incidental images are momentary and not featured.

Report Cards and Mid-term Reports

Report Cards are issued and sent home with the student quarterly.  Progress reports are posted electronically in the Family Access of Skyward.  The Guidance Office will print Progress Reports for any student who requests a printed copy.  Parents may request a conference by contacting the team leader or school counselor.  All grades can be accessed through the online parent portal in Skyward.

Honor Roll Requirements

Curtis Corner Middle School has established criteria to recognize students’ efforts and achievements.


The safety of our students is a very high priority. During school hours all doors are kept locked.  All visitors to our school must stop at the main office.  Visitors need to sign in at the main office and obtain a visitor’s badge.

Fire Drills, Evacuations, & Lockdown Drills

Fire drills, evacuation drills and lockdown drills will be held periodically. Each student is expected to leave the building silently and in an orderly manner. Each class will proceed with their teacher and form a quiet line away from the building to facilitate safety and the taking of attendance. Students will remain outside until the all-clear signal is given. Evacuation procedures and locations are to be posted in each classroom. The rules for all drills must be strictly followed for the safety of everyone. Teachers are responsible for ensuring the silence of students during all drills. Disciplinary action may result for any student who is disruptive during drills.

Skyward Family Access

Skyward Family Access is the web-based student information service South Kingstown Schools use that allows parents/guardians to view school-related information on their students. To access Skyward, go to the CCMS Website.  Under the Parents tab, you will find Skyward.  Keeping your account current with contact information is important.  For user information, please follow the links online, under Skyward.        

Student Information Forms

During the early part of the school year students will receive a student information form to be completed and returned to one of their team teachers. This form is very important as it tells us the person to contact in case of injury or illness. Please notify the school if any changes occur during the year, i.e., change of address, work phone number or person to contact in case of emergency. No child will be released to anyone who is not listed on the student information form. It is absolutely essential that the emergency telephone numbers are recorded on each student's information form in order to contact a parent, relative, or neighbor in case of an emergency. Work numbers must be included. Be sure that the person listed on the emergency card knows that he/she is listed and that he/she is generally available at the number listed during the school day. No-Contact and Restraining Orders, with proper documentation, must be filed with the principal or assistant principal, as soon as they are in effect. Any changes to these orders must be reported in a timely manner.

Student Record Confidentiality

The South Kingstown Schools maintain confidential personal information about students in order to provide appropriate services. In recognition of the confidential nature of student records School Committee Policy 8220 details parents’ rights.

Summer Enrichment & Intervention Program

In an effort to promote academic excellence, Curtis Corner Middle School has established a summer enrichment and intervention program. Enrichment opportunities are offered to all students who are interested developing skills in an identified content area or subject. Intervention programs may be suggested at the conclusion of the year, for students who have identified deficit areas in mathematics, reading, and/or writing and need remediation. Students can be recommended for this program by their teachers, administration, and/or school counselor.        


Textbooks are the property of the School Department and are loaned to students. They become the student's personal responsibility. Students will be charged for any damage (or loss) to books that occur while in their use. Therefore, it is to the student’s advantage to use book covers and report to the teacher the name of any student who is responsible for damage to your book. Notify your teacher immediately when a book is lost. A new book will be issued when payment is received in the office.


The taking of another’s property without their permission will result in disciplinary action which may include restitution and a report filed with the South Kingstown Police Department.

Parent/Student Acknowledgement

I have read & understand the information within the 2017-18 Curtis Corner MS Handbook.

Parent/Guardian Authorization Release Form

Printable version is available below.



I have read & understand the information within the 2017-18 Curtis Corner MS Handbook.

Parent/Guardian Authorization Release Form

• I agree and provide permission for the publication of the name, photograph, video, audio or any other form of electronic recording of the below named student for and on behalf of Curtis Corner Middle School. I authorize the use or reproduction of any of the media referred to above for any reasonable purpose within the discretion of the South Kingstown School Department for education related purposes without acknowledgement and without being entitled to remuneration or compensation during the school year. (SC Policy 8225) _________ (parent initial)

• I provide permission for the below named child to view any movie rated PG or PG-13 chosen at the discretion of the faculty of Curtis Corner Middle School for education related purposes without acknowledgement during the school year. ___________ (parent initial)


I understand that if I wish to withdraw any or all of these authorizations, it will be my responsibility to inform Curtis Corner Middle School. _________ (parent initial)

Please sign below and have your student return this slip to his/her Homeroom teacher within three days of the start of school.

Student Name (Print): ______________________________ Grade______        HR: __________                                

Student Signature: ______________________________________      Date:   ______________

Parent/Guardian Signature: _______________________________      Date:________________