Player: Maali

Character Name: Rachel

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Level: 3


Melee: 4

Guns: 7

Explosives: 2

Street Smarts: 4

Agility: 5

Speech: 3

Will: 5

Tech: 1

0- 1 confers a -2 penalty; 2- 3 confers a -1 penalty; 4 confers nothing; 5- 6 confers a +1 bonus; 7- 8 confers a +2 bonus;

9 or 10 confers a +3 bonus to aspect rolls. *Note* Only one Skill can be brought down to 1.

Shields: 25

Hull: 25

Damage Reduction: 3

Weight: 4/4

Racials and Traits

  1. Fits Well (All equipped armor weighs up to 2 less Weight for you)
  2. Lethal:  (All your weapons are so big, barbaric, or deadly that they deal +2 damage in addition to any other effect)


Rampart Marksmanship

6 Guns

While in cover, weapons that can be Steadied automatically count as Steadied. (does not stack.)


6 guns

You can wield rifles in one hand, allowing you to dual-wield them.  This reduces their effective range to Medium.

gun nut

4 guns

Roll 3d6 for Gun rolls and pick two. (Including attacks)


6 guns

-1 crit threshold with rifles.


Abilities ignore Damage Resistance, but are negated by cover unless otherwise specified.  Abilities are rolled for using the Will stat, unless otherwise specified. Abilities are unlocked by spending Perk Points. A Catalyst is required!



Price: 55 Credits

Weight: 0.5

-Melee: This weapon can be used in melee combat without penalty. Does not require reloading to attack in melee

-Light: Receives -1 min to hit and -1 weight

Mutilating: crits with this weapon Cripple the target, granting +1 to further attacks against them for 2 turns

Combat Knife

Price: 100 Credits

Weight: 0.5

-Melee: This weapon can be used in melee combat without penalty. Does not require reloading to attack in melee

-Light: Receives -1 min to hit and -1 weight

-Sharp: melee weapons inflict Cut on a crit, causing a -1 penalty to movement and melee rolls

Assault Rifle

Price: 300 Credits

Weight: 2

-Rifle: Attacking with this weapon the same turn it is unholstered carries a -1 penalty. Can be Steadied as an Instant action to add +1 to this weapon's attack that turn; Steadying prevents you from moving or Taking Cover that turn. Attacks in melee combat suffer a -1 penalty.  Reloading is an automatic action.  Effective range: Far

-Rapid-fire: Attacks three times in a single turn. A -1 to hit is added for each consecutive turn a Rapid-fire attack is made

-Lightweight materials Mod      
Cost:  300 Credits

 reduces weapon weight by 1.

Riot Shield

Price: 200 Credits

Weight: 1

Requires one hand to wield.  Can be Deployed as an Instant Action.

Counts as Cover while Deployed, giving enemies a -2 to hit against you.  

While Deployed, movement is automatic, but takes 2 turns to move 1 range.


Armor Type: Medium

Price: 250


Damage Resistance: +3

Armor Mod: Variable Shifting

Price: 500 Credits


Grants your suit the ability to shift between two forms.  Fighter Mode grants +2 Agility but -1 Guns/Melee.  Gerwalk Mode grants +1 to hit on attacks rolled in this form but -1 Agility.  Shifting between modes is a standard, automatic action

Armor Mod: Extra Plating

Price: 200 Credits


Adds an additional 1 DR to a single outfit/armor set. 1 weight


Item Name



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Character Information and Details

A low ranking police officer given a nickname by her coworkers. Rachel is a tall brown skin girl with black hair and hazelnut eyes. a piece of her pinky finger is missing...

Rachel has been assigned guard duty at the Space Colony Ankylosaur