City Council Candidates Answer Neighborhood Inclusion and Improvement Questionnaire

AUSTIN, TEXAS (2018-10-08) - Austin’s 2018 city council candidates have answered a unique set of questions from a neighborhood group focused on neighborhood inclusion and improvement.

Friends of Austin Neighborhoods (FAN) published questions in an online form and invited each of the city council candidates to answer them. The candidates’ responses are on FAN’s website at

FAN’s questionnaire challenged candidates to discuss the city policies they advocate to improve, not just “protect”, neighborhoods, which policies would enable a full diversity of people to live affordably throughout neighborhoods, and how the candidates view the special relationship between individual neighborhoods and the citywide community.

“Unfortunately, city council candidates often find themselves answering the same questions multiple times on questionnaires from other groups. To provide unique value to the community, FAN designed a questionnaire rooted in the membership’s core principles of inclusion and neighborhood improvement,” explained FAN’s president, Nathan Ryan.

The questionnaire comes on the heels of FAN having compiled and shared a city council candidate contact sheet, which provides comprehensive information on connecting with the candidates via email, phone, and social media. Informed by the candidates’ answers, FAN’s member neighborhood associations and individual members will express candidate preferences in a poll in the coming week.

FAN represents about 3,000 neighbors (homeowners, renters, and small business owners) among its 17 member neighborhood associations and individual members living in 193 other neighborhoods throughout the city. A complete list of member neighborhood associations and individual members is on the FAN website.

Friends of Austin Neighborhoods (FAN) is a coalition of neighborhood associations and neighborhood residents reclaiming the word “neighborhood” to include the full diversity of voices.

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