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Mapping Tutorial Widgets in LibGuides
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Version 1.0 | Updated 6/21/2022

Instructions for Mapping Tutorials in LibGuides

In 2022, all tutorials embedded in LibGuides have been created as widgets. This allows you to easily map a tutorial to your research guide. This document will walk you through the process of mapping a tutorial widget in LibGuides.

Per SpringShare:

Media/Widget assets are stored in an assets library. As a result, once someone creates a Media/Widget asset, it can be reused over and over in other guides.

Mapping adds a version of the widget to your guide that is linked to the original widget that you would like to reuse. As the original widget is updated, the changes will be reflected automatically in the mapped version so it will always have the latest and greatest content.

This means when a UT Libraries tutorial gets updated - whether that’s a new link, new questions, or an entirely new module - the widget on your LibGuide will automatically be updated.

Accessing ‘Reuse Existing Widget’

  1. Navigate to the LibGuide page where you would like to add a UT Libraries tutorial.
  2. Select an existing content box or create a new box by selecting Add Box.
  3. Once you have selected or created the content box, find the option to Add / Reorder.

  1. From this drop-down, choose Media / Widget.

  1. The Add Media / Widget pop-up will appear. Select the Reuse Existing Widget tab.

Adding Tutorial Widgets to LibGuide

  1. Search for the Tutorial you want to reuse by entering the tutorial’s title into the search bar.
  1. Note: All tutorials should be marked with (Tutorial).

  1. After choosing a tutorial, verify the checkbox labeled “Copy” IS NOT selected.
  1. Copying the tutorial will create a new version of the tutorial and will not update automatically.

  1. Select Save to add the tutorial widget to your guide.

Removing a Mapped Tutorial Widget

If you ever decide to remove the mapped tutorial widget from your guide, only the mapped version will be deleted.